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Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota announced its updated Land Cruiser in Japan today, with a starting price of $38,000 (!?) for the off-roading legend.

The seven-seater over there serves as the base for our Lexus LX over here, which was unveiled over the weekend in California alongside the turbo’d Lexus GS, and our version has all the grille.

Based on initial reception of the LX, when will we get the new Land Cruiser?

According to a Toyota spokesman, the automaker has “something” to tell us about the Land Cruiser tomorrow.

According to Toyota in Japan, the Land Cruiser 200 received a mild upgrade over the last generation. Although their prices are much lower than our $80,000 truck, the Land Cruiser in Japan is fitted with a smaller 4.6-liter V-8, instead of the 5.7-liter V8 found here in the States, which partially accounts for the price difference.

Both SUVs are extremely small volume cars for Toyota so changes are usually made globally.

So those of you (all 200 a month) who want to spend actual money for an actual Land Cruiser instead of a LX, your saving grace could be just around the corner.



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33 Comments on “Japan Gets a New Toyota Land Cruiser, Ours May Come Soon...”

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    Jeff Weimer

    Predator was a fun movie.

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    Looks like the VAT-included price translates to $54,874 USD.

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      Base grade GX’s base price JPY 4,728,437 is 8% consumption tax included.
      Without tax, the price falls to 4,378,000 which is roughly USD 35k @ current 125 USD/JPY
      rate. Fluctuated currency rate is the killer for moving goods across the boarder…

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    The LX is for those who want to look like they have money, while the Land Cruiser is for those who actually DO have money.

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      The LX’s parked in front of some very expensive houses in my neighborhood would beg to differ. That being said, I get the sense that LX’s follow the same trend as owners of S-classes – the owners of clean, older versions out of the warranty period probably purchased new in cash and are wealthier than the show-offs in the new versions with the fancy rims.

      I never understood the value proposition of the LC (before the heinous Predator grill became ubiquitous on Lexi) – save a modest amount of money on the same car mechanically, with a much less impressive interior and no brand cachet.

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      That’s not really true. The LX is already the more dignified or “stealth wealth” choice compared to the other others it competes against — Range Rover and the G/GL (yes I know people think the LX is gaudy, but it’s way better than the other vagazzled up luxury trucks) It is also 10x the car of the Land Cruiser for not much more money. I imagine the hideous fake wood in the LC makes it a no-go right off the bat for many people. Would agree with Giddy on the rest.

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      … And for those who believe a Leica in the trunk, takes better pictures than an Iphone in the hand…

      The 200, or LC V8 in countries where even lowly 4runner/GX’ are sold as Land Cruisers, is honestly an awesome vehicle for an increasingly rare set of use cases; that of the third world/war zone minivan for the kidnapping target classes. The mechanicals are solid as heck, yet quickly fixable in some of the world’s bushiest locations, probably at a net loss to Toyota. The underpinnings and drivetrains are bomb proof, and stout enough to take enough armor to make the rest of the truck fairly bomb proof as well.

      It’s too big, heavy, bloated and expensive to work all that well as a recreational wheeler, still too size limited to float like a Raptor or built Taco/Tundra across Baja, and the drivetrains too thirsty for the tank size, to be much of an expedition vehicle anymore. And even the Aussies have figured out that cheap, common pickups have been honed by ruthless competition into vehicles making more sense for towing Melbourne Condos full of beer into the outback on the weekends.

      But it’s still really cool that Toyota keeps making and improving on it, for those few who really do have a need for a Toyota Crown to be ferried around in, in places less accommodating than Tokyo.

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    Years back I knew an Indian gentlemen who always bought a new LC every three years. Maybe it was conspicuous consumption but I took it as stealth wealth.

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      If you’re buying a new car every three years, doesn’t that negate the biggest reason to get an LC? All sources seem to agree it’s the most durable and reliable car* currently on the road.


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        This was in 2001, from what I remember he owned a glass factory here so maybe it was a corporate lease. Now why a LC and not say a Benz, I couldn’t tell you exactly. But I can tell you this guy was literally about 5’5 or 5’6 and 130lbs wet so maybe the “big” LC made him feel better about being a runt (by US standards).

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          The LC should have compared favorably in all ways to the 2001 S-Class, save for number of Mercedes badges.

          What a terrible POS.

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          I’m surprised he didn’t simply tell you. All of my Indian co-workers love Toyotas for their reliability and value. One of them told me that when she goes to the Hindu Temple, that she sees “a sea of beige Camrys.” One of my second generation Indian friends upgraded to a Lexus IS… but still a Toyota.

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        @dal: It sure seems that you’re right. My 95 seems to prove they run great and look great for years. Doubt if it ever frequently saw soap or wax before I got it but it cleans up good and seems indestructible.

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      The Ghost of Buckshot Jones

      The concept of a lease is foreign to you, isn’t it?

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    Please, Toyota, let this be your new design language. Even if you have to copy a Lincoln Navigator. Even if you have to copy Ford Taurus for the Tacoma. Because, you know, when you are really-really ready to sweep the competition you can just hire an Italian to style your cars.

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    If they could sell these at $38k USD the sales would increase tenfold, I would certainly be interested. GM would finally get much needed competition that could reopen the segment.

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    Headline says “new,” but the truth is it’s just an update? Should I just ignore all your headlines, or just concede that words are just poetry for TTAC?

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    If Sergio has his way and tries to turn Jeep into a status brand like Land Rover a Land Cruiser may be the only way to express wealth quietly.

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      Why express wealth at all?

      An old F-150 did just fine for Sam Walton, and a late model Buick does just fine for Warren Buffet.

      It’s handy to be able to melt in to crowd sometimes.

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    Facelifts are frequently advertised as “all-new” in JDM marketing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a (yet another) facelift for the bad old LC.

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      Actually, Toyota’s own press release calls it a facelift in the headline:

      And yeah, $38K post sales tax for the base model. Quite jealous.

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    I rode on two 1990s Land Cruisers this month up a couple of Volcanoes to 15,000ft. Both had i6 engines and 310,000+ miles! Love em!

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    Do I see cornering lamps on the Land Cruiser? Finally, a comeback of one useful feature.

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    “Although their prices are much lower than our $80,000 truck, the Land Cruiser in Japan is fitted with a smaller 4.6-liter V-8, instead of the 5.7-liter V8 found here in the States, which partially accounts for the price difference.”

    Yep, that’s $4,000. $38,000 more to account for!

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