By on October 1, 2015

Karma Automotive Logo

The company formerly known as Fisker will now be called Karma Automotive, AutoGuide reported.

The name comes from the formerly defunct automaker’s only production model, which the company says it will relaunch in 2016 from its California factory. (Will it be called the Karma Karma?) The company, which was purchased by Chinese businessman Lu Guanqiu, may be shedding its namesake and ties with former founder, designer Henrik Fisker, in an effort to disassociate itself from the former car’s famous failing.

According to the report, Karma will continue preparing its second, all-electric model, reportedly called the Atlantic. Thankfully, the company’s website (The New Fisker redirects to Karma Automotive) tells us how much thought went into its logo without mentioning much about its new cars.

Our new logo makes a statement. Clean, elegant, modern in its simplicity. An imperfect ring, representing constant effort towards unattainable perfection, encircling the earth. With a spark of sun, the eternal symbol of endlessly renewable energy. 

The site is also scattered with sales pitches from the “Glengarry Glen Ross” Blake method.

We will say it over and over again. We are not for everybody, and we never will be.

No one NEEDS a product like this to get from Point A to Point B. We exist for those who HAVE TO HAVE ONE. There are plenty of exceptional cars out there for the rest of you.

Put that coffee down!

(I made one of those up.)

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18 Comments on “Fisker Changes Name to Karma, Hopes You’ll Remember What That Is...”

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    Egads. Ok, take your pick:

    John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band:

    Alicia Keys:

    Yes, both selections apply to Volkswagen too. More versatile than a CR-V.

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    In a world where Tesla exists, who is going to buy a $100k, relatively slow (0-60 around 6 sec) relatively inefficient (20mpg on gasoline) cramped car with short electric range (25-ish miles) from a company with no reputation or dealer network owned by a Chinese company?

    There is a market for these sexy cars, but is it large enough to make a profit, or even keep the lights on?

    • 0 avatar
      heavy handle

      Expensive cars aren’t supposed to make a lick of sense, so these will sell to people who are in the market for a conversation car.

      It’s not like a Tesla will get you a second look, not from people you actually want to meet.

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    I drove the Fisker Karma. It was way too small and too expensive. An Electric ELR with a Jaguar’s interior.

    If it had just been BIGGER and not stylized into a Manta Ray, it would have sold better than the Model S considering it lacked “Range anxiety”.

  • avatar

    Fisker Karma’s gonna get you
    The car is on fire again
    You better get to the dealer
    And file your warranty claims

  • avatar

    They’ll call it the Karma Fisker of course…

  • avatar

    Lets hope they let the engineers actually have some say this time, unless if they want more bad Karma. The last car made for a neat toy but on the road, it was the worlds biggest Ford Pinto.

    Plus, an expensive super eco-car shouldnt be using running gear from a Chevy Volt. What are you paying the extra money for? It certainly isnt for more space or more safety!

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    Bleh, someone beat me to my joke. So fine!

  • avatar

    Call it…the karma chameleon…budda bing…

  • avatar

    Their next model, currently in the design stage, is tentatively called the Karma Zabitch.

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    The sports car model version of the current car will be called the Karma Ghia…

    (I got a million of ’em, and I’ll be here all week, folks!)

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    I live just a couple minutes away from the old Wilmington GM plant and pass it frequently. It’s sad to see it empty and wish Fisker would have worked out, if only for the local employment.

    • 0 avatar

      Now imagine a whole city like that. Welcome to Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Saginaw, and Pontiac.

      • 0 avatar

        It’s funny because for the first year I lived here I wondered what the campus had been and why there was a giant Wal-Mart on the other side of the railroad tracks which was otherwise off the beaten path.

        Then one day I was stopped at the light and saw the outlines where the “SATURN” lettering used to be on the sign out front, and it all suddenly made more sense.

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