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Volkswagen Wolfsburg

Ferdinand Piëch isn’t Volkswagen’s chairman anymore, but he doesn’t want a couple of his relatives to replace him and his wife on the board, either.

After Piëch and his wife, Ursula, left the supervisory board after a failed attempt to oust CEO Martin Winterkorn from his position last week, the board’s members appointed Louise Kiessling and Julia Kuhn-Piëch – Piëch’s nieces – to fill the vacated seats on the behest of the company’s management board, Automotive News Europe reports. The appointments were immediately approved by the local court in Braunschweig.

The elder Piëch made his objection to their appointment, citing their limited industry experience as his reason. Instead, he wants former BMW and Premier Automotive Group exec Wolfgang Reitzle and former Siemens chief Brigitte Ederer, with Reitzle a likely candidate to fill the chairman position.

Little is known about Kiessling and Kuhn-Piëch thus far. The former is an Austrian businesswoman who studied vehicle design in London, the latter works in real estate. Both were chosen by the entire family outside of Ferdinand Piëch, with their appointments maintaining the balance of power of the Porsche-Piëch clan.

Whoever does end up in the vacated seats, they will serve out the remainder of Ferdinand and Ursula Piëch’s term, set to end in 2017.

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12 Comments on “Ferdinand Piëch Objects Appointment Of Nieces To Volkswagen Board...”

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    My original belief was that Ferdinand Oiech had a plan, but now I’m beginning to think he miscalculated. The Porsche-Piech family wings appear to be united and determined to stiff-arm Ferdie’s every move. The majority of people actually running the company are his people, so there’s a chance he has a fifth column inside, but bucking ownership-backed top management is a tall order. He may have reached his Waterloo Moment, though I never would have envisioned Martin Winterkorn as his Wellington.

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    Well, that’s not very niece of him.

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    schmitt trigger

    This is becoming the automotive version of “Game of Thrones”

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      When Bertel was in charge and recounting each chapter of the Porsche takeover saga, I suggested he write a book about it, but he was afraid of Ferdinand Piech suing him. I then suggested a novel with the standard disclaimers (“this is fiction. Any resemblance to the sue-happy megalomaniac Ferdinand Piech is purely coincidental), but he still shied away. We may have to wait for Ferdie’s demise before anybody tackles a book, TV series, or major motion picture. I hope somebody’s keeping good notes.

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    It’s popular over here to take pot-shots at GM management, but at least they’ve never even come close to this level of dysfunction.

    I suspect the Auto industry news is only about a step away from looking a lot like Bild (with fewer topless girls, assuming we’ve seen the last of Max Mosley.)

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    Why does Piëch have any say if he’s no longer on the board? He really needs to stop meddling and go drive his Veyron around the Black Forest. Maybe he can crash it into a lake for fun and profit.

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    I think Madonna wrote a song about this? “Papa don’t Piech”

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    Athos Nobile

    With Wolfgang Reitzle as chairman, things will get interesting, to say the least.

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