While You Were Sleeping: March 25th, 2015

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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  • Chocolatedeath Chocolatedeath on Mar 26, 2015

    So which is it. Are we driving more miles than ever or are we using less fuel. I doubt that its both.

    • Heavy handle Heavy handle on Mar 26, 2015

      The article explains it. The average is down per person, but there are 8% more people than 10 years ago.

  • Wmba Wmba on Mar 26, 2015

    That's $900 million, not $900,000 being invested by Jaguar.

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    • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Mar 26, 2015

      Jaguar was the "throwaway" from Ford, just like LR and Aston Martin, now Jaguar and LR are building new factories and Ford/GM factories are/ could be closing in Canada

  • Voyager Voyager on Mar 28, 2015

    If the F-Pace is any good (and why shouldn't it be?), then the German brands will finally meet their match in Jag's lifestyle SUV, more so than with the new Jag XE and XF IMO.