Mercedes' Concept At Tokyo Is a Self-driving School Bus

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
mercedes concept at tokyo is a self driving school bus

Mercedes announced Monday that it would show a Vision Tokyo concept at the Tokyo Motor Show this week and the car appears ready for soccer team duty, robot-mom style.

The only details made public about the concept are this photo — and that’s it.

That’s left us to speculate on particulars such as powertrain, number of wheels, load height and construction methods. (It has to be 100-percent unobtanium.)

Of course, Mercedes did show off the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept in Geneva and the Consumer Electronics Show, so it’s possible the Vision Tokyo concept follows closely that autonopod-screens-everywhere future.

Or it could be a really elaborate way to cool a juice box on the way to the soccer tournament. Let’s find out together.

(At least it’s not another thinly veiled “concept” that’s pretty much a production model.)

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