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2017 hyundai elantra

Hyundai released Wednesday a new concept sketch of the coming Elantra, which shows that the new model will sport a large hexagonal grille, sleeker and lower headlights, and a steeper dropping C-pillar.

The Elantra is scheduled for a redesign for 2017 and outlets are reporting the new sedan will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. It’s not clear what engines may power the new Elantra.

Hyundai released few details about the coming Elantra. According to Automotive News, the new Elantra will share a modified platform with Hyundai’s dedicated hybrid and Kia’s Forte. The Korean automaker is expected to release four hybrids, two plug-in hybrids and one electric car in the U.S. between 2016 and 2018.

However, the concept sports a red signature of identified origins. TTAC’s handwriting recognition investigators suspect it could be Hyundai’s chief of design Peter Schreyer who penned the sketch, as the compact signature sports all the hallmarks of horn-rimmed glasses.

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28 Comments on “Hyundai Teases New Elantra Design Because Future Needs No Doors...”

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    If Hyundai designed a Mazda…

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    Unlike the previous Sonata (of which we own one), the Elantra has managed to stay handsome throughout its entire model run thus far, although I wish thy hadn’t gone to chrome door handles post-facelift, because I like body-colored ones better. Hopefully, the next Elantra does indeed turn out to be sleek rather than cluttered and cheap-looking.

    And I’m interested in seeing this dedicated hybrid. The upcoming 2017 Prius looks to have taken its fashion tips from the Mirai, so repulsed buyers may flock en masse to a better-looking and ostensibly lower-priced Hyundai competitor, if it can deliver on the MPG front.

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    Where we’re going, we don’t need any doors!

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    Paul Alexander

    The doors are actually underneath the car. Sure it’s inconvenient, but lets face it, styling is what actually sells.

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    Is it just me or does Hyundai redesign their models almost yearly? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I bought a current model and they completely redesign it the next year or so I’d be disappointed.

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      Hyundai typically retires a design after four or five years, which is below the industry average of 6 to 7 years (or Ford’s tactic of using the same bodyshell two or three times in a row). But the company also makes weird use of the difference between model and calendar years.

      In the case of the previous Sonata, it was released in late 2009 or early 2010 as a MY2011, facelifted in 2013 as a MY2014 (which also coincided with the corporate rollout of new navigation and radio interfaces for both Hyundai and Kia) and redesigned in mid 2014 as a MY2015. Especially if you got the much-improved 2014, it would seem like the car was redesigned too soon, when really it was older than the competition by several years.

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    Future crash test requirements dictate car bodies with no doors. Occupants must enter through the windows, NASCAR style.

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      Volt 230

      Overweight people will not be able to drive in the future, I must assume.

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      I think your right about the crash standards, but you can’t get in it at all. If you can’t get in the car, you won’t be able to injured if it crashes. It’s also advanced autonomous technology that not only doesn’t require a driver, it doesn’t need passengers either.

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    The term “tease” is supposed to be used for something that is desirable. Right?

    Oh man, that Elantra really gets me going! Low cost…bold dynamic styling…high MPG…sensible…quit teasing me!

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    It still looks wet from being birthed by the Alien.

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    These sketches are usually pretty worthless. Of course, I ultimately don’t really care. I won’t be buying an elantra anytime soon.

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      Steve Biro

      “These sketches are usually pretty worthless. Of course, I ultimately don’t really care. I won’t be buying an elantra anytime soon.”

      That’s what you say now. :)

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      I got this far “new concept sketch of the coming”.

      It doesn’t matter what comes before or after that sentence segment. It’s meaningless (and shouldn’t be considered news).

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    How ridiculous that Ford, Subaru, and Hyundai are all now using nearly identical grilles.

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    I don’t think it’s his.×226.jpg

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    The current Kia Forte is probably the best looking of all the compact sedans out there now, hopefully the new Elantra doesn’t devolve like the Sonata did.

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    That looks like a 2016 Chevy Cruze with the Hyundai corporate grille plastered on the front.

    ….and no doors.

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