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2016 Cadillac XT5

There will be big things for Cadillac next year, but they may not come in small packages, Automotive  News is speculating.

In their series of what could be coming up for automakers, writer Mark Colias details a few models to be expected for Cadillac in the coming year. There may be not be a subcompact crossover next year, but there could be refresh for the ATS, including a Vsport variant.

Next year for Cadillac could be marked by its more traditional entries with new names.

On top of the all-new XT5, which will serve as Cadillac’s mid-size crossover, the new CT6 will be the brand’s large sedan — but not its flagship.

Colias writes that Cadillac’s BMW 7-Series/Mercedes S-Class fighter will come toward the end of the decade and be called the CT7 (maybe?)

A small compact sedan and subcompact crossover aren’t expected until 2018, at the earliest. The ELR, Cadillac’s slow-selling plug-in hybrid may have life until 2018 despite sluggish sales.

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40 Comments on “Mid-size XT5, Full-size CT6 Highlight 2016 for Cadillac...”

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    Everytime I see a listing of the alpha-numeric BS that passes for Cadillac model names I pray for Lincoln. Hopefully a return to real names will support Lincoln in clawing its way back to relevance.

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      No Kidding!

      GM sits on more evocative historical names than pretty much anyone, yet seems hellbent on renaming every single iteration of a car with yet another random combination of characters. Dudes, leave the random lettering for the licence plates! Lincoln did the same, and now, nobody, probably including the dealers, have any idea which car you are talking about when you mention your XMKCTRWYYJ. What’s wrong with Eldorado, Fleetwood, Roadmaster, Skylark….. They’re awesome names that everyone would immediately associate with a specific car.

      It’s almost as if both Ford and GM are afraid the current fleet of cars, aren’t up to the standards associated with those legendary badges, and are keeping them for more deserving vehicles….

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        People would associate Skylark with the N-body car of the 90s, and that is not a good thing. Roadmaster makes one think of a big, heavy, ugly (in its last version anyway), gas guzzling car which would kinda be at odds with Buick’s “Not your father’s Oldsmobile” marketing.

        They brought back the Regal as its image was/is mostly good, in my opinion anyway.

        I have no issues remembering which current Lincoln is which. MKC is the small crossover, MKX is the medium crossover, MKT is the large crossover, MKZ is the (very handsome) midsize sedan, MKS is the large sedan. Theyve already announced that the MKS is going away, presumably replaced by the Continental. MKT probably isnt long for this world, especially when the new Continental can take up the livery car duties. Probably will be replaced in the lineup by a version of the next-gen Explorer.

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          A car like the soon-to-be-unveiled Tesla Model X could wear the Roadmaster nameplate.

          It a powerful family car. Make it electric and you can shake the gas guzzler image.

          The Model X is about the only thing more expensive than a used Toyota Sienna XLE could be worth the money, for my purposes.

          I’d rove to new Buick roll out an Electra Roadmaster crossover, which hit that same sweet spot as the Model X, but a little cheaper. Swinging rear doors are a deal breaker on a three row family vehicle, though.

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      Triple A

      Have any of you driven a Cadillac in this century really. I have they drive and handle great better than the Germans. Dont even compare them to Lexus which performance does not even match us and yes are now a 2nd tier luxury car maker as is Acura and Infinity. As far as reliability Cadillac has been rated in the top 5 for years. Before you belittle them drive ’em before you talk crap. The ATS although too small for me is as agile as a cat with a typical Cadillac balanced ride.

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        Sometimes a frend here or there is to have one of a different opinion of a car like this Cadillac (no DeVilles around here! ha,) than ones-self. It is a time to remember when speaking for ‘Net, that often you may see to this to-and-fro. The Best Regards is to know we all have such freedom’s of Expressionist.


        Grango Relago

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    They really optimized styling cues that say Front-Heavy Kludge on that XT5. Sad.

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      That front end looks like the face of a porker that just munched down on a dozen lemons.

      If that’s Cadillac’s new styling motif, a sour-faced piggie, Johann will be back in Capetown quite soon sucking on his own bowl of citrus fruit, wondering why the local delis don’t make first class Soho sandwiches.

      Intellectual sloth contributes to ridiculous alphanumeric names, since nobody seems able to sit still for five minutes to come up with real names. Because it has no name, the stylists cannot style it properly. So piggy theme it is.

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        AFIAK, the idea of the alphabet soup names are to emphasize the CADILLAC, rather than allow individual models to overshadows the brand (like the Escalade does).

