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Overfinch Range Rover

This small-scale British invasion is good news for U.S. Range Rover owners whose vehicle just don’t feel exclusive enough.

UK-based Overfinch, which designs and installs mechanical and appearance “enhancements” for Range Rover products, is coming to the small city of Danville, Virginia. The 40-year-old company plans to open new retail outlets, in addition to its product development and engineering facility.

Throughout its history, Overfinch only had eyes for the Range Rover brand. Besides offering interior and exterior appearance mods, customers can order bespoke builds. It’s the go-to shop for the Union Jack-wrapped utility lover.

Its new U.S. headquarters, nestled just north of the North Carolina border, will employ 41 workers, according to WSLS 10. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said Overfinch will invest $1.82 million to set up the manufacturing facility. The money covers construction of an assembly and conversion workshop, vehicle servicing and diagnostics area, and a parts warehouse.

Two grants totaling $400,000 helped Virginia land the upfitter, instead of rial bidder California. Overfinch plans to boost its image by presenting at next month’s 2016 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.

The time was right for an expansion, said the company’s chairman.

“Demand for Overfinch in the USA has grown enormously in the past five years,” said company chairman Kevin Sloan in a release. “Until now, our international clients have been served by a combination of local distributors and UK-based conversion teams.”

To find buyers for its Danville-built product, the company plans to open boutique retail outlets in New York State, Los Angeles and Miami.

[Image: Overfinch]

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21 Comments on “Overfinch Sets Up Shop in Virginia, Aims to Make Range Rovers Great Again...”

  • avatar

    Hopefully this doesn’t end up a Bitter experience.

    Also, that’s a sweet Flex Titanium.

  • avatar
    bumpy ii

    Danville is a bit of an odd location. I would have put them in Warrenton or somewhere closer to the DMV. I suppose it comes down to whoever has an industrial park with the best incentives.

    • 0 avatar

      What? Danville is capital of the Tri-State area!

    • 0 avatar

      The politicos holding the corporate welfare purse strings hear “automotive” and think “we have this manufacturing district we’re paying people to use, and cars race there too.” Then they must push the two together.

      I really would have thought anything Range Rover would have done better in northern VA or northwest of Richmond where you’re more likely to find owners of such vehicles. Both locations are at least located on the interstate highway system.

  • avatar
    Kyree S. Williams

    Looking like the world’s most pissed-off refrigerator…

    At least these guys are more tasteful than Mansory.

  • avatar

    Weird headline. The only reason Overfinchbis setting up shop in Virgnia is because Range Rover is greater than ever. I mean seriously when have Range Rovers ever been this good? Their rising sales figures tell you everything you need to know. America loves Range Rover!

  • avatar

    Using “great again” Hilarious. New sales slogan. Everyone is jumping on the “art of the deal”.

  • avatar
    Midnight DeSoto

    I’ll bet setting up a booth at VIR beats waiting in Warrenton. The DMV buyers are going to find you anyway, and at Danville you can coax Thurston up from Raleigh-Durham to boot.

  • avatar

    I don’t like how it says Overfinch on the back instead of Range Rover.

  • avatar

    Dual dual exhaust. Classy.

  • avatar

    Overfinch would be a slam dunk for the affluent American market.

    They are famous for adding 50% to the price of the most expensive Range Rovers and adding bespoke woodwork leather liquor cabinets and shotguns shelving.

    That would suit Americans to a tee.

    Replace the double barrel shotguns with AR15s.

    • 0 avatar

      I need a built in humidor somewhere in there or no deal.

    • 0 avatar

      Actually. What they are famous for is that in the good old days, when Range Rovers just got another pair of doors, they installed Recaro seats and a Chevy small blocks in the luxurious tractors.

      Now days I’m afraid that you’re right on the money.

    • 0 avatar

      Same thing is happening with the RV Industry here, not correlated to the general market. A builder of Off Road, Luxury Caravans,was surprised that people were not interested in his sub $80,000 offerings at a Trade Show, but all his models above that. He sold 20 from that one show. There are roughly 150 Manufacturers of Caravans alone, not counting all other RV types here. So that market is very hot.

  • avatar

    Want to make Range Rover great again? Stop making tasteless shit that’ll be as out of date in 5 years as a Trump reference. Overfinch used to be capable of that.

    No, the word you’re looking for is Lucrative, and they should succeed at that. What good is having money if people can’t see you have money? They’re perfectly primed for that type of buyer (re. the people who all originally bought Range Rover Sports and need something to grow into). The only tricky part is they’re already competing against the RR Sport SVR, and its stupid body kit and “no, I’m really an angry Jag F-Type!” exhaust note.

  • avatar

    Why don’t they Overfinch for F150’s. Now there’s a real market prospect.

    • 0 avatar

      If they went back to their roots and did something like installing an al aluminium big block V8 in the F150 and worked over the interior I’d give them my personal, but useless, endorsement. If they gave the F150 an IRS and air ride suspension I’d include them in my prayers as well.

  • avatar

    From the above, “Overfinch” is like a make-up company? Specialists in putting lipstick on a pig?

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