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In North America, the Golf Alltrack will be Volkswagen’s sole offering in the “raised up station wagon” segment of pseudo-CUVs. Europe will get this Passat based version – but we got it first. Sort of.

Back in 2012, VW previewed a Passat Alltrack in New York of all places. While the concept wasn’t as rugged looking, it followed the same formula; an Outback competitor with German engineering (namely a diesel and a DSG gearbox as well as Haldex AWD).

A range of gasoline and diesel engines will be available, and a 6-speed manual can be had on lower trim levels. Otherwise, a 6-speed DSG is standard. Haldex AWD with an “offroad” mode is also mandatory – though it’s hard to imagine that it will be terribly effective on anything more rugged than a gravel driveway.

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26 Comments on “Volkswagen’s Outback Competitor – The One We Won’t Get...”

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    That DLO is pretty good.

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    Oh, my…another showing of a car we cannot have.
    I wonder why our fearless auto scribes go off to Europe and tell us about cars unavailable to US consumers?
    I mean, there must be a hundred over there on display at the show. So what is the point?
    OK…I guess you must do something while there…but, I dunno, how about something not so irritatingly in our faces?
    And another wagon. We already know we can’t get wagons. So hear we are shown the cool VW and last week it was the magnum looking Kia.
    Last year it was the Mazda6.
    How many more taunts are we gonna see from Paris?
    Enough already.

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      If this was in jest, ok… If serious, c’mon. The internet knows no bounds. This attracts a worldwide audience. And the worldwide car scene is just as attractive as the US one. If it really bugs you sou much, then just have a look at the leading pic. If it’s of a car you don’t recognize, don’t read.

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        With respect, Marcelo, I don’t think you’re being entirely fair.

        Note that the title of this post includes the phrase: “The One We Won’t Get”. This suggests that Derek may also feel a tiny pang of resentment when attractive models like this are not available in North America. I don’t blame him or TrailerTrash for feeling this way.

        I think the real issue here is with VW in particular, not the “worldwide car scene” in general. VW seems to really get off on flaunting models that they never intend to sell in North America—at AMERICAN car shows. What’s up with that?

        As much as I enjoy observing the world car market—whether the make or model is available in North America or not—VW seems to have a special knack for keeping its most desirable models out of North America.

        So yeah… it kind of ticks me off too.

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          “With respect, Marcelo, I don’t think you’re being entirely fair”

          I don’t think South America is going to see it either, maybe Marcelo haz a sad :(

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            Big Al from Oz

            What a wanker.

            How can you assume from what Marcelo wrote that his concern was about Brazil receiving this vehicle?

            I didn’t comprehend it that way.

            Now I understand a little bit better why you are having problems.

            You think you are cute.

            The only “guys” I know who think they are cute we call “shims”.

            Do you fit the bill?

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            WWe will. Special order which means full price. Like all recent passats. Which all means…5 sales a yesr????

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          Hey Mackie

          I agree and am duly humbled. I can see it your way now, however….

          Taking into account your mild way of speakimg versus Trailer Trash’s plus his most recente utterances, I think my exasperation is understandable.

          Agree with you, no excuses, sorry

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            Marcelo, I really think you misunderstood TrailerTrash. The point of the article was, “Hey look, another cool wagon “that we won’t get” in North America”

            TrailerTrash wasn’t being egocentric about being American, he was commiserating with Derek who made it the point of the article

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            Which utterance? I utter so damn much!
            Just not easy to get along with, I guess.
            I wish I could get away from me…myself!

            come on…group hug!

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      Big Al from Oz

      I would assume this isn’t an American site.

      Not a hard one to work out.

      Just because it’s written in English don’t assume it’s all about you.

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    Big Al from Oz

    This vehicle would be ideally suited for a run of higher speed driving in the winter on an autobahn, autostrada and any other autoroad.

    In Australia trendies would buy on of these in these wagons to drive to the ski resorts in the mountains.

