By on April 16, 2015

Eneos Gas Station With Hydrogen Pumps

Japan’s ambition to have 100 hydrogen fueling stations by next March may fall short of reality now that the deadline to apply for subsidies has passed.

Reuters reports only 76 such stations were approved for subsidies by the government, which had set aside ¥21.4 billion ($178.4 billion USD) over three years for the sole purpose of helping would-be hydrogen-station operators build them; each station costs $5 million to build, with the government pitching in $2.5 million in aid.

Though a representative for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry stated the government is considering increasing the amount given to encourage more infrastructure development, energy companies are asking for proof that building the stations are worth the investment in the first place. In turn, consumers may find the lack of said stations off-putting as far as considering an FCV like Toyota’s Mirai goes, while FCVs themselves need government incentives to attract said consumers.

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8 Comments on “Japan Hydrogen Ambitions Fall Short Of March 2016 Target...”

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    SCE to AUX

    I wouldn’t say 76 vs 100 is a total failure, but $5 million/station is. What a boondoggle.

    EVs have their challenges, but charging station cost and ease of installation aren’t among them.

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    First thing to catch my eye was that very tidy looking late 90’s President. It has the wheels from the Q45 Anniversary Edition. Pretty competent vehicle, that I think has aged well. The interior is more modern and more plush than the concurrent LS as well.

    You can grab one for much cheaper than the LS, but of course the 4.5 in there isn’t quite as good as the 4.3 from Toyota.

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    Current long waiting list of Mirai has piled up by local governors and mayors who are crazy to replace their gas guzzling Centuries and Crowns to appeal for cleaner image, with hope of gaining extra votes at their next election.
    Once those guys find the inconvenience of operating the hydrogen car, they will place some political pressure for local gas station chains to prepare for fueling facility.

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