Toyota Wants $500 From Canadian Owners To Fix Odometers (Video)

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
toyota wants 500 from canadian owners to fix odometers video

Owners of some Toyota cars in Canada say that the Japanese automaker is asking them to foot the bill for replacement odometers due to a glitch that won’t allow the gauges to roll over after 299,999 kilometers, CTV is reporting ( via AutoFocus).

The glitchy odometers are found in 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix and Corolla models, and some 2004 and 2005 Toyota Prius models.

There are a few videos on YouTube of people expecting to hit 300,000, but they never do.

We reached out to a Toyota spokesman in the U.S. but haven’t heard back. According to the CTV report, Toyota is replacing the odometer but asking owners to pay for the replacement (for now).

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  • Jeff S Jeff S on Aug 29, 2015

    Agree pragmatic. Hyundai and Kia have both vastly improved their products and are every bit as good as the Japanese manufacturers. Ford and GM have also improved their products as well.

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    • Macmcmacmac Macmcmacmac on Aug 29, 2015

      @heavy handle Agree to a point.. I recently guided my friend through a flex pipe replacement on her 2010 Sonata. OEM Hyundai flex pipe was $630! An hour of Googling got it down to a mere $145 with gaskets included, which Hyundai wanted $23 apiece for. The local Midas guy could not source aftermarket flexpipe from his supplier, nor could any other car parts depots here in town. From the OEM quoted total parts price of over $1200 with tax included (in case of non-salvageable O2 sensor which Hyundai wanted $400 for), I got the repair done, all-in for just over $300. The flex pipe looked every bit as good as the OEM pipe, which I feel should have lasted a damn sight longer than 4 years/75,000km in the first place.

  • Madanthony Madanthony on Aug 29, 2015

    This is a feature, not a bug. Do you know how much shady car dealers pay to have odometers rolled back? And here Toyota is doing it for free!

  • Ryoku75 Ryoku75 on Aug 29, 2015

    I dont get this "90a Toyotas were so much better and nothing ever went wrong" attitude. I see early 90s Camrys throw their automatics regularly before 200k, v6s that guzzle gas and sludge up, RUSt RUST and RUST, oil leaks, and Im sure we all loved automatic seatbelts. Newer Toyotas have their odometer big ip at 300k? Sure beats a 1000 transmission job.

  • JuniperBug JuniperBug on Aug 29, 2015

    My dad's '92 Cutlass Supreme had the same problem, only 100k sooner. After 199,999 km, the digital odometer read "Error." Switched it to miles, and it displayed the mileage. Clearly GM didn't think the cars would hit 200k miles and didn't bother to set the clusters up for it.

    • Texan01 Texan01 on Aug 30, 2015

      I had an 86 6000-STE that hit 200,000km, and it just stopped at 199,999. the car had about 140,000 miles on it when I got rid of it, and I knew the digital odo could physically only read up to 199,999 of any distance just due to the cheap-ass leading 1 digit.