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Google Autonomous Vehicle Prototype Circa December 2014

Don’t expect ride sharing.

It seems, some days, that everyone and their sister is working on autonomous vehicles, but a NATO security expert just confirmed that even ISIS is getting in on the technology, Britain’s Express newspaper reports.

Not interested in giving drivers a chance to stretch out while returning emails, Islamic State militants are instead planning a much more sinister (and very predictable) use for their self-driving cars.

Speaking to a London audience, Dr. Jamie Shea, NATO’s deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security threats, said the terror group is developing technology in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa to create autonomous car bombs for use in strikes against the West.

“We are focusing very much on…Raqqa at the moment, where ISIL [ISIS] has its bomb making factory,” Shea said. “It is not just Google that is producing the autonomous car, ISIS is also trying to do the same.”

Europe, always the innovator, already has a number of autonomous vehicle pilot projects underway with various automakers. Given the pace of technology, self-driving cars could be a legal and growing presence on European roads in just a few years.

Autonomous vehicles would benefit ISIS in two ways. The vehicle could easily carry a bomb to a predetermined destination without arousing suspicion, and it would spare militants from having to perform unpopular suicide bomber duties.

Even if the group’s homegrown autonomous efforts come to nothing, there’s still the option of purchasing the technology for a nefarious purpose at a future date. It’s just one of many emerging threats that overstretched security forces now have to plan for.

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35 Comments on “Now ISIS Wants Into the Self-Driving Car Business...”

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    Oh to be in paradise when that Google car shows up filled with virgins.

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      Male or female?

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        Yeah, joke’s on them when the get to paradise and find nothing but 72 well-hung horny virgin boys and and an endless supply of Viagra…

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          BTW I never understood why they want them to be virgins. How much their virginity will last anyway? A year? After that they ‘ll just be a bunch of non-virgin girls that can’t do much.

          I ‘d prefer some of them to be sluts and prostitutes, so they can do tricks.

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            It’s just misogyny – the woman is there for the man’s use, plain and simple.

            Then again, not so long ago, Jewish weddings customarily included finding the bedsheets of the newly married couple to confirm the woman bled (i.e., it was her first time and now the marriage is consummated). Then there’s the “ketubah,” which is a Jewish marriage contract. Imagine my surprise when I actually had mine translated and found out my wife was basically property. I was also disturbed to find out that I’d have to give anything my father in law gave me as a dowry back if I ever divorced her. Well, since we’re divorced now, perhaps I should give back the bad check he wrote me and the Movado watch that never worked. But I digress.

            Bizarro attitudes towards women are definitely not a “Muslim thing” alone, you know?

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            A simple concept: An unspoiled women a man can claim as his own, first. FreedMike uses the personal property analogy well.

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            @FreedMike like wtf I’m from a mostly Jewish family and have been to lots of weddings and exactly 0 of them did this, not even when I was much younger. The newlyweds usually fly off to some distant honeymoon location that nobody follows, their bed linens were probably changed the next day by the housekeepers, and nobody at the wedding gives a rat’s ass whether they had sex or if it was her first time. And even if it was there often isn’t any bleeding. Or maybe there was but they were in the shower. etc., etc.

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            The ever- popular false equivalence.

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      Some experts say that it is a misinterpretation or mistranslation of Arabic. Eastern Arabic is the most commonly translated form but Mohammed spoke Western Arabic.
      Some Scholars say it was supposed to say “met in heaven by angels and fed grapes” as opposed to common virgin text. (Don’t recall the exact translation)

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        ” Imagine my surprise when I actually had mine translated and found out my wife was basically property.” .

        So then , you can use her as collateral for a cash loan ? .


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      The dead, martyred Google car will arrive in Muslim Heaven to find a hundred virgins awaiting… specifically, a dusty back lot full of unpurchased Chrysler 200s with 0 miles on them.

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    SCE to AUX

    “…it would spare militants from having to perform unpopular suicide bomber duties”

    I dunno; such duty seems popular enough.

    But I suppose it’s cheaper to have an autonomous car or remote-controlled car do the dirty work, rather than reward the suicide bomber’s family with a nice pension.

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    Self driving bombs. What a wonderful concept. NOT!

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      Self driving bombs on wheels may be a new concept but are common for aerial munitions.
      Most likely would be a remote controlled car instead of a remotely controlled Predator Drone.

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    “Britain’s Express newspaper reports.”

    When did that tabloid rag that they call the Daily Express become a newspaper?

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    Their entire culture has been dedicated for centuries to producing killbots for allah. Isn’t this just needless tech?

    Must be a payload issue; a car can carry more splodey stuff than a guy can. Or at least carry it less obviously.

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    Definitely not using Google Wimpmobiles like the one pictured. And seeing how Google’s getting into bed with FCA, ISIS’s models will be more reliable.

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    Brett Woods

    Not only that but they’re building a whole army of robots made by combining unexploded ordinance and dead bodies with brick dust. Then they will be marching behind rows of giant exploding robot cars that can drive under the ocean and John Conner and Tuttle will be guiding them from secret factories that look like cruddy apartments but are really gps radar bases with links to a rebel fortress in space.

    • 0 avatar

      You know, I’d kinda respect these morons if the head guy had some kind of cool, Bond-villain lair.

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    Off topic.

    But when did we have to start reloading the page to leave a reply? Anyone else notice this?

    Maybe I’ve been under a rock.

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      SCE to AUX

      That’s been going on for over a year.

      I’ve even had it give me numerous ‘are you human’ prompts even after logging in, but usually a simple reload after logging in will suffice.

      It’s one of Mark’s headaches, I’m sure.

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    I expect that export of self driving vehicles and components will be tightly controlled to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

    I think I read that the ISIS folks were experimenting with drones. The obvious problem is that drones have a relatively limited payload. A car on the other hand can transport a whole lot more explosives. A drone waiting airborne or even landed somewhere is a peculiar sight that will draw attention. A parked car is ubiquitous sight and will draw very little attention unless parked exceptionally poorly.

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    daniel g.

    Well, a personal drone copter or something like that is coming…just put a dummie full of explosives and is ready to go…no problem with that right?

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    You wouldn’t believe some of the clever **** the bomb makers have come up with over the years. Synced multi-pressure-plate IEDs that only go off when vehicles of a certain wheelbase roll over them (two or three pressure plates spaced at exactly the wheelbase of an LMTV or MATV, so that regular vehicles don’t set it off), secondary detonators that go off on a timer after 2 minutes if the suicide bomber is shot before he can self-detonate (Mercury in a tube which activates if it is tipped on its side), IR sensors which detonate only if they detect a heat signature high enough to be a military vehicle, EFPs which penetrate an Abrams and of course hundreds of pounds worth of HME to counter our Strykers (build a bigger truck, bomb makers build a bigger bomb).

    The bomb makers are very clever.

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    Did this idea come from all of those Takata airbag recalls?

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    “The vehicle could easily carry a bomb to a predetermined destination without arousing suspicion.”

    …because nobody ever gives a second glance anymore at all the driverless cars tooling around??

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