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Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion 07

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just the place to see the latest and greatest in gadgets and 1,000-inch Ultra 5K curved-screen Omega Definition touchscreen televisions with Minority Report-style controls, but also where some of those things will wind up in the auto industry.

For Mercedes-Benz, it’s the F 015 Luxury in Motion.

The carbon-fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel concept’s main selling point is autonomous driving and its relationship with both time and privacy, something Daimler AG CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche believes will become the two most important “luxury goods” in the 21st century.

To facilitate this, the Luxury in Motion offers variable seating for four, perfect for conducting business meetings on the way to Google, or enjoying a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. The seats also swivel out to 30 degrees upon opening of the doors, allowing for easier exits and boarding.

The interior also boasts six display screens “harmoniously integrated into the instrument panel and the rear and side panels,” creating a “digital arena” for everyone’s convenience. The screens can be accessed via Minority Report-style gestures, eye-tracking or touch.

As for power, the Luxury in Motion “was designed to allow the impact-protected integration of an electric drive system with fuel cell”; perhaps Daimler might be interested in some patents, then? The concept also weighs 40 percent less than a standard vehicle in its segment, and is notably larger than the S-Class.

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14 Comments on “Mercedes Brings ‘Luxury In Motion’ To 2015 CES...”

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    CLA, now this. I can’t tell front and back.

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    Let’s just take all that stuff about driver/car dynamics, communicative driver feedback, handling, motor response and shift feel and just throw it out the window… Oops no opening window. The automotive future is a ride on the bus


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    The F 105, the vehicle all the up-and-coming Soylent Green factory managers are raving about.

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    Unfortunately, this is the real future – right here. We’re on our way to not driving ourselves. First it’ll be optional, and a feature for the wealthy. Later on, it will be legislated as mandatory.

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      I know it’s in our future, but it’s been “in our future” for 50 years

      I’ve loved this pic ever since I was a kid. The future was going to be so cool

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      “First it’ll be optional, and a feature for the wealthy. Later on, it will be legislated as mandatory.”

      There will also be an intermediate phase where insurance companies will drive adoption, first with discounts for autonomous operation, then with surcharges for manual operation.

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    I was about to say the visibility must be poor, but then read it drives itself. In that case, this is entirely fine. Good move.

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    Da Coyote

    As the risk of total ridicule, I sorta like the looks.

    However, having owned a new Benz, I’d not go near anything that relies on German electronics for my safety.

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    So, no 2 spd manual transmission? Bummer.

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    A truly 24-hour car…

    The daily routine of a Mercedes owner circa 2030…

    8:00am – depart for work
    9:00am – dropped off for work
    10:00am – car drives itself to local MB dealer for costly out-of-warranty service
    5:00pm – car returns to pick owner up from work
    6:15pm – car drops owner off at home
    6:30pm – car departs to pull shifts as an Uber taxi to make extra money to pay for said service.

    Rinse, repeat.

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    Not only is this monstrosity copied from Science Future Annual 1955 for the Thinking Boy and Girl, it’ll also abolish world hunger, while taking the gunslit window styling of the CLA250 to its ultimate conclusion. Coal skuttle darkness lit artificially to display a dozen different kinds of German dumplings and wursts on the standard buffet..

    Yes, it’ll be a wonderful world for the one-percenters when this nightmare of ostentation debuts. On the streets the serfs will still be absorbing their daily soma dose via social media to keep their minds off being disadvantaged.

    Where’s my Domed City? They promised me!

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