Vincent Bollore Bringing 'Superior' EV Tech, Car-Sharing Service To US Market

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
vincent bollore bringing 8216 superior ev tech car sharing service to us market

EV consumers in France and beyond needn’t wait months for a Tesla Model S, thanks to Vincent Bollore’s Autolib service and Bluecar EVs.

Bloomberg reports the Bollore Group founder and chairman created Autolib to put EV fans behind the wheel of one of his Pininfarina-designed Bluecars for the equivalent of 20 cents per minute. Though the cars aren’t as premium as a Model S, Bollore says it’s the electrical systems powering the Bluecar that matter, proclaiming them to be “far superior” to Tesla’s efforts.

The technology involves lithium metal polymer batteries, developed by Bollore’s Blue Solutions. The batteries, which don’t need liquid electrolytes to store power, are not only lighter in weight than lithium-ion packs, but can be charged up to 3,000 times, and are stable at temps up to 338 F. No one else has gone for the technology thus far, however; Bollore invested €3 billion ($3.2 billion) over three years to develop the EVs and the battery technology now in use by his ventures.

Meanwhile, the billionaire has plans to bring Autolib and Bluecars to the United States, opening the first branch in Indianapolis this June, with Los Angeles a possible second U.S. candidate down the road. Bollore hopes to have 500 cars and 200 stations throughout the city — chosen for its strong car culture and varying weather conditions — by the end of this year.

Back home, Autolib has 3,000 Bluecars and 900 stations in service, with around 70,000 customers paying a €120 ($130 USD) annual fee to drive the EVs; 500 more cars and 200 more stations are expected to come online in 2015.

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  • Emily Lopez Emily Lopez on Mar 24, 2015

    Well, it’s a good effort to provide alternative service station so that who are in need of servicing they can check in immediately, as the EV service points are very rare in market currently. As a owner he/she should should posses the basic knowledge about his EV so it will be easy to find a better mechanic or service point for his/her EV.

  • HotPotato HotPotato on Sep 03, 2015

    Can someone link to a road test of one of these beasts? They combine a battery with a supercapacitor. Wikipedia says they have a 130 mile range and 6.3 second 0-60 time. While in Paris I saw them everywhere but didn't have the chance to drive one. They are oddly large: short but tall, like a 2-door C-Max, and IIRC with a glass-wall back hatch for visibility and space (so should be pretty roomy). The body is unpainted aluminum and the bumpers are impact-resistant. Apparently they're quite expensive to lease as private autos, given the technology and the fact they're built to withstand remaining in use 24-7.

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