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Leasehackr has a screaming deal on a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited (the old body style) 1LT Automatic if:

1) You can sell it for more than $13,000 after two years;
2) You’re were a Costco Auto member before Sept. 30;
3) You can get $1,800 off of MSRP, or thereabouts;
4) Max incentives;
5) You’re a current lessee of another automaker;
6) You don’t mind driving a Chevrolet Cruze Limited 1LT Automatic for two years.

If you ticked every one of those boxes, congratulations! You can lease a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze for $40 or less*** per month for 24 months.

The math breaks down as such, according to Leasehackr:


  • GM Financial Lease Cash — $1,700
  • Incremental Bonus Customer Cash — $1,075 (not available in some areas, including Denver)
  • Chevrolet Bonus Cash — $1,000
  • GM Competitive Lessee Conquest Cash — $1,500

Add all those up, and knock it off the asking price of $21,070 and you’re roughly looking at $15,795.

Now, ask the Chevy dealer to pretty, pretty please knock $1,800 off the price of an outgoing Cruze model and you’re sitting at $13,995 after it’s all over.

According to Leasehackr, GM Financial estimates that your 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will be worth roughly $13,280 after two years with 10,000 each year, which makes the total depreciation expense $715 — or about $29 a month. Throw in a monthly finance charge of about $11, and that’s a Chevy Cruze for $40 a month.

Where does the Costco membership come in?

If you were a Costco Auto member before Sept. 30, you can get a $700 gift card back from Costco for leasing the Cruze. That’s a lot of mayo.

*** You already own a Chevrolet Volt, you say? Better news! You can get $2,500 Volt Loyalty cash off that Cruze lease, which means you just scored a 24-month lease for free — or even made money.

You’re welcome,

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38 Comments on “Who Wants To Lease A Chevy Cruze For Less Than A Gym Membership?...”

  • avatar

    Reminds me of the $50 a month Kia Rio.

    Here Ye Here Ye: We will basically PAY YOU to take these things!!!

  • avatar

    “If you were a Costco Auto member before Sept. 30, you can get a $700 gift card back from Costco for leasing the Cruze. ”

    AND you need to be a current Costo member.

  • avatar

    The Cruze is a good car. I’m a little miffed that the General hasn’t sent me one of those “here’s $3,000 of GM Card rebates, run along and buy yourself something nice” letters I get every other Christmas or thereabouts.

    I leased a ’13 Cruze in January 2013; it was $4k total, tax & all, to drive 30,000 miles. Stick shift 1LT with no other options. I’d do another deal like that in a heartbeat, though I’d probably try to get the 1.8 NA engine and maybe try to finagle a buyout afterwards. Very nice manual; my then-15 daughter learned to drive stick on it.

    At any rate, they are seriously competent cars, if nothing special. I’d take on over a Malibu for sure.

  • avatar

    7) it’s a full moon
    8) You have brown hair
    9) your name is Bob

    The above are the only conditions not mentioned!

  • avatar

    I didn’t go the Costco route, but I did pick up one of these lease deals for cheap. After $5200 in rebates, 1400 out of pocket, it’s $114/mo for 24 months. Free maintenance for two years as well. My Sprint family plan costs more than that.

    I needed a third car and this was the best deal out there. Maybe not the best car, but the best deal. The 1.4T drives much better than the 1.8 I’ve experienced in my rental Cruzes, almost like my brothers diesel Golf Sportwagen than a small turbo 4. It feels stronger than its 138/138 ratings suggest until you really push it, it’s got nothing up high. My car has the convenience and tech packages, which added about $1000 to the bottom line, but I’m glad it has these.

    A mediocre car, but I’ve got better things to spend money on for two years than a car that spends most of its time at the airport.Plus, I can save some extra for what I really want or pay cash for something more interesting in two years.

  • avatar

    Hmmm all the Dave Ramsey lites must be asleep. This is indeed a screaming deal. Any lease deal for less than a NYC Metrocard is pretty much a good one in my book.

  • avatar

    raise your hand if you actually got into this deal, and then post pics for proof. *crickets*

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed. You will never leave the dealer at that rate unless you put a bunch down. $40 just isn’t happening.

    • 0 avatar

      *hand raised*

      Walked out for 700 down (will come back from Costco), zero other up front costs, $46/mo. I had the Volt cash. GM even covered the first payment, so after 24 months I’ll be $1,058 out of pocket.

      Pic for proof:

  • avatar

    I’m a little surprised that GM is selling the old Cruze, it looks so much like the NEW Cruze. At least the Impala Classic looks much different than the current Impala.

  • avatar

    The Cruze is not a bad car. $40 is a steal.

  • avatar

    If I were in the market for such a vehicle and could get a brand spanking new 2016 Cruze w/ 1.4 or 1.8, manual or auto, for 14k, I would just buy it. Last MY. The bugs are as worked out as they will ever get. I happened to like the few Cruze’s (Cruzii?) I drove from the rental fleets. I am sure I could get 150k miles out of it w/o major issues. Perhaps even abuse it.

    Anyways. My $0.02.

    • 0 avatar

      It’s actually much cheaper to lease this than to buy it, buying it would be a very dumb choice in this case, you can actually use the leasehackr site to calculate out how many years it would take to own the car before it would equal out to the lease payments (in terms of cost per month) and on this particular cruze deal it’s anywhere from 22-66 years of ownership depending on the incentives you qualify for and that’s assuming you don’t spend any money on maintenance or repairs. There is zero chance that over 22 years of ownership you’d spend nothing on repairs or maintenance so the lease is cheaper by a crazy amount.

