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Toyota’s facelifted Land Cruiser will reach American shores, the automaker confirmed Tuesday. Toyota lifted the cover off the SUV yesterday in Japan and we reported that Toyota would tell us the same today.

(Oi. We should have stretched before patting ourselves on the back like that.)

The updated Land Cruiser will still sport a 5.7-liter V-8 that produces 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. The engine will now be married to Toyota’s eight-speed automatic (the first Toyota-branded vehicle on our shores to use the gearbox) but oddly, mileage doesn’t improve beyond 13 mpg city/18 mpg highway/15 mpg combined, which were the numbers for this year’s six-speed box.

Toyota’s announcement also includes one of the best lines in press release history:

“Once again, the Toyota Land Cruiser comes in one version: fully equipped and with seating for eight. There are no factory options, and really, none are needed.”

In addition to the facelift and new transmission, the Land Cruiser will sport Toyota’s suite of safety systems including blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian safety systems, front collision mitigation and  cross-path alert.

Toyota didn’t specify when the 2016 Land Cruiser would go on sale.

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25 Comments on “Toyota Confirms New Land Cruiser for US...”

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    Jack, was that you moonlighting for Toyota?

    The lack of major change is a good thing in this particular case. Toyota will keep selling a couple thousand of these a year to very rich people in the US at $20,000+ profit each, and they will keep adding to their record as literally the most reliable and durable vehicles currently for sale in the US market.

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      And when the rich people trade them in on a new Land Cruiser in about 10 years/100K miles, i will be happy to be one of the people to take that mechanical beast off their hands :-) They aren’t cheap when they are used either, but there’s nothing quite like these things.

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        That’s not a bad plan, I think these things were in the mid 60s in 2005 dollars and today 15s in avg condition. The MY10s still command low to highs 40s and thus still too pricy. I wonder what maintenance and service fees are like on an LC?

        MY05 Toyota Land Cruiser

        08/07/15 PA Regular $15,400 104,032 Above GREY 8G A Yes
        06/04/15 CHICAGO Regular $14,800 128,868 Avg WHITE 8G Yes
        04/10/15 PA Regular $14,200 129,381 Avg BLACK 8G A Yes
        04/28/15 NYMETSKY Regular $11,300 155,185 Avg BLACK 8G A Yes
        07/23/15 NYMETSKY Regular $9,700 185,044 Below BROWN 8G A No
        03/18/15 CEN FLA Regular $11,800 223,910 Avg BLACK 8G A Yes

        MY10 Toyota Land Cruiser

        03/04/14 NYMETSKY Regular $20,500 1 Avg Gray 8G A No
        08/30/13 PA Regular $47,750 32,630 Avg BLACK 8G P No
        01/15/14 KC Regular $44,800 36,249 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        01/29/14 NEW MEX Regular $48,000 38,857 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        03/13/15 PA Regular $43,750 39,808 Avg BLACK 8G P No
        08/09/13 PA Regular $45,250 45,357 Avg BLACK 8G P No
        04/30/15 PHOENIX Regular $43,500 45,660 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        12/27/13 PA Regular $43,000 46,150 Avg BLACK 8G P No
        07/01/14 DALLAS Regular $43,900 48,062 Avg GRAY 8G A No
        12/04/13 CEN FLA Regular $41,000 49,176 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        01/06/14 PA Lease $40,800 61,874 Avg SILVER 8G P No
        08/07/14 TX HOBBY Regular $41,000 69,032 Avg GREY 8G A No
        03/24/15 OHIO Regular $39,500 71,171 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        05/14/15 PHOENIX Regular $37,750 74,549 Avg WHITE 8G A No
        03/06/15 PA Regular $37,750 78,821 Avg BLACK 8G P No
        02/12/14 NJ Regular $38,000 83,800 Avg Gray 8G A No
        10/16/13 CEN FLA Regular $41,000 87,029 Avg WHITE 8G A No
        12/05/13 NYMETSKY Regular $38,000 88,445 Avg Black 8CY A No
        05/06/14 ORLANDO Regular $37,500 91,226 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        01/14/15 DALLAS Regular $35,600 91,657 Avg WHITE 8G A No
        04/09/15 PA Regular $36,991 92,516 Avg Silver 8G A No
        08/08/14 PA Regular $42,000 92,528 Avg BLACK 8G 3 No
        02/13/14 NORTHSTR Regular $36,150 95,604 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        03/24/14 ORLANDO Lease $37,500 95,713 Avg GRAY 8G A No
        03/10/15 NYMETSKY Regular $32,500 96,130 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        05/20/15 SAN ANTO Regular $36,000 96,444 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        04/02/15 PA Regular $34,500 96,484 Avg BLACK 8G A No
        12/06/13 PA Regular $38,000 131,735 Avg WHITE 8G P No

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      I would guess you are not getting any diesels from Toyota. Landcruiser Diesel by far is the best selling large SUV in Australia

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    schmitt trigger

    One question: Are those 8 speeds in addition to the low range?
    What does the Jeep GC do?

