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Although press days for the 2015 New York Auto Show don’t kick off until April 1st, various preview events are starting on Monday. We’ve got a full list of what to expect in the coming week. As always, we’ll have live coverage of all the important debuts.

BMW X5 xDrive40e: BMW’s first plug-in vehicle comes in the form of an X5.

Cadillac CT6: The long awaited Cadillac flagship debuts in NY.

Chevrolet Malibu: An all-new, coupe like design. Will this be enough to finally vault the Malibu to Tier 1 status?

Chevrolet Spark: The Chevrolet version of GM’s newest minicar, the Opel Karl.

Ford Focus RS : minor aesthetic changes for Ford’s hot hatch.

Jaguar XF: A lighter, redesigned mid-size luxury sedan for the British brand.

Kia Optima: A year after the all-new Hyundai Sonata, its Kia sibling makes its debut.

Lexus RX: The first luxury crossover will debut an all-new design.

Lincoln Continental Concept: A concept previewing Lincoln’s upcoming flagship.

McLaren Automotive Sports Series / 570S Coupe: McLaren’s rival to the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class: A renamed, re-styled Mercedes ML.

Mitsubishi Outlander: A facelift for Mitsubishi’s crossover.

Nissan Maxima: After being revealed in a Super Bowl ad, the first public appearance for the new Maxima.

Scion iM: Scion gets a version of the Euro market Toyota Auris.

Scion iA: Scion’s newest sedan is really a Mazda2.

smart fortwo: A U.S. version of the new city car.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: The RAV4 gets the same hybrid setup as the Lexus NX.


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28 Comments on “New York Auto Show 2015 Preview...”

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    Monday is the day that the Cadillac CT6 is unveiled, inside & out, revealing it to be little more than a stretched CTS, with a similarly cheap interior, tight rear seat (with a 36 speaker Bose audio system option, lol) as all current Cadillac sedans/coupes, thus further cementing Johan’s reputation as all-hat-no-cattle B.S. & con-man extraordinaire.

    Johan teased the El Miraj and will show up with the goose egg stretched wheel base CTS-CT6, that will share a similar sales failure as the doomed ATS & CTS.

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      You do realize the CT6 is on a different platform from the ATS and CTS, right? And that the whole reason to create a new platform was that Alpha couldn’t be stretched far enough to make a large luxury car?

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        I am confident that when the CT6 is finally revealed after countless billions have been spent to develop and market it (and pacify Johan’s whims & desires):

        1) It will look like a slightly larger CTS.

        2) It will drive like a slightly larger CTS.

        3) It will be priced unrealistically.

        4) It will offer the notoriously bad lack of reliability/durability other Cadillacs offer.

        5) It will fall woefully short of the sales numbers Cadillac/GM now projects.

        6) Cash will be stacked by the pallet load on the hood of the CT6 by December, since dealership lots will be overflowing with them, ala ATS/CTS, and dealers will demand a way – any way- to be allowed to get rid of them STAT.

        • 0 avatar

          It would be nice if Cadillac brought something of quality & substance to their segment, instead of a continuous history of over-promising & massively under-delivering, accompanied with the marketing hyperbole & puffery of people like Johan de Nysschen, but I highly doubt the streak will be broken.

        • 0 avatar

          You forgot: 7) It will not create any halo effect to improve sales of their other cars.

        • 0 avatar

          “1) It will look like a slightly larger CTS.

          2) It will drive like a slightly larger CTS.”

          So much like the BMW 5 and 7 series? Of course, with the exception that those actually do share a platform.

        • 0 avatar


          You and I pretty much share the same opinion of Cadillac and the CTS and ATS and I am 100% sure that what you say will be true. I just rolled through my local Cadillac lot about 5 minutes ago and damn they have the prices of the CTSs cut to the bone, some down to $33,000. It’s getting to the point where it is almost crazy not to buy one at these prices, sadly that backseat just is bad. If they have finally figured out how to make a spacious backseat with the CT6 and don’t price it completely insane, it might have a fighting chance.

          • 0 avatar

            Check out post #18 – and this on the Cadillac Owners’ Forums –


            – as much as $24,000 off CTSs and $16,000 off ATSs!

            They have $55,000 MSRP CTSs for just over $30,000k.

            You see this because you went out into the reality of a Cadillac Dealership selling these failed products, whereas others who haven’t refuse to or can’t come to grips with reality.

            Look at how much people are now getting these cars for and imagine if you were a buyer who paid REMOTELY close to sticker earlier, and how this is devastating resale values.

            CADILLAC IS A FAILED BRAND. JOHAN IS SPEWING A TALE OF FRAUD. It’s a black hole of spent/wasted resources to try and turn it around at this point. The only profitable vehicle they have is the Escalade but even that can’t possibly offset the losses everywhere else.

          • 0 avatar

            @DW – You Cadillac rants become ridiculous. I understand that you hate modern Cadillac but for the cheapest CTS price as well as unusually low price is $43K. People can write lies on forums and even but Truecar price is based on real life data and I can confirm that the data is accurate because I know multiple people including who bought cars for price close to Truecar price. I am telling you that Universe exist for 6000 years end of world is coming April 1st this year. You can refer to my post as an hard evidence .


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            Kevin Jaeger

            At least this is a post about the debut of the CT6, and his opinions on the topic are as relevant as anyone else’s.

