Jeep Dishes on Trackhawk Debut as It Ponders Wrangler Unveiling

jeep dishes on trackhawk debut as it ponders wrangler unveiling

Jeep is spanning the performance gamut these days. On one end of the spectrum there is the emblematic Wrangler and its steadfast off-road prowess, with a next-generation model on the way. On the other is the upcoming Trackhawk, with all the on-road performance a juiced-up, tarmac-tuned SUV can give.

Both vehicles are highly anticipated and, while we may not know all of what we’re waiting for, we at least know how long we’ll have to bide our time.

Jeep brand chief Mike Manley told The Detroit News that a production version of the Trackhawk should make an appearance at the New York International Auto Show in April.

The automaker is also going to continue on with the Grand Cherokee SRT, even after it starts production on the new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. While Manley didn’t explicitly say so, the difference in performance required to rationalize keeping both in production confirms what we already known for months — that the Jeep Trackhawk will be Hellcat-powered.

“I don’t see any reason to stop our current Grand Cherokee SRT just because we’ve launched the Trackhawk, because they’re going to be very different vehicles,” Manley told the newspaper.

The SRT’s 6.4-liter naturally aspirated V8 produces a sizable 475 horsepower and 470 pounds-feet of torque. Comparatively, the Trackhawk’s almost assuredly supercharged powerplant is expected to be a slightly detuned version of the 707 hp engine found in the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats.

Unsatisfied with just spilling the Jeep-related beans this week, Manley decided to open up a few extra cans and begin spooning them onto the floor. “There is international demand for the vehicle, but the U.S. is going to get it first,” he said of Jeep’s Trackhawk, adding that it could arrive in showrooms as early as September.

However, he wasn’t quite as sure on when the company would wheel out the redesigned Wrangler for the public to ogle and pass judgement upon. Manley says Jeep is debating on when to showcase its most iconic vehicle, but hinted at the second half of 2017. This will be followed by the debut of the Wrangler pickup, which should appear in the middle of 2018.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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  • ClausGraf ClausGraf on Nov 17, 2016

    As long as the Wrangler comes with round headlights and solid axles, everything should be fine...

    • JohnTaurus JohnTaurus on Nov 17, 2016

      Round headlights? What about that time... Oohff! Someone just Gibbs smacked me.

  • RHD RHD on Nov 18, 2016

    Are the tires muddy or just a set of cheap Chinese whitewalls?

    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Nov 19, 2016

      That's just the angle of the sun. The wax on the tires might be cheap though.

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  • DweezilSFV I didn't think GM could make a worse looking truck than their full-sizers.Success.
  • DweezilSFV GM. Still trying to make OnStar happen.And still the answer to a question no one ever asked.
  • Corey Lewis Look, here's the voice warning record player!
  • Buickman as Donnie Brosco said... Forget about it.