Low-Mileage Venom GT, Penguin-Owned Ferrari Set To Hit Auction Block

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
low mileage venom gt penguin owned ferrari set to hit auction block

Should you happen to be in Cheswick, Penn. next Sunday, you could be the new owner of a 2014 Hennessey Venom GT, or a Ferrari once owned by a Penguin.

Constantine & Pletcher owner and auctioneer Dan Pletcher says to TTAC he was putting together a single, nationwide auction with a handful of consignors, with the Venom GT — whose owner was said not to be happy with the vehicle — having been in his sights for a couple of months. He adds this may be the first time a Venom as new as the one put up by the owner is hitting the public auction block.

The Venom — one of 20 produced in 2014 — participated in the Concept Lawn exhibition at last year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, is the only white model in the United States, and has only 745 miles on the odometer. Pletcher conservatively expects the exotic will leave the block for anywhere between $700,000 and $900,000.

Another vehicle of interest is the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia once owned by Pittsburgh Penguin centerman Eugeni Malkin. Pletcher explained how this celebrity-owned Ferrari arrived in his auction house:

[The Ferrari] came through a friend of mine in the auto auction business that deals with [Malkin’s] agent. The Pittsburgh market is not really the best market for selling higher-end sportscars and performance cars… our roads are not the best for these type of vehicles.

Instead of placing the Ferrari on the showroom floor, Pletcher and the parties involved decided to add the car to the auction. He believes the Italia would fetch between a conservative estimate of $190,000 and $225,000 once the final bid is accepted, though the bidding could end much higher based on Malkin’s star power.

Three other cars set to join the Venom GT and 458 Italia include a numbers-matching 1957 Ford Thunderbird E-Code — referencing the roadster’s 270-horsepower 312-cubic inch V8 with dual four-barrel carb and automatic transmission — a numbers-matching 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS convertible, and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with only 9,000 miles on the odometer. The trio are from a collection of 30 cars Pletcher plans to sell over the next two years.

The auction will be held in Cheswick, Penn. June 28 beginning at noon Eastern.

(Photo credit: Constantine & Pletcher)

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  • SixspeedSi SixspeedSi on Jun 21, 2015

    The guy who owned the Venom GT lived near me and brought it to a few local car meets. He also owns a Veyron and a P1. Guess the Venom wasn't as quality as he expected...but it starts life as an elise so what can you except

  • Budda-Boom Budda-Boom on Jun 22, 2015

    Oh if I had $50k in spare cash lying around to buy that '57 BelAir...this auction's only an hour away from me.

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  • DenverMike What else did anyone think, when GM was losing tens of billions a year, year after year?
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