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2016 Honda Accord

The refreshed, mid-size Acura Honda Accord will start at $22,925 and run all the way up to $35,400, according to Car and Driver.

That represents a mild increase from $150 to $950, depending on trim, and a continued price war with its lifelong, bitter and everlasting rival, the Toyota Camry.

Apples-to-apples on the high end: The Accord will cost $635 more than a comparably equipped Camry (2016 Camry XLE V-6 with Technology and Navigation vs. 2016 Accord Touring V-6). Apples-to-apples on the low end: The Camry is $170 more (2016 Camry LE Automatic vs. 2016 Accord LX w/CVT).

Shedding two doors will add anywhere from $1,670 to $545 to the bottom line. The coupe will run from $24,595 for the base LX with a manual to $35,945 for the V-6 Touring model.

The redesigned Accord was unveiled last month in California and boasts integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a slew of other small changes for its mid-cycle refresh.

The Accord also comes available with a suite of safety features, dubbed Honda Sense, that can be added at any trim level and will be standard on Touring models. The same safety suite is only available on the XLE trim of the Camry, which is the top trim.

Both the Accord and Camry are expected to replace their V-6 engines with turbo fours, albeit in different applications. Toyota will use the turbo four to replace the top-end engine option, whereas Honda will use a smaller turbo four to replace its standard engine.

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44 Comments on “You Can Buy a 2016 Acura Honda Accord for $22,925...”

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    Firestorm 500

    Sayounara, V-6s.

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    SCE to AUX

    Given the identical pricing, any meaningful differences will come down to negotiating skill, incentives, timing, and actual available inventory.

    For comparison, the base 2016 Altima is $22300.

    Pick your poison.

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    Can you get a manual Sport in a real color yet?

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      Will in MKE

      Yes, finally. San Marino Red is available in 6MT.

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        How do you know what colors are available for MY 2016 already? I’m asking because I’m so excited there might be an ACTUAL color in a manual! But watch it only come with beige interior (NOT sporty).

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          Will in MKE

          Drive Accord forum, temple of VTEC forum (not sure on that name, I don’t visit there). I wish there were real colors available when I bought my 2015 6MT, but no joy.

          Proof is in the pudding at the Honda press release site. Red with black interior Sport with 6MT pic near the bottom of this page:

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            It sure is a red on black w manual Accord. But what’s happening with that grill? Is it wearing spectacles? Taking styling cues from Kia or Nissan?

    • 0 avatar

      Yes, but not in any tasteful colors. That bright red looks very My First Car-ish.

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    Camry with a real six speed or an Acuonda Accord with a CVT.

    These are cruel choices.

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    I think it a very nice looking car and they will sell like mad…..
    Acura should just stick to making CUV & SUV

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    Getting rid of the 2.4 liter? Why? My 2003 has that engine 99k no issues! My last accord had 199K, very little issues, 170k before that, 190k for my Integra etc etc. New ones have 30 more HP,30 lb.ft. more torque, and get more MPG. Although I think I would feel more comfortable with a Honda turbo than any other turbo engine, especially tuning it!

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    I really wonder if Acura’s VP-GM Mike Accavitti left Acura once he was shown the Accord refresh.

    I think he saw how Acura was being penny pinched and realized Honda, as always, is only semi-serious about Acura. The baby NSX might also have been the final nail for him.

    So curious

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    I read that Honda will not offer CarPlay or Android Auto with the 2016 Accord Sport. Kind of disappointing, although the Sport model did receive a bunch of minor tweaks to further distance itself as the sportiest trim.

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      It is pretty silly that you need to order a top trim level to get the CarPlay/AA support when most other manufacturers are either putting it in all cars or all but the very lowest stripper models.

      Much better than Toyota though, who are basically the only manufacturer in the world eschewing support for Carplay and Android. Toyota is going to lose a ton of younger customers because of this folly.

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        Absolutely. I think the number of buyers who use CarPlay/AA support as at least a tiebreaker, if not a major deciding factor in the next few years is going to be very significant. Both are far from perfect, but they make so much sense for convenience and safety. I certainly wouldn’t buy new daily driver without it.

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      The Sport is just an LX with a wheel/suspension package. It should have been based on the EX and not the stripper model.

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    Welp, considering I’m going to be in the market for a new car, a 6MT Accord Sprot in Speeding Ticket Red might be just what the doctor ordered.

    Although the Mazda6 and Mazda3 hatch are compelling options as well.

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    “Both the Accord and Camry are expected to replace their V-6 engines with turbo fours, albeit in different applications. Toyota will use the turbo four to replace the top-end engine option, whereas Honda will use a smaller turbo four to replace its standard engine.”

    This paragraph contradicts itself.

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    Honda and Nissan are beginning to not make sense, the new Accord and the new Maxima and Murano are so good and have so many features I don’t see why you would buy the Acura or Infiniti variants. I sat in the new fully loaded Maxima SR and damn that is a nice car. The seats are fantastic and so is the steering wheel, like maybe nicer than the BMW M3/M4 steering wheel good. Even the Toyota Avalon is nicer to me than the Lexus ES.

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    V6 6MT? With a DI V6 with meaningfully improved mileage? Or did Honda just turn Baruth’s car into an instant collectible?

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      I doubt it’s dead yet. If the MT is still available in the “sport” sedan, then I’m sure the V6MT coupe is still alive.

      Now come 2018, I’m scared…

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        If they get rid of the manual transmission Accord Sport in 2018, I might just have to pick up one of the last manual transmissions Accords, road noise be damned.

        Hurry up, get your Accords and Camrys now before the new turbo 600cc CVT models come out!

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          Probably very sound advice for the “keepers” out there. Chance are the current turbo fad will move through the stages similarly to what the Euro mini diesel one did. Crazy amounts of technology, research and hype, only to, a few decades later, be seen as, at best, equal to the simpler, more traditional, hence cheaper solutions it once looked set to replace.

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    Can’t wait for the remaining 279 posts in the series “2016 model cars change prices, engine choices may or may not change in the future”.

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    Damn it! The dealership I bought my 2011 V6 coupe from quoted me $26,100 + TTL for a 2015 V6 MT coupe (non nav)… That’s cheaper than I can buy a USED one!

    I hope they offer me a comparable price on a 2016 next year.. The refreshed coupe looks a lot better than the sedan. I just might have to go into a little debt next year… I love my Altima and I’m keeping it but I miss my Accord!

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