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Werk Wolfsburg - Picture courtesy Volkswagen

Volkswagen offices and private residences were raided Thursday morning in Wolfsburg as part of the ongoing investigation into the company’s emission scheme that saw “defeat devices” used in its 2.0-liter diesel vehicles, reports German media outlet HAZ.

A team of approximately 50 task force personnel from the Lower Saxony’s office of criminal investigation raided multiple locations to gather evidence on those involved in the scandal.

A “comprehensive collection of documents” (translated from German to English) was handed over to investigators.

The names of the employees who had their homes raided were not provided.

More as the story develops.

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50 Comments on “BREAKING: Investigators Raid Volkswagen Offices, Private Residences in Germany...”

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    SECRETARY OF STATE lies about using private server which may have been hacked via cyber-espionage…Then attempts to DELETE all evidence surrounding said investigation NO ONE BATS AN EYE.

    Volkswagon lies about Rolling Coal…EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!!

    From what I’ve learned on Law & Order and Judge Judy, what she actually did is referred to as “obstruction of justice”.

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    What laws did VW break in Germany? They’ve admitted to fraud in the US, but this would indicate there’s a lot worse suspected of them in the home office.

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      It could also very well be that this is being done at the request of the US or another government where laws were violated.

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      Only 500k of 11 million vehicles with the cheat software were sold in the US. I am not sure, but I suspect that these vehicles might have also violated EU regs due to the software and probably some other countries. Im sure there is a long line of countries waiting to levy fines, etc.

      German industry really wants VW heads to roll for the guilt by association effect on the entirety of german industry. Be interesting to see if Germany can impose prison sentences on corporate execs when we never seem to be able to for white collar crime. Something tells me they will.

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      I think and hope this has something to do with the stupid cheap plastic folding armrest on the 1999-04 Jetta.

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        Or just the fact that an automaker with any shred of dignity and pride could put out such steaming piles as the Emm-Kay-Fours.

        (Yes, that’s my Mom’s Jetta talking — front suspension creak never diagnosed, coil pack(s), window regulator failure with the window down as she was about to drive into a car wash, trim problems…!)

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    Ignoring the goofiness of the previous posts in this thread…

    This is a huge development in that it shatters VW’s hopes that it could pin this decision on underlings. Forget their own internal “merciless” investigation. This is a real one, and it sounds likely the real decision makers won’t escape it.

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    I do wonder how much notice whatever internal affairs informant VW has gave the people to get rid of necessary evidence(s).

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      It can be very difficult actually to destroy evidence in a major corporation like that. VW probably keeps excellent records in lots of places. Destroying documents probably also requires records of the destruction to be kept, and it would require the cooperation of a lot of people who aren’t going to feel the need to take a bullet for their bosses (mostly secretaries).

      If there’s evidence of malfeasance, investigators have a pretty good chance of finding.

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        You’re right, of course. I just had a little movie playing in my head about the raid, and it was more fun to think of evidence destruction.

        Clive Owen was there.

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          I’m really hoping they find something juicy enough to justify production of a made for TV movie. Or an HBO miniseries.

          HBO Presents: NOxious Claims

          Staring Clive Own

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        @VCPlayer – you saying that VW doesn’t have a bunch of Frau Fawn Hall’s on the payroll?

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          I’m sure there’s a few floating around the company, but in a place like VW where the HR department assigns everyone to their jobs their loyalty is to their function rather than their direct boss.

          Probably 90% of the office secretaries I know would throw their boss under the bus in a heart beat in a legal matter. Maybe some upper echelon execs have assistants with more personal loyalty, but anyone working with middle to low end upper management is going to have administrative assistants that are going to look out for themselves first. They don’t want to get audited and fired/blacklisted for their boss’s crap.

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    The Germans’ haven’t raided anything in while so I guess they’re practicing up their skills. HANDS UP DUMMKOPF!

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      I picture a very organized raid, conducted by calm police officers driving E350 TDI 4MATIC Estates. The lead inspector pulls up last, and he’s a bit odd so he’s got a Skoda Octavia.

      Organized sort of like when the Korean workers at Hyundai or wherever a couple years ago told management, “You know, we’ll be striking and having a sit-in, tomorrow – promptly at 10:35AM.”

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    I’m waiting for the first Holocaust or Nazi joke. Who’s going to be that guy this time?

    lon888 is close. Not quite offensive though.

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      Mein Führer…! I can walk!!

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      Is this close enough?

      In Heaven, the police are British, the cooks are French and the bureaucrats are German.

      In Hell, the cooks are British, the bureaucrats are French and the police are German.

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        I’ve heard the same, but they were engineers instead of bureaucrats.

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          The French have a decent reputation as engineers, e.g. Eiffel and de Lesseps, and as misguided of a concept as the Maginot Line was it was well-made, but the unassailable French bureaucracy is legendary.

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            Let’s make it car related:

            In heaven, the cars have Japanese electronics, Italian design, British leather, German quality and American emissions.

            In hell, the electronics are British, the design is American, the leather is Japanese, quality is Italian and the emissions are German?

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            Pretty good except that German quality is closers to hell than heaven.

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            VoGo – unless you ask DeadWeight. Hell would be Cadillac, purgatory GM, and heaven – I’m not really sure. Is there something he likes? ;)

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      bball40dtw – maybe VW is full of Nazi’s and they have never “let go” of the notion of “gassing” their opponents.

      That sort of covers both of your criteria.

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      bball40dtw: “I’m waiting for the first Holocaust or Nazi joke.”

      It seems that the gauntlet has been thrown down. So I’ll bite.

      I see Hitler and Kaiser William at a diner. I ask them what they are up to. Hitler says they will kill 12,000,000 Jews and 3 clowns. I ask why the clowns. William looks at Hitler and says “I told you nobody would care about zee jews.”

      Best I could do on short notice.

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    SCE to AUX

    I’m wondering how this debacle rises to the level where a “raid” is necessary.

    For once, I’ll bring Toyota and GM into it – were their offices and homes raided in search of evidence? I don’t see a moral equivalence in those scandals (VW having intent and GM/Toyota not), but they each could have been raided since the results of their issues were much more serious than VW’s.

    There must be a significant financial or political component to this story we’re not aware of. They might turn up some very interesting evidence that embarrasses a lot of people.

    You don’t stage a simultaneous raid on offices and homes over a couple of engineers’ trickery.

    This has surely raised the panic at VW to a new, previously unimaginable level. Their products are so poisonous now, I’m not sure they’ll survive.

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