Volkswagen Tiguan Revealed Before Frankfurt

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
volkswagen tiguan revealed before frankfurt

Volkswagen has just revealed the second-generation Tiguan before the Frankfurt Auto Show opens to the press on September 15.

The new Tiguan will ride on Volkswagen’s MQB front-wheel drive platform and grow in almost every measurable dimension.

Volkswagen says the new “European” Tiguan will be offered with multiple power outputs ranging from 125 PS to 240 PS. It will also be the first Tiguan with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, consuming an estimated 1.9L/100 km, nearly 124 mpg, in GTE guise thanks to a new solar roof. Also offered will be a new R-Line model with what’s expected to be the most powerful engine available.

It’s not just new engines, but lightweighting that will make the Tiguan more efficient. The second-generation compact SUV is said to be 110 lbs lighter than the outgoing model, even though the wheelbase has grown 3 inches, while the body has been lengthened 2.4 inches and widened by 1.2 inches. As has been the theme though, the Tiguan will be shorter in height than its predecessor by 1.3 inches.

Volkswagen will put the Tiguan on sale in April 2016.

The first Tiguan has sold 2.64 million copies to date.

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  • Voyager Voyager on Sep 15, 2015

    Can I have mine with 14" wheels and old-fashioned balloon tires?

  • Jerome10 Jerome10 on Sep 15, 2015

    I think looks very good. But I'm a fan of recent VW styling. But another year or so till USA? How old is the current car? It has to be ancient. And yeah they need to look at the price hard.

    • Brettc Brettc on Sep 15, 2015

      The current Tiguan came out in 2008 in the US. Of course it has received a facelift, but is still based on the PQ35 platform that was also used by the 2005-2010 Jetta sedan and the 2009-2014 wagon. So the underlying parts are pretty old. Not surprising that they're waiting a year, hopefully they can work any bugs out and make sure it's certified with the 1.8T and the TDI for the US/Canadian markets.

  • Kcflyer Nice to see California giving NY some competition to be the worst run state in the union.
  • Wolfwagen I see my comment was deleted (BTW nice way to censor) so i will say it again:GTFO here with the pseudo "wealth distribution" BS. A crime is a crime is a crime.Its a slippery slope, what happens next, Jail a rich guy when he kills a pedestrian and let the poor guy who kills a pedestrian walk? What about if the poor guy is a crappy driver and has the record to prove it then what?Or we could go crazy and just institute the death penalty across the board for every driving infraction. That will make people better drivers or stop driving altogether which will make the greenies happy (damm it I just gave them an idea - SOB!!!)
  • Wolfwagen No. Bring back the J80 with an inline six and reduced electronics (i.e. no giant touch screen) and they will probably sell like hotcakes
  • David S. " test vehicles sometimes make sudden stops when uncertain about how to navigate traffic."??? Test vehicles are programmed by humans, HUMANS sometimes make sudden stops when uncertain about how to navigate traffic, Duh!!
  • Frank The last guy was doing fine, this is a sales emergency that they're hoping Tim can fix. They want to hang onto the crazy margins from the covid era, which now in the face of abundant inventory, insane interest rates and inflation are a long distant wet dream. Its time to start offering value again, cash on the hood and 0% financing. Move the metal!