Audi Germany Creates Website to Identify Illegal Diesel Cars

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
audi germany creates website to identify illegal diesel cars

Audi in Germany on Friday added information to its main website so customers can determine if their car is affected by an illegal “defeat device” included in 11 million Volkswagen Group cars.

Audi owners can identify if their cars will be part of the unprecedented recall by entering the car’s VIN into the website. Audi said it would roll out a similar service in separate, worldwide markets in coming days. Audi owners can also go to dealerships to see if their cars will require recall work.

Volkswagen created a website in the U.S. this week to answer preliminary questions for its owners, including a video message by Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn.

Audi says 2.1 million of its cars were equipped with the EA 189 diesel engine that was equipped with a mode to illegally cheat past emissions tests. Only 14,300 of those cars — all A3 TDIs — made it to the U.S., according to the automaker.

Authorities in Germany have asked Volkswagen to present a solution for bringing its cars into compliance with emissions standards.

A spokesman for Audi didn’t immediately respond to questions about Audi’s recall plan in America.

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  • Suspekt Suspekt on Oct 02, 2015

    I am placing a bulk order for bumper stickers from a reputable chinese manufacturing concern. Please let me know if others are interested. It will say: "TDi LOL" Somehow, this scandal amuses me deeply especially as it relates to Audi diesels. I just cant wait to hear if the V6 models are also affected.

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    • EAF EAF on Oct 02, 2015

      I have my hopes up that indeed the V6's will be implicated as well.

  • Felis Concolor Felis Concolor on Oct 02, 2015

    One possible solution for bringing the offending automobiles into compliance:

  • Bball40dtw Bball40dtw on Oct 02, 2015

    I'm looking forward to the Nurembergring trials.

  • Samuelmorse Samuelmorse on Oct 05, 2015

    Your title is somewhat misleading; affected Audi (or any other VW cars) in Europe cannot be considered illegal since European law and emission test regulations differ from US in the sense that there is not specific prohibition in Europe to instal devices to "optimize" test parameters. In fact, most automakers have been doing that for years.