In Which Your Author Is Set Straight By The Porsche Club Of America

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
in which your author is set straight by the porsche club of america

Earlier today, I published an article regarding the newest Porsche Club of America auction. Shortly after it went up, I received an email from Vu Nguyen, PCA’s Executive Director. In this email, Mr. Nguyen managed to refrain from calling me an idiot or implying that I could not read contest rules. But this is what he did say:

Just wanted to clarify (and hopefully make your prize decision easier) that the winner of the Grand Prize uses the vehicle spec listed as a starting point. Winner’s [sic] can change, within factory available options, the spec of their car. Unlike most raffles, PCA specs a fairly loaded vehicle so that the winner doesn’t get stuck with a base model. If you choose to spec a lesser cost car, then PCA actually gives you the difference. If you spec a more expensive car, you just pay for the difference in cost.

He then went on to say that PCA would be happy to provide me with the white manual Cayman S described in my article. But wait a minute. If I can run this cash register all the way to $99,000…

Visit my dream Cayman S on the Porsche website. Featuring:

  • Paint to sample 1973 Lime Green, as with my old Audi S5
  • Natural leather interior in Espresso, with full Carbon Fiber trim
  • Premium Package Plus, LED headlights, 18-way seats
  • High-gloss aluminum exterior trim for that vintage look
  • Sport Suspension and Torque Vectoring
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Burmester sound

Now that is a frog I could live with. I’d just have to also live with not being able to keep up with Mrs. Baruth on a racetrack… but you’d be surprised what a low-power mid-engined car on Hoosiers can do. So what if it sounds like a WRX, right?

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