Question of the Day: Do You Love Your Car?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman

I had an interesting conversation this morning with one Mr. Justin Berkowitz. Among other topics we discussed: the fact that most people are happy with their cars. As car scribes, we have the luxury of ripping apart $44k BMW convertibles because, well, we didn't buy 'em. As RF often points out, an automobile is the average person's second most expensivepurchase. Or, if you live in New York (like Justin) or Los Angeles (like me), a car is by far the most expensive good you can afford (though I did see a lovely two bedroom, one bathroom for the reduced price of only $640k the other weekend…). Years ago a friend of mine bought a 2001 Ford Escort. Horrid, nasty little thing. Ugly, slow, worst build quality imaginable and awful to drive. I told her, "Don't buy that." But, she did. Even after multiple "issues," she still claims she loved it. She even shed a tear when it was totaled. Me, I love my car. It's my second WRX wagon (a 2006). And the more press cars I drive, the deeper I fall head over heals in love with my own car. I can't believe anyone drives anything else. Now, am I that much smarter than my fellow man, or just blinded by love? And what about you and your car?

Jonny Lieberman
Jonny Lieberman

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  • SupaMan SupaMan on May 19, 2008

    I love my car for what it honest-to-a-fault appliance that gets me where I need to go, is reliable and isn't hard on my wallet when it comes to gas. I hate my car because it hates taking turns at any speed above 40 mph and dislikes hitting 80 mph on the highway. I think I'll love my next car even more.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on May 19, 2008

    I hate my Z4 I like my Civic SI I love my 944 Turbo sometimes you have to actually live with the car for a while before you can make a final decision - this is what happened with the BMW.

  • Alanp Alanp on May 19, 2008

    I'm also on my 2nd WRX wagon - a 2006. And while I wish the gas mileage was better, I do love it for size, power, handling and cargo capacity. But strangely, my 2002 WRX was much more adorable. The 17 inch wheels are not as lovable, as they attract curbs - and curb rash. And the funky "bugeye" styling of the first WRX just seemed cuter.

  • Johnson Schwanz Johnson Schwanz on May 19, 2008

    I love my 1997 Honda Passport, as it was the first new car I ever had, and since I purchased the shop manual, I've learned a lot about how to fix her when she breaks. I LOVED my 1987 Nissan Sentra coupe, single-stage paint, 13" chrome wheels, tinted windows, vinyl seats, manual windows, and all. That 5-speed 68hp monster was a lot of fun, and I'm LONGING for that 8-gallon gas tank right now. I LOVE my 1973 Buick Riviera, 8mpg and all. It's my Dad's old car, and while it's longer than a Ford Expedition and seats only 2 comfortably, the nostalgia, sound, and respect it garners on the street makes it a blast to drive. Plus, it's my Dad's old car! I'm just so-so with the 335i coupe. While I can hit the go-pedal and wax poetically about its awesomeness, I'm still not all-the-way in love. It probably has something to do with that $700 car payment.