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Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept


Hyundai wants to build a pickup truck. The Tucson-based Santa Cruz, shown above, is an obvious candidate, but would almost certainly be subject to the 25 percent chicken tax, unless Hyundai builds it Stateside.

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19 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: March 17th, 2015...”

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    That Peugeot wagon looks nice, but I guess they should know how to build a sturdy nice wagon given their history. Maybe not so sturdy nowadays. Also, I like the looks and all the glass on that Citroen van.

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    The junkday pickup has what, a 4 ft bed? It looks like a crossover with the roof cut off, probably has the same cargo space.

    For all I know there may be a market for such a vehicle (the Avalanche lasted a lot longer than I ever gave it credit for) but I don’t see how this could even be considered a pickup.

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      As a so-called ‘compact’ pickup, it might just work. It might also encourage GM and FCA to bring their already-established models into the US.

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        My compact pickup truck was able to carry 4’x8′ sheet goods in the 6′ bed.

        The 4′ bed is for people who want the truck as a fashion statement, and rather than to actually move heavy objects. It kinda undoes the respectability of the whole thing.

        I’m waiting for a modern Ranger. I’m planning to drive the new diesel powered Colorado some time soon.

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          Not everybody wants a truck to “move heavy objects”, they want it to move bulky objects that simply won’t fit inside the typical SUV/CUV… things like trees and refrigerators and treadmills, etc.These things only weigh 200-300 pounds at most but simply can’t fit through the hatch opening of the typical CUV/SUV due to an unusually long or tall dimension.

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          Um, has a bed extender.

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      Not surprisingly, you didn’t get the point of the Santa Cruz.

      It’s not meant for the traditional pick-up crowd, but for suburban and city dwellers who want/need something smaller in size and still be able to transport a motorbike, etc. for weekend fun.

      And it has a bed-Extender (would help a lot to actually know something about one is commenting about).

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    If they build this concept as is, it looks like it will fall flat on its face.

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    The bed slides out and extends. If Hyundai builds it they have a customer here, meets my needs better than some $40,000 behemoth.


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    Hyundai considering a pickup truck, won’t build the Tucson in the United States.

    Poor Vulpine and 11 others ;)

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      The more you and others argue against it, Lou, the more press it seems to get. The more press it gets, the more it seems likely that they’ll bring SOMETHING into the market that fills that hole.

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      Probably b/c we’ll see both the new Sportage and Tucson being built at Kia’s upcoming Mexico plant.

      If Hyundai goes ahead and builds a 2nd Alabama plant, likely will see it gain Santa Fe Sport/Santa Fe production (which is currently built at Kia’s GA plant) and the Santa Cruz.

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    A UTE, if ever I saw one!!

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    shadow mozes

    Please build it, Hyundai! Pleease!!

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    Ya, OPEC is dreaming. Even if they collapse the production companies there are 3,000 completed wells that are not producing. Basically just ready to turn the valve open and collect the oil.


    Even if they devastated the US producers in this war of attrition it will only consolidate the market into stronger players, who can turn on those wells any time they want.

    For drillers in particular, dark, dark, dark, days ahead.

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      So the Dakotas go back to being empty again, only this time filled with refuse left behind from the out-of-towners. Gives me an mental image of the Native American crying in the littering commercial of the 70s.

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