            It’s just unfortunate we’ve already read them a thousand times on thoroughly unrelated topics.

          • 0 avatar

            Inside Looking Out: You are being lazy (I’m being diplomatic).

            1) There are national articles published about the earlier discounts – $14,000 on ATSs to $17,500 on the hoods of ATSs & CTSs.


            2) If you bothered to read the link I posted, there are members in the Cadillac forums who posted a link to a specific Cadillac dealer, with the discounts mentioned.

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      Deadweight is like the anti-GM, anti-Cadillac version of myself.

      Frankly, the only two things I’d go to this show to see are the CT6 and the Lincoln Concept.

      Both Cadillac and Lincoln suck now.

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    I’m going to be in Dubai->Seychelles will Arpil 11 so I won’t get a chance to hit the car show till I get back. Disappointed. I just wanna feel the interior and see how spacious it is.

  • avatar

    Cadillac Motor Division are
    ONLY THOSE WHO DARE sell a brand new car that smokes like it’s already got 500 miles more than the original limited warranty!

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    I hope the “all-new, coupe like design” of the Malibu doesn’t mean that it’s going to have a nearly unusable letterbox slot sized trunk opening like so many of its contemporaries.

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    Wow, not one single car that stirs me emotionally. Focus RS is somewhat interesting, but for what it’s probably going to cost, I’d go for a Mustang instead.

    • 0 avatar

      Yeah thinking upwards to well over 40k myself. I like the RS but as a Mustang guy its not compelling enough to switch over.

      Especially here in South Eastern Virginia where the AWD doesn’t offer an appreciable gain in performance over a RWD car unless we get the fluffy white stuff and then there is the matter of the EcoBoost engine and its direct injection fuel system.

      I’ll let all the cool people with loads of disposable income help beta test DI systems until the coking issue is solved.

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    “BMW X5 xDrive40e: BMW’s first plug-in vehicle comes in the form of an X5.”

    The i3 would beg to differ.

    • 0 avatar

      I thought the i8 was plug in as well? I’m sure when I saw Clarkson drive it, he stopped and plugged it in (which didn’t work properly) and had some tea.

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    SCE to AUX

    Optima… can’t wait. But I’m afraid it won’t be available with all drivetrain options soon enough for me.

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    I am surprised that few very few ppl are excited for the jaguar xf. Not just here but even outside. It’s a car that I would gladly pay the msrp for – even if the new one’s interiors look sterile compared to the current generation.

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    Is the smart the new Twingo? If it is, it is worth a very close look.

    • 0 avatar
      Brian P

      Obviously the shortened version, but yes.

      Chevrolet Spark being replaced with their version of the Opel Karl is a good move, too. I like small cars; always have.

      The Malibu is the important launch for GM. (Mostly because working on the tooling for it has been paying the bills lately.) The Cadillac launch will probably be irrelevant in the long haul.

      Can’t be bothered with most of the rest.

      • 0 avatar

        “The Malibu is the important launch for GM. (Mostly because working on the tooling for it has been paying the bills lately.)”

        I would consider your situation a side effect of the “bailout”, which I’m happy to see. Hope this Malibu is a sign of better things to come.

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    I’m hoping the Scion iM comes in at $18.5k with stick, $19.5k if you’re too lazy to shift. I will trade in my xB when they hit the lot, if that’s the price.

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    The funnest thing about the NY Auto show is watching all the ladies who dressed to distract their dates from the cars…..

    Oh, cars…I like how you can go from car to car, with no salesfolks, and see what each maker thinks is worth $XX dollars. Mercedes and BMW will have the biggest crowds, mostly of folks who will only sit in one at the Auto Show. Ford will have all the cars locked up, so you won’t be able to sit in them or open hoods/trunks. Nissan will put me to sleep. VW will show something we won’t get here. Porsche will keep the cars locked but will open them if you ask nicely. There will be unobtanium in the front hallway, always fun to watch.

    NY folks suck as they steal the interior parts like you’d not believe. I don’t know what you do with center stack plastic but by the last day of the show they’ve given up and you see a lot of how the car is actually assembled.

    There will be no brochures….the days of taking a big bag home of car stuff is over, sadly.

    Years past, you’d have cacaphony, as each exhibit would try to be the loudest…they may have toned this one down a bit.

    Bring your own water bottle. Food and drink is vastly overpriced, and the air in the Javits center is about 0% humidity, so “airplane air” is tropical by comparison. You dry out very quickly, so you can’t drink too much water. The water fountains are near the bathrooms…most work.

    • 0 avatar

      I used to sell brochures, swag and press kits to collectors. Yes, there are people who collect Kia sales brochures. Most of that has gone away. Press kits are now on thumbdrives, or they just give you a link to their media site. Printed brochures are being replaced by barcodes for your smartphone.

      We won’t have very much in the way of physical ephemera for future collectors. Maybe I’m just old school but there’s something different between reading, and holding, an old Life magazine, than see the same thing in digital reproduction.

      Funny thing is, even the great museums with all sorts of real artifacts have to install kiosks with “interactive” stuff attendees can do on computers.

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    Note to readers: Assuming the virus that seems to not be able to decide if it’s a head cold, a chest cold or the stomach flu, subsides in time, I’ll be at the NY show’s media preview for TTAC on Wed and Thur.

    If there are any particular cars or features you’d like me to check out and report on, please let us know.

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