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Is there a Santa Fe, Alabama? If not, there will be soon.

That, Volkswagen’s Tiguan + electron, who’s gonna buy all these electric cars, and you don’t really need a gas delivery service, people … after the break!

2016 Santa Fe Sport

Santa Fe Sport to be assembled in Alabama, far from actual Santa Fe

Hyundai will build its Santa Fe Sport in Alabama this summer to meet expected increased demand for crossovers later this year, Reuters reported (via Automotive News).

The Santa Fe Sport will continue to be assembled in Georgia as well.

Reuters reported that Hyundai would be spending $52 million to retool the Alabama facility to build the crossover. The Alabama plant currently builds the Elantra and Sonata, but will likely scale production of those two sedans to make room for the popular Santa Fe Sport this summer.

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan Hybrid coming to Detroit …

Volkswagen will reveal a plug-in hybrid Tiguan at the North American International Auto Show, Reuters reported Friday.

The plug-in Tiguan will add to the automaker’s expected additions of a new mid-size crossover and long-wheelbase version of the Tiguan.

The automaker is scrambling to meet demand for crossovers and SUVs to help rebound from flagging sales due to its deepening diesel scandal, analysts told Reuters.


… and expect a new GMC Acadia, too.

General Motors will take the wraps off a new, smaller GMC Acadia, according to the Detroit News.

The three-row crossover likely will be built on GM’s Chi platform, which also underpins the new Cadillac XT5.

GMC chief Duncan Aldred told the Detroit News that the automaker had big plans in the near future “and our Detroit auto show also sets that direction,” but stopped short of confirming that the Acadia would be there.

The aging Acadia received its last full redesign in 2006.


Mobile gas delivery is really a terrible idea

The on-demand economy has some perks: I can get booze delivered to my home, stream bazillions of movies and get Amazon deliveries within the hour.

All of those conveniences are not bad, I must say. But Gizmodo highlights a recent phenomenon of delivery gas services that roam streets to fill up cars for app-wielding busy bodies who can’t make their way to the gas station.

Filld is a gas-delivery app that roams the streets of Silicon Valley with tanks of regular to fill up cars for a $5 delivery fee. Besides the safety questions surrounding people in parking lots filling up cars from roaming tanks, there’s the question of: Why?

If you’re that busy, Silicon Valley, find an intern to do it for you.


Electric cars: Who needs them?

Regulators in the U.S. are forcing automakers’ hands into building electric cars that no one is buying, Henry Payne wrote in an excellent column for the Detroit News.

Payne’s well-thought analysis foresees a future two-tier system for automakers with profitable trucks and SUVs subsidizing money-losing electric cars. Or, basically what’s going on now with California fleet requirements.

“The regulators are what are driving electric car production,” Kelley Blue Book’s Karl Brauer told the Detroit News. “It’s not because consumers are demanding them.”

Payne’s salient point is that automakers like Mazda, who have developed fuel saving technology such as SkyActiv, will receive no credit for their innovations and be forced into investing billions into battery tech that may not be as advanced.

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19 Comments on “TTAC News Round-up: Santa Fe Sports in Alabama, Tiguan With A Tether, And GMC Acadia Bows?...”

  • avatar

    Please let the Acadia have every door unlocked. If it does the mission of the TTAC staffers there is to check the cargo room with the 3rd row up. If GM has preserved that feature in the Acadia/Traverse/Enclave triplets then they will continue to sell well.

    • 0 avatar

      I think the implication is that the Acadia might move to a short-wheelbase Chi to differentiate it from the Enclave. That would make it similar in size to the XT5 rather than the coming XT7 and new Traverse and Enclave. But I could be wrong.

  • avatar

    If you needed more proof that VW is as leaderless as pre-bankruptcy GM, then look no further than the waste of resources of electrifying the awful, aging and poorly selling Tiguan.

    • 0 avatar

      I would doubt that this is merely electrification of the existing Tiguan. VW has said that they will be revealing the new Tiguan soon, this could be both a new design AND a new powertrain.

      Let’s hope they can at least update the regular gas powertrain to their latest stuff, unlike the new Q3 which is still based on pre-MQB stuff.

      • 0 avatar

        “will be revealing the new Tiguan soon”

        Heard in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

      • 0 avatar

        VW already revealed the new Tiguan back at the Frankfurt Auto Show:

        I’m guessing at the Detroit show we will learn more about the US specs along with showing off the hybrid model.

        Edit: after looking back at the link it looks like VW already showed off a hybrid Tiguan concept. I’m guessing now it is just the Tiguan GTE went from “concept” to actual production vehicle/engine/specs.

  • avatar

    So they’re gonna shrink the Acadia and give it the rear end of the Terrain. I’m assuming there’s some grander crossover planned, then?

    You can have this Acadia which is a pretty big 7-seater, or this REALLY BIG Attacker Denali, priced just under the Yukon.

    • 0 avatar

      You don’t know that. The interior capacity versus exterior dimensions of the current Lambda triplets isn’t great. It isn’t GMT900/GMT9xx bad, which is horrific, but it isn’t good. I seem to recall that even though the Terrain is much smaller on the outside to a Yukon XL, it has more total interior room.

      The irrational negative toward GM continues to solider on with no actually…facts.

      • 0 avatar

        Reeeeelax, it was speculation. Not often in today’s market is something -shrunk- without an equal sized replacement due later.

        Especially in the slice-the-pie crossover segment.

    • 0 avatar

      I would expect this to be a strected Chi CUV. They aren’t going to change the fundamentals of the Acadia. That would be dumb. I would expect this:

      Terrain on the Envision’s D2XX/UX platform
      Acadia on the Chi platform
      Yukon continues as is

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Henry Payne’s ‘excellent’ column has some errors:

    1. A ‘compliance’ car is not one built to meet national sales requirements, but one that is built for local requirements. The Fiat 500e and VW e-Golf are two examples typically labeled as compliance cars because they are not available nationwide.

    2. No mention of Tesla, who sold more EVs in 2015 than anyone else. Because Mr Payne doesn’t mention Tesla, he doesn’t have to answer why this might be. Tesla’s current high-dollar customers aren’t as motivated by incentives as Leaf customers (for example), and research is showing that many EV buyers don’t give a hoot about the so-called environmental benefits of an EV. They just like the EV driving experience, and the ownership experience is much simpler. My point is that the government isn’t always forcing people to buy cars they don’t want to.

    Here’s where I agree with him:
    What Mr Payne doesn’t really get to – but implies – is this: Consumers do not agree with Big Government’s concerns about global warming. If they did, they wouldn’t be buying trucks and SUVs like crazy.

    Ultimately, the government’s CAFE requirements and the market will collide. EV subsidies will have to increase or be extended in order to keep people buying them (Tesla Model S aside). Fuel cell vehicles really expose the joke of government mandates – truly nobody wants them.

    • 0 avatar

      Henry Payne rarely has an excellent auto column. That’s because he’s actually an editorial cartoonist that got fired from that job and was reassigned the auto beat after the Scott Burgess Chrysler 200 incident.

    • 0 avatar

      Henry Payne never claims ‘compliance’ cars are built to satisfy national sales requirements, he claims they are built to satisfy government regulations (re: get CAFE numbers down). And he is right. They are built solely to satisfy government requirements and because of this are only released in states/markets with the toughest emission laws/ electric vehicles have been the most accepted where the financial bloodloss from the car would be lessened.

  • avatar

    Will the Traverse and Enclave also migrate to the Chi platform?

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