UPDATE: Volkswagen Launches "2.0L TDI Customer Goodwill Package" Signup, TTAC Registers an Affected TDI

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

UPDATE: Another TTAC reader is seeing different prompts without the Goodwill Package offer.

The Volkswagen Diesel Information website is now listing the “2.0L TDI Customer Goodwill Package” and requesting vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for registration in the program. However, it does not seem to be working for all website visitors.

The signup form asks owners for a physical address, email address and vehicle mileage before asking for permission to use the information to contact the owner regarding future diesel emissions related updates.

TTAC was able to obtain a VIN for one of the affected vehicles with an owner’s permission to complete the sign up process.

After performing a VIN lookup to confirm the owner’s vehicle is affected, this is the first screen shown. At time of publication, the link for “View Program Rules” was non-functional.

After the information is submitted, owners are ask to confirm the information as it was submitted, that the vehicle registrant is the one submitting the form and the vehicle registrant understands and agrees to the “Program Rules.” Again, that link and the “Cardholder Agreement” link is non-functional.

The confirmation states “both cards expire one year after date of issuance.”

On the subsequent “Thank you for registering” screen, none of the links currently work.

This was the email received by Branden after we registered his vehicle.

Branden Flasch,

Thank you for requesting the Goodwill Package and signing up to receive communications regarding the 2.0L TDI emissions issue.

Your registration code is XX-#########-####

Volkswagen is committed to finding a remedy as soon as possible. We would like to emphasize that the EPA has noted that vehicles affected by this issue are legal and safe to drive, and we are working to develop a remedy that will meet the expectations of the government agencies.

Within 4 weeks you should receive your Goodwill Package materials. You will need these, along with additional verification items, in order to activate the Goodwill Package at participating Volkswagen dealerships. You must remain the owner of the vehicle at the time of activation in order to receive the benefits of the Goodwill Package.

For immediate inquiries please contact VW Owner Customer CARE:


8am – 7pm LOCAL

Monday – Friday


Thank you,

Volkswagen of America

TTAC reader Kyree was not able to see the goodwill package offer prompts.

(H/T to Steven Jacobson and thank you to Branden Flasch and Kyree Williams for letting us use his VIN.)

Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Nov 09, 2015

    How did someone manage 173,000 miles on a 2010!?! Nearly 79 miles a day, 365 days a year assuming they've actually had it for 6 full years (being generous).

  • Jdiaz34 Jdiaz34 on Nov 11, 2015

    I signed up last night. Site works fine.

    • Xist Xist on Nov 12, 2015

      What did the program rules and cardholder agreement say?

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