Subaru Dropped The 'XV' From Its 2016 Crosstrek Because You Did Anyway

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
subaru dropped the xv from its 2016 crosstrek because you did anyway

If an “XV” drops off a rear liftgate in the woods of Colorado, Oregon or New England and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Even if you’re in a bright blue 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, apparently not. Last month, Subaru announced it’s slightly different Crosstrek — complete with new front bumper, grille and headlights — and many people didn’t notice the XV is now gone. The car gets the same Series.HyperBlue treatment as the BRZ and WRX et al., and blind-spot detection.

(Oh, and you can probably still get a screaming deal on a Hybrid Crosstrek.)

Despite not having the XV name anymore, the Crosstrek still sports 8.7 inches of ground clearance and enough room for a handful of Bernie Sanders posters.

The same 2-liter, 148-horsepower boxer four lives under the hood and is married to a five-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission.

Fact: 148 horsepower isn’t a lot.

Also fact: 148 horsepower moved 1,500 pounds of gear over 11,000 feet.

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  • Runs_on_h8raide Runs_on_h8raide on Nov 20, 2015

    I love Crosstreks....sold a ton of 'em. Crosstreks, Outbacks, and 'em all. I especially love me some Hybrid Crosstreks with a little extra cheddar thrown in from Subaru.

  • Seabrjim Seabrjim on Nov 20, 2015

    I'm 5 foot 7. The seat was worlds better than the Corolla seat.The throttle tip in is noticeable though. Our doesnt burn oil fortunately. Still, I mix the recommended 0w20 with 5w30 50/50. The manufacturers have gotten nuts with oil weight trying to gain the last 1/2 horsepower.

    • 05lgt 05lgt on Nov 21, 2015

      Heh, I recently replied to a service writer who was recomending a very low viscosity "No thanks, my intercooler doesn't squeak."

  • Dartman It was all a scam just to gin up some free publicity. It worked. Tassos go back to sleep; no ones on your lawn. Real ‘murricans prefer hot dogs to gyros.
  • ToolGuy I plan to install a sink in the crawl space soon. After that I plan to put washer and dryer hookups on my roof.
  • ToolGuy "That power team adds an electric supercharger"YES!
  • Cardave5150 UAW is acting all butt-hurt that their employers didn't "share the wealth" when they had massive profits. They conveniently forget that they have a CONTRACT with their employers, which was negotiated in good faith, and which the Remaining 3 are honoring, paying them exactly what they negotiated last time.
  • Kwik_Shift That's a shame.