    It does look nice. I wonder if it would still be cheaper to buy the Skoda Octavia wagons with the Golf GTI running gear (oh, another nice car the US doesn’t get).

    The VW has a nicer front end than the Skoda, but from the front pillar back they look extremely similar.

    I would think we would get this if we already are receiving the Octavia.

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    As things stand now there’s a very high likelihood we *will* get the alltrack, just not until Chattanooga shifts to MQB kit vehicle production in 2017-2018.

    That said, with sales slowing here in the US, some available factory capacity in Europe due to slowing sales growth there, and a more cost effective architecture, it’s very likely that VoA will decide to bring the alltrack to the US as a separate model (e.g.: Not calling it “Passat Alltrack”, but just “VW Alltrack”) sooner rather than later.

    Of course, this being Volkswagen, they’ll somehow manage to not bring it to the US until something 2020 once the wagon resurgence/Subaru hot streak runs its course. Yeah, I’m putting my money on this last option….

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      VWoA has already said they’re going to bring AWD versions of the new Golf Sportwagen to the US, including the Alltrack model, so it wouldn’t really make any sense to have a Golf Alltrack and then just an “Alltrack”.

      I think the Golf wagon has probably grown enough that the Passat wagon wouldn’t really have much of a market here beyond people who’d already probably buy a Crossblue instead (assuming they ever release the damn thing).

      Edit: looks like a current Outback stores 35.5 cubic feet with seats up and 73.3 cubic feet with rear seat down, as compared to 30.4 and 66.5 respectively for the Golf Sportwagen. So I guess the Golf is still a bit smaller than an Outback, but it’s gotten fairly spacious for a small wagon.

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        I am surprised there is that big of a difference between the VW and the outback, the Jetta sports wagon I have is pretty roomy, sees the same size as my sister in laws outback , but that is the last generation , so maybe the new one grew, not sure but I assume the new golf wagon will grow also when it gets here as well.

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    Wow. Just think – that color is getting close to brown, too. Oh, the possibilities!

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    well to be fair would VW really need 2 AWD wagons for the US? if they committed to the golf AWD wagon , that should be their outback fighter, lets face it very very few of us buys wagons in the USA, and the golf wagon will not be cheap I am sure, the Passat wagon AWD would be pricer still, so the wagon lovers who spend the cash to buy one new will have the golf awd wagon, and everyone else can buy the VW 3 row cross over when it shows up in 2022 or when ever.

    Derek- as for the AWD system only being good for a gravel driveway, maybe that is all it would be needed for , after all 95% of all AWD wagon do not even see that.

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      And, well, what about the Allroad?

      VAG already sells an AWD wagon in the US, for some values of “sells” – 4 or 5 hundred a month, says GCBC.

      The SportWagen sells maybe 1,500 a month (latest figures I could find were from a VAG press release from 2013, but I doubt it’s changed a lot), all FWD, of course.

      So, would the SportWagen sell more if it was AWD? Probably.

      Would that cannibalize any Allroad sales? Maybe? I don’t know who cross-shops VW against Audi, but someone probably does.

      Would the cannibalization increase net profit? Beats me.

      (Haldex AWD might not be Legendary Subaru Climbs-an-ice-cliff good, but it seems to work well enough for the Swedes … who might have a little winter weather?

      If you’re gonna drive on snow, you need snow tires, AWD or not.)

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    What?? Another crappy VW that we in the USofA will not be able to buy??
    Sacre Bleu!! I’m horrified! Not to mention heart-broken!

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    I must say, VW design is very appealing to me. Especially, compare to Infinity’s on the previous post. Enough with the cartoonish looking cars already!

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    I mean we don’t REALLY need this here. If you want a Euro AWD wagon thing with less than stellar reliability, the XC70 has you covered, and it’s available in brown.

    It will cost the same or less to maintain than this VW, and will have a better interior.

    If you want smaller, get an A4 Allroad.

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