Alfa May Let Other FCA Brands Borrow Its RWD Platform

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
alfa may let other fca brands borrow its rwd platform

As the season for giving approaches, Alfa Romeo is saying it might gift its rear-drive Giorgio platform to other Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

Last week, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Alfa’s Reid Bigland not-so humble bragged to journalists that the platform is so good it would actually be difficult not to share it across brands.

“Modifying that platform to spawn additional FCA products is a possibility,” he said. “We’ve got a jewel here. In terms of driving dynamics, it’s best in class, so it’s going to be difficult to keep that exclusive for Alfa Romeo.”

Bigland has already discussed how the platform would be used for Alfa Romeo’s five year product expansion plan. Now Automotive News has him suggesting the Giorgio platform might appear under a new, unnamed, performance-oriented Dodge or Maserati.

It is also assumed to take over duties for the LX platform for the Charger sometime after 2020.

Alfa Romeo spent over $1 billion developing the platform for the Giulia sedan, and its sharp handling characteristics earned the company substantial praise from the automotive press. Giorgio will also underpin the Stelvio SUV when it launches next year, making use of the 280 horsepower inline 2.0 liter or optional 505 hp turbocharged V6. Alfa then hopes to use it in range of other vehicles, including a small hatchback to replace the aging Giulietta.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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  • GeneralMalaise GeneralMalaise on Nov 22, 2016

    I drive a 2013 E350 BlueTec and so far, so good. But I wouldn't go near a BMW with their legendary maintenance issues and would have to think long and hard about an Audi, though they are beautiful cars.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Nov 22, 2016

    I've been pondering the new Giulia lately but the top of the line model is probably a little more than I'm comfortable spending on a car. So it looks like I can just wait for the Alfa Charger when it comes out. Profit!

  • Npaladin2000 Npaladin2000 on Nov 22, 2016

    Let's clear this up right now. Is there anyone on the planet who seriously expected that this platform would remain an Alfa exclusive for any significant period of time given how starved the other brands are for product? *crickets* Thought not.

    • Heavy handle Heavy handle on Nov 22, 2016

      FCA has been saying for years that the Giulia platform would be used in non-Alfa cars. This article is all about the fact that they had to repeat it once again for the slow kids in the back row. Those are the same slow kids who keep claiming that "FCA has no plans for Dodge!" Even though those plans have been explained over and over again.

  • Automaniak Automaniak on Nov 22, 2016

    October 2016 / Jan-Oct 2016 European market: minus 0.3% / + 6.9% FCA brands: Fiat +3.2% / +14.3% Alfa Romeo +21.0% / + 12.4% Lancia + 24.4% / +10.5% Jeep + 8.3% / +20.7%