The 'Grappler' Could Make Lengthy Police Pursuits a Thing of the Past

the 8216 grappler could make lengthy police pursuits a thing of the past

If this catches on, expect plenty of unhappiness in the spike strip industry.

An Arizona man has spent the last eight years developing a tool that could end police pursuits by ensnaring the rear wheel of a fleeing vehicle. Called the Grappler Police Bumper, the seemingly simple apparatus can be mounted to the front of a police-spec Tahoe or Explorer.

Looking like a giant pool skimmer, the unit consists of extendable, Y-shaped arms holding a heavy-duty nylon net. When the arms are extended and lowered towards the road surface, a pursuing officer drives up behind the suspect’s rear quarter and snags the vehicles’s rear wheel. The cord then wraps around the rear wheel and axle, locking it.

The officer’s vehicle remains tethered to the suspect vehicle, so they can floor the accelerator in vain all they want.

Inventor Leonard Stock told FOX10 Phoenix that he came up with the invention after watching a high-speed pursuit that ended when the suspect’s vehicle t-boned an innocent motorist.

“The options right now are getting in front of a suspect vehicle to deploy tire spikes or using the pit maneuver or some type of smash-up derby style process to stop a vehicle and the officer many times is pinned against a suspect vehicle,” said Stock.

The inventor’s startup company, Stock Enterprises, is now marketing the finished product to law enforcement agencies. If adopted, the Grappler could reduce the threat of injury, death and damage posed by a fleeing suspect. That includes damage to police vehicles, which would no doubt be weighed when considering a Grappler purchase.

There’s no price tag on the system as of yet. Stock Enterprises says it expects to have a per-unit price finalized by November 23.

[Image: Stock Enterprises/ YouTube]

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  • 285exp I am quite sure that it is a complete coincidence that they have announced a $7k price increase the same week that the current administration has passed legislation extending the $7k tax credit that was set to expire. Yep, not at all related.
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  • ToolGuy Historical Perspective Moment:• First-gen Bronco debuted in MY1966• OJ Simpson Bronco chase was in 1994• 1966 to 1994 = 28 years• 1994 to now = 28 yearsFeel old yet?
  • Ronnie Schreiber From where is all that electricity needed to power an EV transportation system going to come? Ironically, the only EV evangelist that I know of who even mentions the fragile nature of our electrical grid is Elon Musk. None of the politicians pushing EVs go anywhere near it, well, unless they are advocating for unreliable renewables like wind and solar.
  • FreedMike I just don’t see the market here - I think about 1.2% of Jeep drivers are going to be sold on the fuel cost savings here. And the fuel cost savings are pretty minimal, per the EPA: fuel costs for this vehicle are $2200 and $2750 for the equivalent base turbo-four model. I don’t get it.