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2015 Honda Civic Concept

Arriving with the Clarity Fuel Cell at the 2015 LA Auto Show, the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is ready for its close-up as the co-star to the 2016 Civic Sedan.

The second of five models in the 10th-gen Civic lineup to arrive within the next 18 months, the Coupe will ride upon the same “athletic” platform as the Civic Sedan. Design cues include sportier lines and an intimate high-tech interior.

Power forecasted for the Civic Coupe is set for two all-new engines, including a first-ever turbocharged unit for U.S. market Civics. Few other details were given at this time, though Honda says to expect the Coupe to be as sporty, quiet and refined as the Sedan; the latter will enter U.S. showrooms November 12.

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36 Comments on “Los Angeles 2015: 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Ready For Its Close-Up...”

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    Not too bad, with Acura-lite styling and modified HondaFeet(TM) wheels. The sales mix for sedan/coupe has got to be like 70/30. Whenever I’ve seen the coupe lately, it has been one of those awful (and cheap looking) 2012 ones.

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    What the hell…

    Notice to carmakers. You need to stop styling cars way before you think you do.

    This front end, the new Caddy CUV, the 4Runner. Scallops and tumors and LEDS and bulges and dips. Just stop!

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      heavy handle

      Back when I was a kid, you had to work hard to butcher-up a car like that. Kids today have it too easy!

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      Guess I’m being too generous. I just -expected- it would look like this, and it does. They were never going to make a simple, clean Civic like from 1988.

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        At this point, I’d be all over clean like a 2008 Civic!

        Something I didn’t get around to mentioning on Alex’s review of the 2016 Civic sedan, but, that trunk is freaking bulbous. You look at a straight on rear shot, and the top of the trunk lid is far to high in relation to the top of the rear window. Just terrible.The coupe will be just as bad, probably worse.

        This is not a Honda specific issue, sadly.

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      I love the 4Runner front end, despite its 30 lbs of plastic; and it gets +10 for having absolutely NO air dam.

      Its still going to be replaced with a steel bumper, I’m of the mind that any damage (sans scratches in the paint) from hitting a deer is unacceptable, and that’s my expectations for whatever bumper I put onto my 2016.

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      Apparently they took Lexus’ new front end as an implicit challenge.

      Honestly, this thing looks pretty good for what it is and is obviously targeting the tuner set. It takes some cues from the Accord and the roofline even apes the TT to a degree. Of course, the aggressive front end will make the regular spec models with undersized wheels look all the more discordant in their shades of gray, which is what we will actually see roaming the streets.

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      Not to mention the mystifyingly popular “wheel of feet” rim design.

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      Just another vehicle with the all-to-familiar derivative (YAWN) “soap-bar-with-a-hump” styling that the automotive industry is (unfortunately) cookie-cutting these days.

      The pool of styling originality has dried up a long time ago.

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    Call me when Honda releases a 4-door Si hatchback.

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    Stomach Acid Green.

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    That looks like the dump I took this morning; even the color is close (bad Thai food mess me up).

    There was no spoiler on my #2, though.

    Honda is getting uglier & sh!ttier by the day, and even their reliability took a big dump, according to the latest Consumer Report Reliability Index (cue GM and Ford fanboys saying Consumer Reports is biased and such).


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      bumpy ii

      You might want to see a doctor about your pre-eclampsia…

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      30-mile fetch

      Interesting results from the summary pages of CR (no subscription so I have no idea on the actual numbers):

      “Two Korean automakers, Kia and Hyundai, are considerably stronger. The sister brands finished sixth and ninth, respectively. For the first time, Kia beat the stalwart Japanese brand Honda, and by a significant margin.”

      “Honda’s Acura brand has plummeted because of problems with in-car electronics and new transmissions.”

      “Audi, once a sinkhole of service problems, continued its recent roll and finished third, just behind Lexus and Toyota.”

      “Not that all new-generation transmissions are troublesome. Audi and BMW have shown solid reliability from their respective eight-speed automatics for awhile, as well as Audi and VW with their shared dual-clutch technology. ”

      “Then there are manufacturers, such as Mazda, whose Skyactiv engines get great fuel economy while using a traditional, reliable six-speed automatic transmission.”

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      @DeadWeight: That looks like the dump I took this morning; even the color is close (bad Thai food mess me up).

      LMFAO! Not even Ex-Lax can help with that condition.

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    Looks better than pretty much any other sub $20k car.
    And they will probably offer a 6spd manual Si with possibly a detuned turbo 2.0.

    At least they are offering manuals. And the styling always ages well.

    Having said this, the want is strong for the new Camaro SS.
    Just wish they would make a 4 door with similar styling DNA and optional 4wd.

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      There is the ATS and CTS. I guess the styling isn’t the same, but they are Alpha cars that can be had with AWD.

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        however no V8 (although I swear I read an ATS-V is coming with the LS7)

        For me, the ATS/CTS are weak styling disasters. They have ZERO premium look other than the perfume (wheels, lighting details). The overall form is junk in my eyes…. The new Accord Sport or Mazda 6 are betting looking cars….

        Give me a Chevrolet SS with the LT1 and AWD and 8 speed auto…. :-)… on 2nd thought, the 6spd manual RWD LS3 Chevrolet SS will do just fine

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    It’s a coupe and is available with a manual transmission. I say we have no room to complain.

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    30-mile fetch

    Looks like the dry heaving brought on by the SourToe article yesterday will now continue…

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    Not a good look.

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    How can they make the 4 door look so good and the 2 door look so bad.

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    This things going to be an under-steering boat despite the “sporty” looks, its the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse!

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    Beggars can’t be choosers. These days, I like any car that has MT. The only question is whether I love it or not.

    I read a Civic SI review recently where the writer complained that the SI was available only with MT. Seriously. It’s kind of like when people complain about Fox News when 99% of culture has a left slant. Please allow us to enjoy our crumbs that fall off the table.

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    King of Eldorado

    The green one in the photo is the “concept” already shown a few weeks ago, right? That preview, with the same corrugated wall in the background, included a license plate with the word “concept” on it. Honda’s production cars commonly closely resemble their previously shown concept models, but even so, there is some possibility that the final version will be toned down a bit.

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    At least the gimmicky, ugly bi-level dashboard is gone, but the rest of this thing is so ugly few will buy it. Then Honda will sound like GM and say nobody wants coupes anymore so they will kill the coupe. It’s a home run though, if you like the “ricer” look. Maybe Honda will offer a matte grey finish option.

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      @NewLookFan: It’s a home run though, if you like the “ricer” look.

      Precisely one of the reasons I steer clear of Hondas – to avoid being associated with the “VTEC Just Kicked In YO!” clientele.

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    Love that color! Of course even the new Civic is probably too small for me, so I will still have to lust after an Accord coupe instead.

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    Funny you all hate it, this is the first Civic that looks good to me

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      I’m surprised everyone hates it too.

      I think it’s the best looking Civic since the conservative, but sharply styled 2001 version.

      Everything since then, and until now, has been a weird blob that looks like the pile of gummi bears I accidentally left on my dashboard last summer.

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