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Jeep Wrangler American flag

Remember when the U.S. auto industry was very much an American auto industry? No? I don’t, either.

But there was a time when an American car was an American car because it was made by an American car company in America

Times have clearly changed. recently revealed that the most American car, in terms of its American content and not its badge, is the Toyota Camry. Indeed, Japanese brands grabbed three of the top five spots on’s American-Made Index.


USA best selling autos June 2015 YTDHowever, even if the Chrysler Group is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, an Italian-American partnership based in the Netherlands with UK headquarters, we do still tend to view a Jeep Wrangler, for instance, as a traditional Detroit product — one that is, of course, built in Toledo, Ohio. While the Chevrolet Camaro continues, for the time being, to be built in Oshawa, Ontario, we still consider the Camaro an all-American product.

Thus, in honour of the July 4, Independence Day weekend, we display this list of America’s most popular American vehicles through the first-half of 2015, completely ignoring 25 other vehicles, many of which are assembled in the United States. Our standard: if they’re produced by good ol’ Detroit brands, they’re eligible. One wonders what we’d do with the Chrysler TC by Maserati.

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24 Comments on “Chart Of The Day: America’s 15 Best-Selling American Vehicles In The First Half Of 2015...”

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    What is the difference, really, between a Silverado and a Sierra? If GM could combine those sales then they would beat F-series. Although now we’re getting into why GMC exists… For that one model, couldn’t the Silverado have a Sierra trim level and incorporate some of the minor styling differences?

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      Appearance, perceived value of the badge, and the ability to move more of the higher trim levels on the GMC.

      The Cadillac/Buick/GMC dealer near me doesn’t have any stripper trims. The Chevrolet dealer sure does.

      At an average $41,000 transaction price for GM trucks, the GMCs have to be pulling that up. So, it’s easy profit.

      I have heard that women, like those in my office who run the kiddy runs for the subdivision a couple times a week, that they just like the look of the GMC over the Chevrolet, in both trucks and crossovers. It would be interesting to see the gender breakdown – women buy Jeeps, after all.

      The Christian Science Monitor asked your question in 2012 and here was their answer:

      “GMC owners are more likely to be married, and significantly less likely to be single and with kids; more likely to be ‘post-family’ empty-nesters; more likely in families with two-wage earners; more likely to be managers, skilled tradesman; more likely to be women; less likely to be teachers or executives; and less likely to have a college degree.”

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      Not a whole lot really, it is an Eminence Front, a put on.

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      GMC has no reason to exist other than to give non-Chevrolet GM dealers a truck to sell.

      Their premium reputation derives from decades of not allowing Chevy to have as many bells and whistles, giving the Bowtie a cheaper perception compared to GMC in the marketplace.

      However, GM is finally unshackling Chevrolet and allowing the brand’s trucks to go upmarket. Hopefully the move will pay off although it’ll take a good decade to improve public perception.

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        I’m 60, from a very trucky family. GMC was always perceived by my kind as swankier. And I always found them better, more restrained looking until very recently.

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        Budda-Boom – I’ve read “shootouts” where both a Silverado and Sierra were present and they did not end up “tied”. Sierra tends to be more high end as far as trim goes and that sells trucks. In Canada for example,Sierra outsells Silverado. I believe that is because “we” aren’t as hung up about “Chevy” trucks versus rebadged Chevy’s i.e. GMC trucks. In some respects roles have reversed. At one time GMC trucks were the more “agricultural” of the two. GM definitely wants brand separation.

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    The american car companies, otherwise known as the Detroit three, were very adept at ripping off the american public. in fact they thought nothing of it. thank God for the Japanese who finally forced these greedy and incompetent bastards to have to change. Still the souls of all the sociopaths that were instrumental in building detroit to the powerhouse it was,,,these corrupted and narcissistic idiots still seem to have passed their DNA down to the current generation of jerkoffs. So why should we celebrate the passing of such jerks. better to remind everyone of how we americans had to pay such exorbitant prices for poorly build products for decades. this is not something to remember with fondness unless you are a UAW member or a past part/relative of these con men.

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      C’mon…it’s morning… let’s take our meds.

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      Ok. There were notable abuses by the domestics. I know salaried retirees – they are as white hot as you – who lost big in the bailout compared to union insiders.

      That said, the Statist, Crony Capitalist State is strong and ruthless. Slow change at the margin may happen, but you need to move on.

      The bailout battle was long lost – it goes back to the ’80s and beyond. Probably birthed in New Deal court decisions that eviscerated economic and contract freedoms…

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    Tim, you seem to have forgotten to add the Ram.

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    How in Beelzebub’s name is the Patriot outselling the Impala? This ‘utility’ vehicle fad is out of control; it looks like any POS will do.

    PS: The news is worse yet if the Impala numbers include the prior-gen ‘Rental edition’, which would be a fun stripper of a vehicle with the modern V6, if not for the near-infinite tranny lag.

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      el scotto

      Cheap commuter beasties; 20K, a wheezy engine and 4WD works in the corporate parking lot for many.

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      GMs car divisions are all screwed up. The Malibu is the exact same width as the Impala, and just 11 inches shorter. So basically the Impala should be sold as GMs midsize options going by the dimensions. Somehow the Impala is being priced in Buick territory, which helps to explain its lack of sales. One can only wonder how the sale charts would change if they just started selling the Impala as Midsize and pricing it against the competition. Then we have the poor SS that doesn’t get any promotion despite being far better than the Impala or Malibu.

      And Jeep is bumbling around with an outdated CUV with price as the only redeemable feature, and outselling the brand new, much hyped impala.

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        Chevy isn’t alone in selling two closely related sedans at two different price points, one volume and one near-luxury.

        Toyota: Camry and Avalon (and also Lexus ES)
        Nissan: Altima and Maxima
        Hyundai: Sonata and Azera
        Volkswagen: Passat and CC (at least these are on different platforms)

        Add Ford to this list if it brings the next Taurus, basically a LWB Fusion, to the US.

        Of the makers who sell FWD sedans in six-figure volume, only Honda and Chrysler try to cover the territory with a single nameplate.

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          Coincidentally, the one that doesn’t have to worry about stepping on the feet of another model in the same showroom, the Accord, is my favorite of the lot.

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    “One wonders what we’d do with the Chrysler TC by Maserati.”

    Kill it with fire.

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    Lower left hand corner of the cool car flag photo: Is that a Commander? I never noticed they had that option.

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    The Chrysler 200 has gone from zero to hero. It placed in the top 10 last month. It’s shocking that it’s outselling the current Malibu. No wonder GM ordered a crash revamp for the 2016 Malibu.

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    Look at all the Fords in the top ten, good for over 57% of the top ten total sales. Add Lincoln, other Ford models, world sales, and fleet, and it’s no wonder Mark Fields didn’t want to talk to Sergio. Mulally left Ford in rather good shape.

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