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Jiangling Yuhu

The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show is coming to a close – finally. I love cars but Chinese designs are still the worst.

It seems nearly all vehicles offered up in Shanghai this year (and most years before it) fall into two camps: horribly obvious knock-off or super-cheapo plasticy concept.

Case in point – the Jiangling Yuhu.

Let’s ignore for a moment the truck’s name is pronounced similarly to the grossest drink on earth. Let’s also ignore it’s what “doves of the roost” in Old West saloons would shout to capture the attention of new cowboys in town. Instead, take it in for what it is.

There’s not a single part of the Yuhu that shouts, “Hey! I’m built with quality! People care about my craftsmanship!” Even the grille looks like a series of tow hooks; at least when you inevitably need one and it breaks, there will be many others from which to choose.

That’s the good part, though. Concept vehicles are allowed to be bonkers. We don’t put them under too much scrutiny. But, unlike the rest of the world, knock-offs get a free pass in China, too.

I know. This isn’t new. The Chinese have been knocking off literally every consumer good since the dawn of time in order to make a profit. Yet, when you roll out three brand new SUVs, all of which are obvious Xeroxes of quite iconic vehicles, you just need to give your head a shake.

Beijing BJ20

The first of Beijing Auto’s SUVs – the BJ20 – cribs its side profile from the recently discontinued Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Beijing BJ40L

While only sporting a five-slot grille and square headlights, the rest of Beijing Auto’s BJ40 design is straight out of the Jeep Wrangler playbook.

Beijing BJ80

And the biggest of the BJs is this painfully obvious Gelandewagen knock-off … right down to the paint colour.

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31 Comments on “QOTD: Are Chinese Car Designs Getting Worse?...”

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    One word: “Plastics”.

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    I wish there were more YouTube videos that reviewed these types of knock-off’s like the select few that TopGear (RIP) did a few years back. I’d love to get a good sense of what these inevitable crap wagons do for the senses.

    Oh… and bite your tounge!!! YooHoo is magic in a bottle.

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    I’d buy a cheap G-Wagen knockoff in a heartbeat. Bring that here, price it like a Soul!

    • 0 avatar

      I was thinking the same thing. YES PLEASE cheap G-Wagon.

    • 0 avatar

      Me too!

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed, I wish GMC or Jeep would be so innovative as to copy the G-Wagen. I’d really like to have a Jupiter Mining Corporation vehicle though…

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      If you’ve ever driven a G-wagen (and I did), it’ll cure your taste for them permanently, knockoff or not.

      Imagine the crazy taxi from Roger Rabbit, only three times as tall, with a blown AMG motor, and that’s what you have here. It’s a 536-hp clown-car with a suspension made of Slinkys and pool noodles. The Edmund Fitzgerald was more stable – right before it sank. Maybe it’ll go off road, but I don’t want to take my life in my hands getting there. And, oh yeah…that’ll be $140000, please.

      Maybe the Chinese can make one that isn’t a total joke!

      • 0 avatar

        Well, I think some assumptions are warranted if we’re talking about a seriously cheap, market penetrating vehicle. Only a shell of the real G-Wagen might be offered in something that, for me, would hopefully be a 4 cyl. FWD only hyper-boxy competitor to existing cute-utes.

        I just want the, yes, ride height and Trooper-like visibility without either inventing a really capacious time machine or putting out the insane money for even an old G-W.

        Mechanically, a base Soul competitor for Soul money but waaay better for roominess, ground clearance and view. I _realize_ that won’t happen.

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    Even GTA5 has a knock off FJ Cruiser, called the Karin BJ XL.

    It’s pretty good!

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    “Case in point – the Jiangling Yuhu.”

    I thought that was the Chinese term for erectile dysfunction.

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    Chinese are great copycats. Even the yin and yang concept they copied from somewhere else. (09:55).

    I wonder how much lighter is the copied Gelandewagen vs. the original.

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    Put it in H!

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    This isn’t just China: a lot of modern design is unpleasant, derivative, plastichrome crap.

    It’s very hard to find something that’s restrained and clean. Very few companies (Apple comes to mind) have the intestinal fortitude to turn down the bling and let design and materials quality speak silently.

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    They’re learning. They don’t seem to be good at subtlety or at knowing the difference between “influence” and “duplication”, but they’ll get there eventually.

    That slow learning curve is also good for the west. Imagine how the Germans would feel if the Chinese didn’t need them to design their luxury cars for them.

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    Oh, come on. YooHoo is not nearly as gross as a Monster or Red Bull.

    • 0 avatar

      I agree, it’s just lightly flavored chocolate water. And it doesn’t give me heart flutters if I drink more than an ounce like Monster and Red Bull do.

      • 0 avatar

        You are the worst millennial ever.

        Haha. I don’t like Monster either. I find it funny that the people that tell me that I should be a vegan or eat horrible, horrible kale drink Monster.

        • 0 avatar

          I like meat and chips, and pizza. But other than that I’m a bad millennial.

          • 0 avatar

            You mean you don’t drink switchel?


          • 0 avatar

            I see some d-bags drinking dubious quality apple juice. In a bow tie because irony.

            Wine please.

            You can wear a bow tie if you’re going to a horse race at Keeneland and you accompany it with a jacket and tan trousers.


          • 0 avatar

            “dubious quality apple juice”


            I am not drinking some hipster heritage farm beverage unless it is filled with booze.

          • 0 avatar

            Have you had some “Apple Pie” made with moonshine and cinnamon?


          • 0 avatar

            I have. Moonshine has become a cottage industry and I’m not of the authenticity of any moonshine anymore. However, Apple Pie Moonshine is good stuff.

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    I’d love the see the impact crash videos for these POS. Crash some Geely Volvos too, while at it.

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      schmitt trigger

      +1 on this one.

      There are some youtube videos taken a few years ago about a Great Wall SUV, if I remember correctly.

      After the test, they had to use the jaws of life to cut away…the crash test dummy!
      Various automobile parts and systems had mixed so thoroughly with the dummy, that it was impossible to remove him in one piece.

      But hey! the airbags activated on time.

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    Jiangling Yuhu = the 1995 Plymouth Backpack reincarnated

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    lOmnivore Sobriquet

    What I fear most is that our home French designers may take this as a new trend…

    Don’t laugh, Yes They Peuvent !!!

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    Don’t knock it just yet, the “BEIJING B80” G-wagen clone is build on an evolution of the Jeep XJ platform… which the company got when it had the licensed production rights from the 80s…

    In other words, this thing is basically an updated Cherokee XJ from the late 90s, which incidently, is still manufactured largely unchanged by the same manufacturer as the BAW Knight:

    So unless they REALLY screwed up an antiquated design which has been in production largely unchanged since the 80s, this thing won’t be any worse than a Jeep Cherokee XJ, in terms of actual off-road capabilities.

    The only issue may be that the original XJ did rather poorly in crash tests, so this thing may be no better….

    There is also a military version of the B80, which sells for about $35,000US, at current exchange rates.

    The somewhat scary thing is that the B80 is actually replacing the REALLY old BJ212 for military use, which is a clone of the Soviet UAZ-469, the decades-old staple of the Soviet Red Army, itself a rather rugged vehicle:

    Everything else being equal, the B80 should be at least as capable as the BJ212 it is replacing…

    So the bad taste in cloning the styling aside, this thing may actually be decent.

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