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Impreza Sedan Concept h 1110

You saw the Subaru Impreza five-door concept at Tokyo last month. Now, it’s the Impreza Sedan Concept’s time to shine later this month in Los Angeles.

Subaru dropped the above teaser in its press release issued Tuesday. Little else was given about the latest concept beyond its time of arrival, set for the afternoon of November 18.

The teaser also shows concept also appears in a red similar to Mazda’s famed Soul Red, a temporary break from Subaru’s use of silvers and blues on their non-crossover debuts and concepts in recent years.

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15 Comments on “Los Angeles 2015: Subaru Debuting Impreza Sedan Concept...”

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    These teaser shots… I can only assume that the parts they keep hiding are too ugly/common to show.

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      That or they are waiting to reveal the fact that it will have upswept exhaust pipes, one per cylinder, running the length of the exterior of the car.

      Or maybe it’s a stepside. :-)

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    I prefer to see the massive let-down they will actually produce, instead of the cool concept we all want. Also, why is this not a five-door?

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    Looks like they are just recycling the 2010 Impreza concept car again. Maybe this time the production car will be closer to the concept.

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    Let’s see if Subaru can make a remote start for the new Impreza that is farther than 30 ft. Currently if you have Keyless Access you are screwed with less then 30 ft range and many aftermarket brands Won’t touch a Subaru.

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    So last year the vogue teaser shot was the corner of a headlight, or a taillamp, or the wing mirror, or the logo and part of the grille.

    Now the teaser is a low light shot of the belt and roof line from the hood to the trunk, with the A-C (or D if so equipped) pillars barely visible with heavily tinted black glass.

    Meh. I see little difference in this teaser shot than the LaCrosse teaser shot, beyond the LaCrosse will apparently have slightly better rear visibility – apparently the new Impreza has it’s ass stuck up in the air.

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      Way back when the CRX first came out, my friend who bought one said the only thing he didn’t like about it was it looked like a bird with it’s ass in the air from behind. But the CRX had a see through butt.

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    So my question is: At what point will the WRX pick up the new interior and bodywork? Didn’t it take them 3 years after the last Impreza re-design?

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    IIDanog here is the concept car, but the actual new Impreza will no doubt be as unexciting as an overdone oven-baked tater for the third time this week.

    Remember the last time we got teased with a half-decent-looking WRX a few years ago? The 2015 reality was an Impreza with a hood scoop, plus Ta Da! Bonus welds! Two stamped steel braces, and an extra hunk of tinplate tacked between the A pillars and front door hinges completed the extensive and exhaustive list of structural upgrades, which somehow missed the 2015 Impreza’s new thicker window glass and center console.

    Sorry, as a Subie owner of a certain vintage, I feel empowered to crap over their current lineup sylistically. The AWD guts are also not really prime time either anymore, except in auto WRX and entirely different STI manual.

    Unfortunately this concept also seems to show that Subaru consider large windows and headroom in the back to no longer be a requirement.

    Will probably sell a ton. My recent wait for winter tires and an oil change showed that 14 owners in a row were white, M/F, uniformly later-middle-aged and about as serious as office drones usually are before 8 am. Regulah drones. Alternative lifestyle folk conspicuously absent.

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