1980 Toyota Celica Supra MkI Curbside Classic Found and Returned!

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

The stolen multi-generational single-family 1980 Toyota Celica Supra we reported on in May has been returned to its rightful owners.

Lois writes:

Hey! The car was recovered! In Eugene OR. Plates gone, ignition messed up, but otherwise in good condition!

I am sure getting it back was a group effort! Please let your readers know. It’s garaged now waiting to go to shop to fix ignition tamper.

This is my son right after meeting with police at the spot it was left. No news on who, all prints were wiped down.

Cool note: officer told my son he remembered the model because his brother had one like it.

We’re glad you have your car back, Lois!

Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson

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  • Shawnski Shawnski on Jun 09, 2015

    Glad to see it this car made it back home. I always appreciated the clean lines of the Celica/Supra, the first of which could be stated for any Jap car up to that point. While "surface excitment" crept back in on the Gen II, that series of Supra's ('82-'86) are by far my favorite Toyota ever. The wedgy masculine look and really fine interior are simply outstanding. IMO a better 2+2 (albeit slower) than its contemporaries such as the 944, Z28 and Mustang GT/SVO.

  • Doctor J Doctor J on Apr 26, 2017

    New comment for an old post. Had 1979 Supra 5 speed back until 2005. it has been stolen back in 2001. Someone confused it with Celica and took it to pull the engine out. Once they recognize that car had "extra 2 cylinders", they dump it at the mall parking lot without any damage to it. Next time someone attempted to steal it 3 years late, but I incorporated fuel pump kill switch in the trunk.. The thief then stole 89 Toyota pickup from adjacent lot.

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  • Wjtinfwb Well, it LOOKS pretty great for 36 years old and 356k miles! I've seen plenty of 2 decade newer trucks that looked like a shrapnel bomb went off inside and and exterior that looked worse. This owner got everything out of that truck it had. Time to let it retire to the farm.
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