        As a person in the peanut gallery, and a mewber of one of Cadillac’s declared target demographics(mid-30s techie with six figure income), though, making me a goegle sealch to decode their nomenclature just p!sses me off.

        A generation ago, having the secret decoder ring probably made you feel like you had special inside knowledge. It doesn’t feel that way whet you take 10 seconds to read through an automotive forum to get the same knowledge, and then you forget it 30 seconds after that – because it’s really not important.

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    Well, best of luck to them.

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    #1 There’s no such thing as an “S-class fighter”.
    NO COMPANY, not even Bentley or Rolls Royce offers a car that’s as oppulent, SPACIOUS (you can get 5 of me in that thing) and as gorgeous inside as the S-class… yet less than $115,000.

    Even the P85D costs more ($135,000 before you factor in TESLA’s dishonest $10,000 + $7500 fuzzy math marketing) – and can’t even be equipped with HALF the stuff an S-class offers.

    #2 Cadillac nor Lincoln has what it takes to build a car worth overlooking the German Luxury Sedans (A8, S-class, 7-series or even the English built Jaguar XJ-L)

    I know what you’re going to say: this is about crossovers…

    Well The ESCALADE is the only car Cadillac builds WORTH A DAMN – and WORTH REMEMBERING due to the STUPID 3 letter name strategy and more rich people (richers) are going to end up in a Lexus RX or a Mercedes/ BMW crossover simply because of Badgewhoring.

    #3 The most Cadillac can hope to do is compete with the Lincoln MKX and the JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE.

    At that point, I see NOTHING here worth cross-shopping for.

    For the price of this thing you could have a Jeep SRT fully loaded.

    And then there’s the JEEP HELLCAT that I’ll be getting, coming out around 2016/ 2017 STEALING all your thunder.

    If you aren’t willing to build a V8 powered model, MOPAR is gonna EAT YOUR LUNCH.

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      Well sure it is an “S-Class Fighter”. GM never said it would be a winner. :-P

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      Badge Whore is not the only reason people buy Lexus RX 350. When I bought my last RX, 2009, the Cadillac decent engine was an upgrade. Cadillac marketing is equally to blame as the design division. How can a brand aspire to be “world class” when they put crappy 2.8 and 3.0 liter engines into vehicles built for a bigger V6.?? Is hating your expensive new slugmobile the key to long term customer retention?

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      Bigtruck, we’ve been over this before. The strict definition of badge-whoring is buying a car just to have that particular brand. That’s it. So if someone buys a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (or an Audi A3, or indeed a BMW SUV) and does so on the virtues of the car itself (styling, handling, features)…then he/she is not being a badge whore.

      So if I buy a BMW X5 because I like the way it looks and how comfortable it is, I’m not badge-whoring. If I buy it just because it’s a “Bimmer” and it will make the neighbors jealous (they have an Infiniti FX), then yes…I am badge-whoring.

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      Given all the merger talk from FCA, it should be interesting to see what happens if the company product changes.

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      “If you aren’t willing to build a V8 powered model, MOPAR is gonna EAT YOUR LUNCH.”

      Yeah, cause that’s the same kind of customer for sure. You’d be so much more credible if you could leave your constant FCA bias out of whatever you say.

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    Am I right in thinking the XT5 is an upmarket Chevy Traverse?

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    Current cadillac front ends are awful. The headlamps in particular need a complete rethink.

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    Has it been verified they’re not just buying unfinished Sorento’s in Ga. and throwing the worst headlights ever designed by GM on them?

    The thing in the picture (with said hideous headlights), whatever it is, somehow manages to look less functional than an Evoque, but with a much less desirable marque. Quite an achievement for the designers. Front bumper looks around 6 inches in ground clearance, maybe 8. It’s possible it will clear the parking lot bumpers of most walmarts. I’m sure GM will make up for it with all of the collision alerts on 360 degrees, as anything not visible (6 feet tall or more) from the drivers window/windshield won’t be noticeable without electronic assistance.

    Maybe they can make an autonomous version and convince/pay Google to use it for marketing, or outpay Daimler to be in the next Jurassic production. It will certainly lose to Lexus in old-cool appeal, Jeep in pretty much everything, and LR in young-stupid-expensive appeal. The Germans will mop up the remainder of the “I want a luxo SUV thing that is cool/expensive/says I am young and can go anywhere.” Caddy/Lincoln will be in a battle to the death over 5% of buyers from above who want for some perverse reason to buy (or more often lease) something (with a non FCA) domestic name on it, with a three letter model name.