      In fact, if you own a Volt GM is actually paying you to lease this car so to purposely pick a purchase over a lease WHERE THEY ARE PAYING YOU TO DRIVE THE CAR is unbelievably inane.

    • 0 avatar

      Even if you kept it for 15 years and 150k miles, you’d still be paying more per year than you would just by leasing it.

      Of course, in 2 years you’re probably not finding another deal of equal caliber, but still.

  • avatar

    distress merchandising by a corrupt organization. want an extra rebate? call Al Serra in Grand Blanc where Pete Gerosa works. he has the connections with Steve Hill and others in the Tubes to get you on a Private Manifest list. this company is an embarrassment and a disgrace to our industry and country.

    GM will announce and show their Commie Car at Cobo next month. Mary Barra, you are a sorry ass, greedy, loquacious, anti American, Wench. Stop the Invasion, Boycott Envision!


  • avatar

    It’s too bad that I don’t have a competitive lease or I’d go get one of these. I did get a $500 private offer from Chevy and I’m a Costco member so doing the math it’d cost me $1000 extra over the 2 years which comes out to about $86 a month with taxes, which is actually cheaper than owning most used cars. Too bad I don’t particularly like the Cruze-it’s not a horrible car but it definitely isn’t anybody’s cream car especially in LT trim.

  • avatar

    Why was it called the CRUZE instead of the CRUISE?

    Because the GM bean counters figured that saving one letter per car would really add up, and the hell with the awkwardly misspelled name.

    • 0 avatar

      If I had to guess, someone in marketing though the phonetic spelling/internet shorthand style would appeal to millennials.

      2moro etc…

      • 0 avatar

        GM got a break on the badges for the letter Z. Who’s using it? Nissan? Nah.

        Also Cruze has 5 letters, Cruise has 7. Think of all the saved letters in badging, toner, kilobytes in mainframes and of course, google seo.

        Adds up yo.

        Now being serious. No amount of money could get me into a 1.8 n/a Cruze. What a penalty box.

        However a 1.4/6 turbo preferably in manual, thats not such a bad thing.

        • 0 avatar

          Nope. Because trademark. Cruze is not commonly trademarked. Cruise shows over 2000 results on TESS at the USPTO, Cruze has only 13. So a much stronger mark. Plus, Cruise can be auto-related, which may dilute its effectiveness. Look at Toyota for using flower names for cars – Corolla, for example.

  • avatar

    Wow, if I could fit comfortably in one, I would think about one as a winter car. I liked the Cruze I had for a loaner a while back better than any previous rental/loaner I’ve had. I wouldn’t get it for $40, but more like $80 or so would be no problem.

  • avatar

    GM periodically sends me mailings because I test drove a Cruze in 2013. I always toss them in the recycling and wonder how I can get off their stupid mailing list. A cheap Cruze lease could be tempting though. Surprised they haven’t contacted TDI owners as potential conquest sales.

  • avatar

    anyone else find it odd that the Cruze doesn’t come standard with Cruise?

  • avatar

    Same site says you can score a Malibu for $88 a month and a Prius for $117.

  • avatar

    Has anyone actually been able to do this? I went to a local dealer that had one of them left over, only it was a manual and they laughed at me when I told them about this “deal”

    • 0 avatar

      I didn’t get this deal, but even between two Chevy stores, they varied wildly. The deal is for a 2016 Cruze LT Limited (old car).

      The local Volume Chevy store advertised a $99/mo lease special with 725 down. Now of course there was fine print, which I qualified for. With a bit more down ( but also $1000 more in options than the car listed in the special) I was able to walk out with 113/month for 24 months at 10k a year, with little negotiating or haggling. Car at 300 under invoice.

      Another volume(notice small v) Chevy dealer I went to because they were only 10 minutes from my house as opposed to 30 minutes only knew of the national deal with the lease conquest rebate. I didn’t try to haggle ( and this place is known for high pressure, shady dealing, so I didn’t want to give them business anyway.) But the best they could do, on the same car, was 170 month with 1900 down even with rebates. But why sit there and play “the game” when I knew the only inconvenience to get a better deal was a longer drive ( that would be nearly the same length of time playing “the game”)?

      The Volume Chevy store, where I got the Cruze, also had 7 Corvettes sitting on the showroom floor. You don’t get that, I imagine, by not moving a bunch of the Generals metal.

      My point is, and I’m sure those of you with more behind the scenes dealer experience among you know, not all dealers get the same deals.

  • avatar

    It took a little effort (4 hours of calling), but I found a dealer to do the deal. I’m not sure why everyone is fixated on the LT, when the LS with a red tag will give even a better deal. The only feature I care about that the LS doesn’t have is heated seats, but I’ll live.

    I ended up paying $400 total drive off, $65 a month for 23 payments, and that is for 15,000 miles per year, not the 10k that most come with. I needed more mileage than 10k, but the payment would have been about $20-25 if I went that option…these are pre-Costco prices, so with the Costco rebate the 10k lease could basically be free.

    It’s a perfectly cromulent vehicle, and thousands of dollars cheaper than just about anything else over the 2 year lease.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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