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A new option available to the Toyota Auris today, the automaker debuted the second turbocharged piece of its new engine family.

The 8NR-FTS 1.2-liter turbo-four uses a single-scroll turbo paired with a cylinder head/water-cooler exhaust manifold combo to bring adaptive intake cooling to the motor no matter how hot things are. The setup delivers 114 horses and 136 lb-ft of torque to the front of the small hatchback.

Other features include CVVT on the intake to enable use of the Atkinson cycle, and advanced direct injection with strong tumble flow inside the cylinder chamber for an improved air-fuel mixture.

Though the 1.2-liter is available now on the Auris, the Auris-based Scion iM won’t likely see the engine under its hood as a result of the brand’s single-trim, single-price scheme.

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10 Comments on “Toyota Debuts New Turbo-Four For Auris Hatchback...”

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    Who cares if the IM gets this? It’s just as gutless as the engine the car has now. When I clicked the article my first thought was “Scion hot hatch? Ooooh yeah!”

    The I remembered… “Toyota.” Never mind.

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    I’ve read elsewhere that this engine is mostly for Europe and China where they tax you on displacement.

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    What’s an “Auris”? Yaris by Audi?

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    John R

    “…paired with a cylinder head/water-cooler exhaust manifold combo to bring adaptive intake cooling to the motor no matter how hot things are.”

    This is interesting to me. I wonder how scalable this motor is.

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      The NX200t already uses this water cooled exhaust manifold on the turbo 2.0L that came out this past fall.

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      I wouldn’t be shocked to see something based on this (+ HSD system) in the next Prius. Depending on displacement, it could mean a more powerful hybrid while keeping current efficiency (likely for a Lexus CT successor) or even more efficiency with smaller displacement.

      I’m curious to see where Toyota take this design.

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    “cylinder head/water-cooler exhaust manifold combo to bring adaptive intake cooling to the motor no matter how hot things are”

    Right. And I’m Puff the Magic Dragon.

    “cooler” should be “cooled”, but even then it makes zero sense. The intercooler is on the other side of the block from the exhaust as can be seen.

    One requirement for the technical writer is to have some basic idea of physics. This is absent here as on so many occasions in the past.

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      Brian P

      Yes, the technical language is not good.

      It’s readily apparent from the photos of the engine that it has a liquid-cooled intercooler in the intake system, which means it will have a separate low-temperature coolant loop for it. Quite a number of other turbocharged engines have already done this – notably VW’s TSI engines from 2015 onward.

      I suspect that the other part that was garbled, really means that the exhaust manifold is integrated into the cylinder head with coolant passages around it. That is also becoming commonplace, including the aforementioned VW TSI but also many others.

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