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2017 Volkswagen Teramont

Volkswagen’s long-awaited three-row SUV has appeared on a Chinese website completely free of camouflage, months ahead of its expected appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Chattanooga-built SUV, which will likely take the Teramont name, draws inspiration from the 2013 CrossBlue concept and is a big part of Volkswagen’s planned American brand revival. 

Photos published by the website Auto Sina show an upscale SUV that’s far more boxy, upright and Germanic-looking than the brand’s smaller Tiguan and Touareg utility vehicles. It’s in line with earlier spy shots of the then-unnamed vehicle.

2017 Volkswagen Teramont

The high-end look continues inside the vehicle, with two-piece center armrests, two-tone interior, and plenty of chrome trim.

A V6 badge could point to the presence of the Touareg’s 276-horsepower 3.6 liter, though that isn’t the only six-cylinder in Volkswagen Group’s catalog. It’s possible that the Teramont will offer a four-cylinder base engine to satisfy environmental regulators and keep entry prices down. The automaker has yet to announce drivetrains for the model.

Teramont production is expected to begin late this year, with the model going on sale early next year.

Volkswagen took a sales beating in the U.S. following the emissions scandal and loss of its diesel fleet; it needs the Teramont to sell, sell, sell. To reverse the sales trend, the automaker plans a large-scale revamp of its lineup to tempt crossover and SUV-crazed American buyers. (Fingers are solidly crossed in Wolfsburg.)

[Images: Auto Sina]

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20 Comments on “Undisguised Volkswagen Teramont SUV Spied in China...”

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    Very… uh… generic.

    • 0 avatar

      Yeah, bland was my first though. Sort of looks like a larger, less attractive Grand Cherokee from the angles in pics. But really, bold styling doesn’t move as much metal as reputation and perceived reliability, etc. So……..yeah….I guess maybe they should have gone for something a bit bolder since it may be the only thing this has going for it. I am sure it will sticker slightly higher than natural rivals as well.

      On a side note, sort of surprised to see the V6 badge. It may indeed be a very nice vehicle when it goes on sale, but at this point I would object to the descriptive “high end” used in the article. Not seeing it.

  • avatar

    What’s it got that the other SUVs don’t?
    Oh right…the VW reputation.

  • avatar

    Two comments:

    1) There’s a supplier in China that’s going to have some explaining to do.

    2) I suspect VW may be pursuing the XKCD brand identity strategy, considering how bland the styling is.

  • avatar

    Just you wait and see, it’ll sell by the dozens.

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    It will make fine Skoda

  • avatar

    well to defend it , plans styling sells for the most point, VW rep has taken a beating but their cars and cuts seem about middle of the road in CR and other rating sites and if they can keep the price to a normal range this should sell in numbers that VW will be happy with, keep in mind the new Jetta and Passet sold when they were redesigned and their styling was bland , but has held up pretty well.

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    Well, if Dodge can still sell Journeys…

  • avatar

    So that’s where the tooling for the 2009-2013 Highlander went to!

  • avatar

    Does the fact that it is painted in brown portend that it’s just one, big steaming VW pile?

  • avatar

    1991 Explorer + 2016 Explorer / 2 = New VW?

    I’m sure the reliability will be on par with the 1991, but much more expensive to repair.

  • avatar

    Presumably they’ll need a driver lacking in dignity to climb over the center console from the passenger side to drive it from that spot.

    • 0 avatar

      You could wiggle out of there…probably. Looks like it is on lift, hood unlatched. Maybe it was towed and dropped.

      I drove the V8 Toureg in the past, it sure was a nice rig, love the way it drove. Maybe this will be something special. Will reserve judgment.

  • avatar

    Put the disguise back on already.

    Also, the rear end reminds me of the Dodge Journey. Not good.

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    Nice! Elegant but forceful styling. No tortured creases and buglike headlight assemblies that will look dated in a couple years. If the price is realistic, these should sell well.

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    Teramont? Think I saw a pair of white tassled loafers on Amazon with that name. Seems fitting for the cheesy shoes, not so much for a vehicle sold here. But it’s VW, clueless as ever. I can’t wait to see the horrendous marketing and unwatchable TV commercials that accompany it – that give little-to-no information about the product or why I might want to buy it. Worst marketing in the history of the automobile, and it’s been going on for decades, through several changes of advertising agencies too. They just seem to refuse to even try to understand this market.

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