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Jeremy Clarkson

Former “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson may be out of a TV job, but at least he won’t be going to jail anytime soon.

The Guardian reports no further action will be taken by the North Yorkshire Police regarding the investigation of the “fracas” between the presenter and producer Oisin Tymon, having completed all interviews with those who witnessed the incident.

The end of the investigation follows Clarkson’s dismissal from the BBC after the media corporation concluded its own investigation into the 30-second fight over Clarkson’s claim of being denied hot food that took place at a hotel last month.

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8 Comments on “No Charges For Jeremy Clarkson Over ‘Fracas’ With Tymon...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Seems like a reasonable outcome. Police charges would only add to the circus atmosphere, anyway.

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    We have a saying at our house that nothing ever happens by accident on Top Gear, nothing.

    Clarkson puts his foot in it again just as May & Hammond’s contracts are up for renewal?

    Nothing ever happens by accident on Top Gear.

    At the moment I’m enjoying the “Oz and James Wine Adventures” so look forward to whatever programming these three guys come up with individually.

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    No charges as it should be. Now I’m not for fighting or assaulting each other, but if two parties go at it for whatever reason and then get over it and deal with it themselves, what business do the police have in the matter? It’s not like Clarkson sent the guy to the ER/ICU. He threw a tantrum and a few punches. The BBC dealt with it. Aside from all that, I’d hardly be concerned with Clarkson doing much damage.

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    Clarkson already has a new job. Apparently he has been hired by a rival network called the, er, BBC:

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    Well, if he went to jail I think the other prisoners would leave Jeremy alone, it’s not like he’s a “pretty boy.” If this happened to Hammond, that might be worrisome.

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    Controversial comment to follow:

    I grew up in mid-America. I’m in my 60’s now. My view of MEN may not match yours.

    Men. Real men. We may argue. We may even get into a “fracus.” In my day that was called a fistfight. Me might take it out back and settle it. Thirty minutes later we’re down at the bar buying each other drinks and laughing about it. Thirty years later it’s the hilarious story we tell when friends get together.

    So Clarkson and Oisin have a spirited discussion. A “fracus” ensues. Punches thrown.

    Oisin doesn’t want to press charges.

    These are men settling their differences. It need not include bosses at the BBC. Or the press.

    Frankly, Clarkson seems like a guy I’d share a fine bottle of bourbon with. To the last drop. Good time.

    I bet Oisin is a similar type.

    Just exactly when did it become so horrible to just be a man?


    One thing is for sure. You eventually get humbled in a “fracus.” I’ve had my fanny kicked but I wouldn’t trade off the experience. You have to be humbled occasionally or you’ll never fit into society.

    Get over it BBC and put the boys back to work.

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      30-mile fetch

      Throwing a cry-baby hissy fit over not having a hot meal ready for you and using your ego and position as leverage to bully a subordinate employee is acting like a real man? No hot meal waiting for him. What kind of candy-a$$ed reason is that for a temper tantrum? A real man can identify a real problem and deal with it as an adult. I have toddlers. Clarkson is a child, not a real man.

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    I’m not surprised. Oisin Tymon would of had to insist on charges or there would have to be overwhelming evidence of harm against Clarkson for charges to proceed without his support.

    @WhiskeyRiver – two dudes arguing and getting in a fight behind a bar is different than getting smacked around for not bringing a hot lunch. What occurred is typical English class hierarchy. The wealthy upper class lords over the lower class. Everyone knows their place and they all “keep a stiff upper lip”.

    Your approach and theirs are wrong.

    This isn’t going to hurt Clarkson other than ego and no longer getting to play with cars on BBC’s dime.

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