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Jeep Cherokees Departing West From Grays Harbor Washington

Demand from the Middle East and Asia has helped fuel a new record in U.S. auto exports for the third consecutive year.

The Wall Street Journal reports 2.1 million vehicles from factories in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States left for export markets in 2014, breaking the 2-million barrier for the first time. The figure is an 8 percent increase over 2013, and a 73 percent jump from a decade ago.

While around half of the exports head north to Canada or south to Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea welcomed U.S.-made BMWs, Jeeps, Toyotas et al to their ports over the past year.

Factors for the booming export market include a dollar that was weak long enough to lay down the foundation, and is now strong enough against the yen and euro to encourage more production in the U.S., leaner manufacturing, competitive labor rates, and the aforementioned increased demand from newer markets in the Middle East and Asia.

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12 Comments on “Middle Eastern, Asian Demand Fuels Booming US Auto Exports...”

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    Do those tail lights look nearly flush mounted to anyone else? I know these are export units but those lights look a little off.

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    heavy handle

    Is there a breakdown by brand? Any truth to the rumor that Mitsu runs their US plant flat-out making export-only SUVs?

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    So around 1 million vehicles exported to countries outside NAFTA.
    Toyota send 163 thousand cars outside of US – wonder what´t he number without Canada and Mexico

    Jeep sold 325 thousand cars outside US and 132 thousand in Asia-not sure if Middle east counts here, geographically of course yes, but FCA has EMEA division and Asia-Pacific division so not sure

    Ford exported to China, Korea, Africa and BMW and Daimler plants are global plants so they exported a lot

    Basically FCA and Germans are those exporting globally

    Also wonnder about Subaru, their US sales are booming but they are producing in the US to suplly NA market or just specific – most popular model or 2 models and in that case also exporting them to Europe and China

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    Remember this article when you hear people talk about raising tariffs and shutting down international trade and investment to protect US jobs. According to the US Commerce Dept. 11 million jobs are tied to exports.

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    ISIS now ordering Jeeps for gun platforms?

    as opposed to:

    “Texas Mark-1 plumbing truck Ends Up with ISIS in Syria.”

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      Looks like someone is selling a lot of near new US Diesel HD Pickups to the various Islamist Groups
      As well as Dodge, and Silverado ,a Shia Brigade had Toyota L70 Diesel Pickups. Most of them had either rockets or heavy machine guns. There would have been about 50 so equipped in a 100 vehicle convoy

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    @RobertRyan – I’m surprised that the USA lets it happen.
    I’m sure that it is deliberate on the part of ISIS.
    There is much more PR shock value by using an American pickup as a war vehicle against Americans than a clapped out Hilux.

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      I noticed the Syrians whether Sunni or Shia Islamist factions use, it appears US HD Pickups.,I guess they would have agents buy from used vehicle Auction sales, then ship them through Turkey to Syria. The L70 Toyota’s looked newish .
      What surprised me even more, this faction a division of the Shia Hezbollah, had a M1 Abrahams tank with the original transport heavy truck in the convoy. Well at least US weapons are killing extremist Islamic factions, but not by the original recipients

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    How much of jeep today is really just fiat technology. Ok, the pentastar v6 is American.

    At least America still has Boeing, Apple, and Microsoft. People around the world love those companies products.

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