Buick Avista, Cadillac Sub-ATS and Opel GT - Let's All-pha Speculate

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
buick avista cadillac sub ats and opel gt let s all pha speculate

Last week, Opel teased its upcoming GT Concept by saying: “You will see Opel with a fresh pair of eyes.”

That’s just lovely.

But let’s take a step back, look at General Motors’ Alpha platform with a fresh pair of eyes and wonder aloud together: Is it all Alpha from here on out?

First, here’s what we know: According to Road and Track, General Motors is considering a sub-ATS sedan, presumably built on the Alpha platform because that’s the only one that ticks both “small sedan” and “rear-wheel drive” requirements.

Second, we know that Buick’s Avista concept, which was unveiled in Detroit, is Alpha-based, but is packing a 3-liter turbocharged six slated for LaCrosse detail in 2017.

So it’s possible that the new Opel GT could be an Opel-badged Avista ready for Europe, or a smaller, sub ATS-sized coupe like the traditional GTs.

GM spokesman Klause-Peter Martin wouldn’t comment on what Alpha-based cars could be coming, how big (or small) the platform could go, or whether Opel would be using the platform for its GT.

“(GM’s) other architectures have flexibility built into the platforms,” he said.

It’s clear that Chevrolet’s Camaro (which is Alpha-based) will be the biggest seller for the Alpha platform to date. Sales for the Alpha-based Cadillac ATS and CTS have largely stalled, which means General Motors is going to have to pump out more cars to make the platform profitable.

An obvious statement would be: “GM has more to come from Alpha.”

But it’s all the more true when you consider what the automaker is eager to show off now.

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  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Jan 20, 2016

    I do think this looks much better than the Camaro or even the Mustang. I did read a speculative article here in Australia suggesting this could be our next Monaro. If it is, it would put Ford under pressure with it's recent successful launch of the Mustang. I wonder if this will come with a 6.2 V8. Send one over to HSV and let them loose on it.

    • Redav Redav on Jan 20, 2016

      If I had to buy either a Mustang, a Camaro or this Buick, there's no question I'd get the Buick.

  • Speed3 Speed3 on Jan 20, 2016

    Honestly, GM should just divest Cadillac. They don't have the resources to make it a global competitor to Mercedes or BMW. Jaguar / Land Rover have done well under new ownership and new capital R&D. Otherwize, yes GM should build some Alpha Buicks. I am sure they would sell well in China. I have given up on a Roadmaster so Buick is dead to me. Btw, does anybody know if the new LaCrosse will be sold in Europe as an Opel? Likewise, is the Envision going to be the next Opel Antara?

    • Bd2 Bd2 on Jan 25, 2016

      GM is pumping a lot more $$ into Cadillac than Tata is into JLR. And the rise in SLR sales is mostly due to LR and not Jag (which is really struggling in the US) and the ever increasing popularity of crossovers and SUVs. Cadillac has just the Escalade (very popular) and the aged and soon to be replaced SRX (which, despite its age, had its best sales year in 2015).

  • Calmaro Calmaro on Jan 20, 2016

    Chevrolet Code 130R concept from 2012 NAIAS was smaller, same idea, different platform???

  • Jmiller417 Jmiller417 on Jan 20, 2016

    I'm all for this. Alpha is a great platform. I'm guessing a smaller Caddy will have to be a wagon/hatchback for the backseat to work. I do think talk about the ATS's small backseat is slightly overblown given the class it plays in.