Theft Alert: 1980 Toyota Celica Supra MkI Curbside Classic

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

This 1980 Toyota Celica Supra Mark 1 – previously featured as a Curbside Classic right here on TTAC – has been stolen in Eugene, Oregon.

Let’s help its rightful owners get it back.

This single-family, multi-generational Toyota Celica was stolen sometime between the night of May 20th and the morning of May 21st from the driveway of Lois Harvick and her son, Kelan Enos, in Eugene, Oregon. Lois’ father bought the car new in 1980, a purchase Lois says “was a big deal for my parents to splurge on a sports car.”

Lois’ father eventually passed the car down to her and her son six months ago after the father suffered multiple strokes and was unable to drive. This way, at least the car would stay in the family. Unfortunately, some dirtbag has put a wrench in those plans.

If you see this Celica Supra around Eugene or anywhere in Oregon, please call the Eugene Police Department at (541) 682-5111 and reference case

Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson

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  • MaintenanceCosts If you trust that Tesla vehicles are capable of "Full Self-Driving," then maybe you should also trust that this is surface contamination and that the underlying metal is unaffected.(Although it's also worth mentioning that surface contamination comes off traditionally painted cars with a sponge and a little soap.)
  • Ajla They are expecting flat sales?!
  • Honda1 Losing 45k per vehicle! This company won't be around to release the R2. Put a fork in it!
  • Zipper69 Alternatively, get cousin Goober in the back seat going "VROOM, VROOM"
  • John The answer is to wipe it off? I don't recall ever having to "wife off rust" in any car I've ever owned. Well... once a year claybar for rail dust maybe.