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    XT5: For those who d’oh.

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    Menar Fromarz

    Well, at least we know what they did with a lot of the old Buick Rendezvous body dies! Just look at those rear quarter panels….sheesh! The only Caddy I have liked in the current / recent lineup was the CTS/V wagon. The current line-up has made me dig out my old WHO albums though…

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    This is probably the least objectionable Cadillac, but that’s not saying much given what a complete disaster Cadillac is, and given how easily ANY CUV will sell in the market today.

    If Cadillac wanted this to help revive their image as a maker of truly luxurious, American vehicles, they’d make sure it had a huge and comfy backseat, absolutely plush ride that smothers road imperfections, had a V8 for the torque, sound and power, had an exquisite interior (though the current SRX, even being old now, is class competitive), and had much better exterior styling.

    Cadillac failure continues, however, because this is a Roger Smith rebadge special, to be shared with Chevy & GMC, with minimal distinguishing features yet a 25% to 35% bump in MSRP.

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    “And to think that the company used to be in the same league as Rolls-Royce.”

    When was that? I’m almost 70 and cannot remember those days. Before my time, anyway. The 1934 Roller I was privileged to spend a few days in back in 1970 (!) was a revelation to someone brought up with 1960’s Cadillacs, where the damn chrome strips never lined-up and massive engines that waffled and grunted through rusted out mufflers. Really decent finish on Cadillacs must have been before they mass-produced them with GM’s usual attention to detail. The 1920s maybe.

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      “I’m almost 70..”

      Meh, that’s just the new 50.

      With reasonable self-care you should be around to see an America just as class-bound and oligarchic as Edwardian England with wealth so concentrated and masses so downtrodden that only the special few dare dream of private transportation. Then may you hail the birth of the New Cadillac, Autonomous Generation!

      (Autonomy being more easily accomplished for roads freed of rabble.)

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    The headlights are just…confusing. I have no idea what they’re trying to do with those. And nixing the wreath was a big mistake. Now the crest looks generic as all get out. And the chrome carmakers use these days looks more like cheap plastic than anything resembling chrome.

    Cadillac should really do itself a favor and stop chasing after BMW and Audi’s leftovers. People who want Teutonic styling and Teutonic performance will go to Teutonic automakers, not American wannabes. This doesn’t mean it should go back to building sloppy 70s barges – those days are long and thankfully over.

    Ditch the alphanumerics (those haven’t helped Acura, either), expand the Escalade line to include Range Rover Sport and Evoque-style crossovers, smother the ATS with a 100% pure cotton pillow and fire the XTS into the sun. Dust off those concept drawings for the Ciel, Elmiraj and Sixteen and bring those cars into production, cost no object. If you want to join the ranks of true luxury, you’d better be willing to pay the toll.

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    my buddy has three cadillacs. all are money pits. why do people continue to buy this high priced junk? why does ttac even consider cadillac worthy of any mention at all?

    • 0 avatar

      He hates them so much that he had to have three of them? And, theyre all brand new, which would speak to the quality of current Cadillacs? Or are they old, worn out, well-used cars?

      And, asking why news about a carmaker is running on a site dedicated to cars? Geeze. Well, lets get you to decide which automakers are worthy of being discussed, then we’ll call it “Rday’s TTAC That Dont Have 10 Year Old Used Car Issues”. Just be sure to let me know when that takes place so I can remove this site from my bookmarks.

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    Whether they want to admit it or not, Cadillac needs a full sized sedan for the traditional Cadillac buyer. That market is still out there.

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    Dammit, I really liked my 92 Roadmonster…silver base model with a typically-quirky GM equipment package…full analog instrument panel, AM/FM with no cassette or CD player, gray mouse fur partial power seats, manual heat and A/C (not climate control), no vinyl top and wire wheel covers. Anyway, it was a terrific car to travel in.

    I can’t fathom driving a modern Cadillac, the advertisement for the Escalade with the caucasian guy carrying luggage in the house for a black couple told me everything I need to know about who they are marketing to, and have to agree that the names are silly. At least I know what an Escalade is, just like I knew what a Fleetwood was, and an Electra, and a Ninety-Eight.

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      Wow that sounds REALLY base! I think as the model years moved forward, more equipment became standard. I rarely see one after 92 which has cloth, and I don’t ever recall seeing one with manual AC controls.

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