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Cycle World, regarded as one of the best motorcycle magazines despite its horrible print design, picks ten “bikes with character” for their latest video. This chum can only remember five of them.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Marc Cernicky and the guys at Cycle World are just having a laugh (after all, it was recorded on 4/20). Or maybe Marc is just straight-up high out of his mind.

[Source: Boing Boing]

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19 Comments on “Is This Cycle World Presenter Stoned?...”

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    Recorded on 4/20

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      That too. I think they are just having a laugh but … this doesn’t sit well.

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        Why not? I think it’s kind of funny, but I feel the same exact way about drunk history. It would be funnier if they were just blatant about it but some people are still strangely hung up on pot smoking, so I can see why they backed off a bit.

        Hell, there are some industries where it’s common to provide put along with alcohol to your guests during functions. I have a friend who is always expected by his clients to facilitate weed when they are in town to work. It’s pretty much right in the open now, and I don’t live in a legalized state.

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    Like, your honor, he, like, wouldn’t stop, like, saying like after, like, every word, like. So I, like, finally lost my mind, like, and like bludgeoned him with his helmet, to death, like.

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    Actually it’s a math lesson; Weed + Dumbass = Uh… what was I talking about?

    If he isn’t on drugs he probably ought to be.

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      They are just making fun of the douche bags that review motorcycles, and probably automobiles. Tons of videos on line of people reviewing motorcycles and automobiles. First time I saw an Alex Dykes review I thought that it was a joke. I actually sent it to friends for a good laugh.

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    Mr. Orange

    First I’m to hi at present to tell but why haven’t you mentioned the new Chevrolet Colorado High Country to be sold initially in Colorado with a limit of 420. One of the colors exclusive to the package would be Sativa Green and that GM would use some hemp based materials due to them being a manufacturer dedicated to decreasing its environmental footprint.

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    This has got to be a joke. A funny one at that.

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    David Walton

    What is this website now – The Truth About THC?

    There’s been a reference to weed nearly every day under the new regime since Derek’s departure…

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    I don’t live in Colorado, but I spent some of my formative years in Ann Arbor and I have some expertise on the topic (see U.S. Patent # 4,253,475) and I’d say it’s more like someone pretending to be stoned. Not as bad as what some sitcoms have done, but not that clever.

    I’ll tell you this, I bet that if someone produced Stoned Car Review videos, and did them well, they’d get lots of hits on YouTube. Do it sort of like Seinfeld’s Comedians & Cars videos, or Regular Car Reviews, a couple of car guys/gals driving around getting high, commenting on the car they’re in and other cars around them. With the right talent and a 24% THC sativa strain it could work.

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    It must have been a hell of a ride to make him a little mentally incapacitated.

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    The only reason I ever subscribed to CW (and R&T for that matter) was to read Peter Egan columns and pieces. I own the compilations of the ‘best of’ pieces (Leanings and Leanings 2, and Side Glances), all of which are massively enjoyable to read and re-read and re-read and re-read….

    My favorite automotive/motorcycle journalist by a long shot.

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      gtemnykh, you should enjoy this article then,

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    Ron B.

    Goozy? he has a job commenting on bikes and can’t pronounce the name properly? yep America is going to pot…

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    Is he related to gov Rick Perry ? ….” 3 departments of government I”d shut down “

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    Is this guy high on octane or what? ;-)

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