Ohio Ford Dealer, Selling 727HP Roush Mustangs for $39,995, Tells Hellcat to Step Outside

Chris Tonn
by Chris Tonn
ohio ford dealer selling 727hp roush mustangs for 39 995 tells hellcat to step

Is the 707 horsepower Dodge Hellcat too weak for you? Do you miss the 662 hp Shelby GT500? Do you love the sensual whine of a supercharger pulley? Well, a Ford dealer in Ohio has the car for you.

Lebanon Ford of suburban Cincinnati is a Roush Performance dealer, and has decided to offer the base 2016 Mustang GT with a Roush Stage 2 supercharger for under $40,000.

This undercuts the Challenger Hellcat by nearly $25k, meaning you could pick up a new Fiesta ST with the difference, or perhaps a few sets of tires. You’ll need them.

Of course, this supercharged Roush Mustang only upgrades the engine — the suspension and brakes remain the same as the standard GT. Packing an extra 292 hp above the already potent Coyote V8, this Lebanon Ford Performance Mustang could be quite scary during a track day, unless it receives other upgrades at the same time.

Naturally, this supercharger can be fitted to any Mustang GT, even convertibles and those equipped with an automatic transmission.

This upgrade voids the Ford factory warranty, but there is a three-year, 36,000-mile parts warranty from the dealer. If you choose the milder 670 hp version, Roush will cover the entire powertrain for the same period.

This could be the ultimate burnout machine. The GT350 would be a better choice for a track addict, but for Friday nights at the dragstrip, or for showing off at Cars and Coffee, this is perhaps the best/worst new car you can buy.

[Images: © 2016 Lebanon Ford]

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  • Jeff S Jeff S on May 12, 2016

    I don't hate this car. Not many 16 year old will be buying this car but there are plenty of idiots with money that will buy these and race them on the road which I really don't care about except they endanger the rest of us sharing the road with them. I doubt too many older baby boomers will buy these to race. For the price this car is a lot of power for the money. I am familiar with Lebanon Ford since I live in N KY which basically is a suburb of the Cincinnati metropolitan area as is Lebanon, OH. I can see the State Police having a few of these in their fleets to catch speeders. The Road Runners were fairly cheap in the late 60's, basically a hopped up Plymouth Belvedere. Even a high school kid with an after school job and a parent willing to cosign a loan could afford one. That is one good thing today is that most teenagers cannot afford a new muscle car.

    • IronEagle IronEagle on May 12, 2016

      The drunk leaving the bar or the meth head on the roads scares me more than the people who have the credit or cash to purchase this Mustang. As was said above even a base V6 Mustang with 300hp will do just as much damage in the wrong hands. I haven't seen any KY Mustangs but the have seen Indiana State Police with white and dark blue 2010 body style GTs on I65. They also just got a white Challenger. That thing was stealth has no light bars just small leds in the grill and windshield. It looked like it was basically shooting fish in a barrel as all the four wheelers were looking for their Chargers not expecting the Challenger.

  • Jeff S Jeff S on May 12, 2016

    KY State Troopers have had Mustangs and Camaros back about 14 years ago. I can see some of these Mustangs being used as unmarked cars. These would outrun most of the vehicles on the road. We have had a lot of vehicle accidents in the Cincinnati metropolitan area that are heroin related.

  • SCE to AUX Probably couldn't afford it - happens all the time.
  • MaintenanceCosts An ugly-a$s Challenger with poor equipment choices and an ugly Dealership Default color combination, not even a manual to redeem it, still no sale.
  • Cha65689852 To drive a car, you need human intelligence, not artificial intelligence.Unfortunately, these days even human brains are turning into mush thanks to addiction to smartphones and social media.
  • Mike1041 A nasty uncomfortable little car. Test drove in 2019 in a search for a single car that would appease two drivers. The compromise was not much better but at least it had decent rear vision and cargo capacity. The 2019 Honda HRV simply was too unforgiving and we ditched after 4 years. Enter the 23 HRV and we have a comfy size.
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