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    Yes, the 8 gears refer to gears in the transmission. The low range in the transfer case is separate.

    The JGC has three available 4WD systems. The top two have transfer cases with a low range feature. But it doesn’t compete with this Land Cruiser; it’s smaller, seating only five, and is vastly cheaper.

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    I shall continue to refer to these as “Land Bruiser” but only with the utmost respect.

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    They Toyota 5.7 pulls like a mutha, but it is one extremely thirsty power plant. They need to invest in updating their V8 technology.

    Good to see the spindle grille is not here.

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    These trucks are really well screwed together. My brother has a 15 year old one with 280K miles, still going strong with no major rebuilds.

    Reflective of above They also have phenomenal resale value, compare a 2000 MBZ M class to one of these for laughs.

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      Could also compare a 2000 Pathfinder, but it still wouldn’t be in the same class.

      8-passenger truck vs. 5-passenger sedan rebody. Nah.

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        The orig M Class was body on frame. More relevantly They were definitely cross shopped. Finally the Cruiser is a 3 row in name only, there is not much room at all in the 3rd row.

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          “Finally the Cruiser is a 3 row in name only”

          Not really in name only. There’s a seat back there. And in the 2000 version it was a very large seat indeed. How is there not much room? What’s in name only?

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    heavy handle

    I guess they will continue to not sell it in Canada. I think it would do alright if they offered it diesel-only (as opposed to the gasoline LX).

    That would mean cleaning-up their 4.5 V8 diesel, so it’s probably a non-starter.

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    Big Al From 'Murica

    Only those of us who have owned one of the old school inline 6 Cruisers would look at those fuel economy figures longingly. My 93 had somewhere around 225hp and peaked at 12MPG on the highway but fuel economy calculations generally netted a single digit result. But if you could keep gas in it you couldn’t stop it.

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    SCE to AUX

    No doubt about its capabilities, but the LC is surprisingly small inside.

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      It’s not that big outside, either. A 4Runner, not a Tahoe.

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        The cargo area is compromised by the third row, which does not fold flat, but otherwise I find the interior roomy. The 6-speed mated to the 5.7 is drivetrain magic; if the 8-speed does not improve economy, not sure there is much tangible benefit. This past winter we had a loaner Yukon with the new 5.3 and 8-speed, and it was awful; no comparison to the “dated” Toyota drive train (although gas mileage was better).

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    Big Al from Oz

    I not very keen on the look of the 200 Series. The grilles are just not correct and the rear end looks unattractive.

    From what I’ve read Australia is not gaining the 8spd auto, we will soldier on with the 6spd.

    I do believe we have a better engine lineup with the twin turbo V8 diesel. That is a very nice engine, that is fast becoming dated.

    Here in Australia we have a “poverty pack” 200 Series. It has vinyl on the floors, barn style rear door and power windows, with an entertainment system that is probably from a Corolla. These are for business and diehard off roader who will use them for some serious expeditionary use.

    Nice vehicle, reliable….so far, but in need of a better diesel. I thought Toyota worked with BMW, exchanging Toyota hybrid tech for BMW diesel tech.

    Where is the new diesel? Even in the US a diesel Cruiser would be a nice addition.

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    Needs the diesel that’s going in next year’s Tundra.

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    This doesn’t look bad, but when it comes to the land, I still think I’d rather rove than cruise.

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    I’ve been eyeing the first of the 200 series LCs. That brutal V8, KDSS. They are around $30k w/ just under 100k miles. It is definitely on my bucket list.

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      I almost bought an 08 with 40 or 50K on it in 2012, for 43K. 46 after taxes. Couldn’t talk myself into writing a check that big.

      Reading that reminds me that somebody drove IMO the best car that you can buy at any price, for 3 years and 50 or 60,000 miles, while it was still new enough to probably need nothing but fluids and tires, and it depreciated all of 15 grand.

      In other words, about as much as leasing a rental upgrade grade Kia.

      Yeah insurance, yeah 14 mpg, yeah I’m still kicking myself for walking away from it. Some day.

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    They are great beast to have. I just traded my 2013 Landcruiser for a 2015 Thundra Platinum. It was like driving it for free for the most part. Only oil changes and 17.5 mpg no matter how hard I drove it. I would probably go back once the next major redesign hits.

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    I’ll never frigging understand why people love the Landcruiser for use in the city. It feels MASSIVE to drive around, like you’re lumbering around in a small apartment complex. They’re mostly driven by vapid housewives, and I have no idea how. I’ve driven some big cars, but driving a 100 Series Landcruiser in heavy traffic was like threading an elephant through the head of a needle.

    I’m not denying it’s supremacy off road, I just don’t understand why you’d want to drive something this big, this thirsty or this numb around town.

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