Who Wants To Lease A Chevy Cruze For Less Than A Gym Membership?

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
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who wants to lease a chevy cruze for less than a gym membership

Leasehackr has a screaming deal on a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited (the old body style) 1LT Automatic if:

1) You can sell it for more than $13,000 after two years;

2) You’re were a Costco Auto member before Sept. 30;

3) You can get $1,800 off of MSRP, or thereabouts;

4) Max incentives;

5) You’re a current lessee of another automaker;

6) You don’t mind driving a Chevrolet Cruze Limited 1LT Automatic for two years.

If you ticked every one of those boxes, congratulations! You can lease a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze for $40 or less*** per month for 24 months.

The math breaks down as such, according to Leasehackr:


  • GM Financial Lease Cash — $1,700
  • Incremental Bonus Customer Cash — $1,075 (not available in some areas, including Denver)
  • Chevrolet Bonus Cash — $1,000
  • GM Competitive Lessee Conquest Cash — $1,500

Add all those up, and knock it off the asking price of $21,070 and you’re roughly looking at $15,795.

Now, ask the Chevy dealer to pretty, pretty please knock $1,800 off the price of an outgoing Cruze model and you’re sitting at $13,995 after it’s all over.

According to Leasehackr, GM Financial estimates that your 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will be worth roughly $13,280 after two years with 10,000 each year, which makes the total depreciation expense $715 — or about $29 a month. Throw in a monthly finance charge of about $11, and that’s a Chevy Cruze for $40 a month.

Where does the Costco membership come in?

If you were a Costco Auto member before Sept. 30, you can get a $700 gift card back from Costco for leasing the Cruze. That’s a lot of mayo.

*** You already own a Chevrolet Volt, you say? Better news! You can get $2,500 Volt Loyalty cash off that Cruze lease, which means you just scored a 24-month lease for free — or even made money.

You’re welcome,

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We wouldn’t know what to do with real money anyway.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Corollaman Corollaman on Jan 02, 2016

    Has anyone actually been able to do this? I went to a local dealer that had one of them left over, only it was a manual and they laughed at me when I told them about this "deal"

    • Gearhead77 Gearhead77 on Jan 02, 2016

      I didn't get this deal, but even between two Chevy stores, they varied wildly. The deal is for a 2016 Cruze LT Limited (old car). The local Volume Chevy store advertised a $99/mo lease special with 725 down. Now of course there was fine print, which I qualified for. With a bit more down ( but also $1000 more in options than the car listed in the special) I was able to walk out with 113/month for 24 months at 10k a year, with little negotiating or haggling. Car at 300 under invoice. Another volume(notice small v) Chevy dealer I went to because they were only 10 minutes from my house as opposed to 30 minutes only knew of the national deal with the lease conquest rebate. I didn't try to haggle ( and this place is known for high pressure, shady dealing, so I didn't want to give them business anyway.) But the best they could do, on the same car, was 170 month with 1900 down even with rebates. But why sit there and play "the game" when I knew the only inconvenience to get a better deal was a longer drive ( that would be nearly the same length of time playing "the game")? The Volume Chevy store, where I got the Cruze, also had 7 Corvettes sitting on the showroom floor. You don't get that, I imagine, by not moving a bunch of the Generals metal. My point is, and I'm sure those of you with more behind the scenes dealer experience among you know, not all dealers get the same deals.

  • Anonymouse Anonymouse on Jan 03, 2016

    It took a little effort (4 hours of calling), but I found a dealer to do the deal. I'm not sure why everyone is fixated on the LT, when the LS with a red tag will give even a better deal. The only feature I care about that the LS doesn't have is heated seats, but I'll live. I ended up paying $400 total drive off, $65 a month for 23 payments, and that is for 15,000 miles per year, not the 10k that most come with. I needed more mileage than 10k, but the payment would have been about $20-25 if I went that option...these are pre-Costco prices, so with the Costco rebate the 10k lease could basically be free. It's a perfectly cromulent vehicle, and thousands of dollars cheaper than just about anything else over the 2 year lease. Thanks for the heads up!

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