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This is what you’ve been waiting for, folks – the sound of the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia’s 510 hp six-cylinder roar.

[h/t Jalopnik]

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39 Comments on “Alfa Romeo Giulia First Official Video Goes Live...”

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    If there’s anything wrong with FCA it’s that they are bringing FIAT vehicles and Alfa Romeo vehicles here instead of focusing on Muscle cars/Jeeps.

    BOTTOM LINE…there’s a reason why European cars have grown so much. IT’s because Americans are BIG. Not all of them are 6 foot 6. Not all of them exceed 300 lbs…but big nonetheless.

    Our families are big.

    We aren’t European.

    The only Alfa Romeos that should be brought here are LUXURY BARGES ala Maserai Quatropporte.

    Focus on HELLCAT.

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      You seem to be a smart guy when challenged, but this rhetoric is getting the best of you at times. I’m glad to see people are ignoring this bait you have been chumming the water with lately. Alphas should change their sporty DNA to luxury barges, HELLCAT with capital letters makes it better, jeeps death wobble into people’s hearts, yada yada yada…

      Love the car. I look forward to seeing what kind of splash they can make in a very competitive market.

      Who knows, the Cadillac’s ATS/CTS “superior handling” crown may have to be relinquished!

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        I agree. Although Americans are getting more fat by the day, not everyone is big. There are approx 138M adult males in the US and curently about 73% are considered overweight. There are plenty of us out there not in that demographic and we want cars like this.

        Once again the world does not revolve around the Hellcat.

        Lastly, hasn’t FCA introduced a number of new Jeep models in teh past couple years? How is that not focusing on Jeep?

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      Yeah, its a shame how theyve totally ignored Jeep by not introducing a new Cherokee and the Renagade. And by not currently developing a redesigned Wrangler and replacement for the Compass/Patriot as we speak. Yeah, its sad that they havent had any new vehicles in years, eh?

      And is really too bad there wasnt an article yesterday about FCA’s updates to the Hemi engine including the Hellcat.

      They should most certainly focus on the Hellcat and ignore a robust segment full of cash cows (BMW 3/4 series, Benz C-class, the artist formerly known as the Infiniti G37, etc). Because everybody wants a big gas guzzler on recycled old Benz chassis bits. Nobody could possibly want a fun smaller RWD car with 510 hp that actually changes direction when you turn the steering wheel.

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      I for one would take a Alfa 4C over the Hellcat any day. Many of us want these smaller cars and stop adding us to your big boy rhetoric.

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      Splorg McGillicuddy

      Disagree, heartily. We shouldn’t be limited to what flyover state fatties can wedge themselves into.

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    Aesthetically, the sound far exceeds the visual in this car.

    @BTSR oh, dear. Am I the only 140 lb 5’10” male in America? I do see plenty of men around here who look roughly my size. But maybe it’s my confirmation bias.

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    What is the Gulia? Is it just a Charger with all the room sucked out of it, like a 2-series BMW is just a 3-series BMW for people with agoraphobia that don’t read curb weight specs?

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    Looks like an E90 M3 with Mazda3 graphics. Alfa has zero chance of quintupling their sales volume in the next 3 years.

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      If we’re talking US sales, all they have to do is sell about 20 to quintuple their sales.

      But seriously, it does seem that FCA is throwing good money away with Alfa.

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        heavy handle

        re: “it does seem that FCA is throwing good money away with Alfa”

        What’s the alternative? Would a Brazilian or Swedish or Japanese customer buy this as a Duster?

        You should know that premium sedans are one of the only profitable segments these days, along with crossovers and full-size pickups (US only). Why shouldn’t FCA compete in this segment?

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    OK, 510 twin turbo V6 is awesome. But what’s the base engine, 1.4 turbo?

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    Be still my beating heart!
    I can honestly say I got chill bumps when the engine noise started. Gonna be a helluva car!

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    Can we get that engine and exhaust noise in the Miata Abarth please?

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    Noisy cricket, all right. Kind of a symphonic prelude to slamming into a tree.

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    Personally, I like it a lot but hope they offer a less powerful and more affordable option. I don’t know what they plan to charge, but I suspect they are planning to position Alfa (NOT Alpha, it is an acronym) Romeo against Audi and BMWs in price. Personally, I see them more just above the VW-level given their historic position (mostly 4-cylinder cars in the US) and lack of a quality reputation.

    A RWD sedan with the Abarth 1.4L engine or the larger 1.75L version from the 4C would be amazing fun. 550 hp is sick but total overkill and “Ferrari-derived” just makes me think “maintenance mortgage required.”

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    Behold The Cuore Sportivo. The rest is irrelevant.

    New goal in life is to own a Giulia.

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    When you open up the hood is it going to look awesome or is it just going to be a lame plastic toilet lid like everything else?

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    God, she’s gorgeous naked. Good luck with this Sergio, not much more you could have done. You’re Alfa’s Saviour. Hail Sergio!!!!

    :) :)

    Saving my pennies…gonna git me one….

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    I was really hoping for a front end more like the 159 – something connecting the headlights together. Alfa’s current design language with their front ends don’t speak to me at all. Something about the triangle and the disconnected headlights seem unbalanced and screams A-B segment penalty boxes to me.

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    This is an M5 with a modified Jaguar XF nose? This just isn’t working for me. I’ll get excited when I hear the noise in real life, not in an ad.

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    Wonder if the v6 is a pentastar derivative like the Maserati v6?

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    Dave M.

    Not to toss a grenade but they need to follow this up with a small performance CUV (ala Macan), a coupe and a convertible.

    Pretty cool looking overall….

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    Peter Schreyer should take is a very big compliment that Alfa Romeo has copied his Optima ass for this thing.

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    2 thoughts:

    Is this a car for people who want a Maserati but don’t want to benimmediately identified as dick heads?

    Kia sure makes a good looking car, and this sure isn’t one.

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    The Giulia Quadrifoglio has the fastest acceleration in its class. The car goes 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds, compared with the BMW M3’s 4.1 seconds and 4 seconds for the Mercedes AMG C63 S.

    The Alfa will be offered only with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission. A carbon fiber hood and roof help reduce weight to about 3,300 pounds.

    Autoweek plz

    Alfa plz

    3,300lb and rwd and manual only? what is this?

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    Am I the only one that thought this looked like it was recorded in GT or Forza? The timing looks off a bit.

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    In addition to FCA’s stellar reputation for quality, all they have to do now is create a world-class dealership network to rival MB, Lexus, BMW, etc. In one year. What could possibly go wrong? Wait about 3 years and buy one at $10000-20000 off MSRP.

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