Lexus Takes Gold In 2015 JD Power Dependability Study

lexus takes gold in 2015 jd power dependability study

For the fourth consecutive year, Lexus is tops among the brands ranked in JD Power’s annual Vehicle Dependability Study.

The research group says owners of the premium brand’s offerings reported 89 problems per 100 vehicles. However, its parent company was bumped down to third place on the podium this year by Buick, the latter making a huge leap from fifth place in 2014 to take silver with 110 problems per 100 vehicles reported. Toyota had one more problem compared to Buick.

Among the rest, Cadillac took home fourth, while Honda and Porsche tied for fifth. Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Scion and Chevrolet round out the top 10 for 2015, while Land Rover and Fiat landed at the bottom of the list with 258 and 273 problems per 100 vehicles, respectively.

As for the problems themselves, most took issue with their vehicle’s Bluetooth and voice-recognition systems, followed by problems with the vehicle’s engine or transmission, the latter mostly focused on “automatic transmission hesitation and rough shifting.”

This year’s study surveyed over 34,000 original owners of 2012 models after three years of ownership, with the survey taking place between November and December of 2014.

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  • Sjalabais Sjalabais on Feb 26, 2015

    Maybe someone with insight into the JD Powers logic and methodology can help me out. I'm stunned by Volvo's dismal performance. Volvo does extraordinarily well in the JD Powers Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS). The JD Powers US Initial Quality Study (IQS) - not so good. The dependability study above - sad stuff. Why would there be such a discrepancy?

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    • Sjalabais Sjalabais on Feb 27, 2015

      @Pch101 Yes, they are #3 in Germany, behind Toyota and Mazda. It is the discrepancy I can't wrap my head around. Yes, Americans drive more, yet sorting reliability tables by mileage is the one thing you can do to improve Volvo's standing in European tables. So...where do the issues originate?

  • Kevin Jaeger Kevin Jaeger on Feb 26, 2015

    Congrats to Lexus for coming out on top again. They may not be the first to introduce new technology in their cars but they are obviously doing something right to maintain their reputation for dependability. And this is useful for people to grasp the order of magnitude in the gap between brands. That dependable Acura is doing well with an average of 1.24 problems per owner, while those poor Audi owners are enduring the horrendous experience of suffering through an average of 0.14 more than that content Acura owner. It would be nice if those constantly harping on this real but small difference had some sense of perspective.

  • DenverMike When was it ever a mystery? The Fairmont maybe, but only the 4-door "Futura" trim, that was distinctively upscale. The Citation and Volare didn't have competing trims, nor was there a base stripper Maxima at the time, if ever, crank windows, vinyl seats, 2-doors, etc. So it wasn't a "massacre", not even in spirit, just different market segments. It could be that the Maxima was intended to compete with those, but everything coming from Japan at the time had to take it up a notch, if not two.Thanks to the Japanese "voluntary" trade restriction, everything had extra options, if not hard loaded. The restriction limited how many vehicles were shipped, not what they retailed at. So Japanese automakers naturally raised the "price" (or stakes) without raising MSRP. What the dealers charged (gouged) was a different story.Realistically, the Maxima was going up against entry luxury sedans (except Cimarron lol), especially Euro/German, same as the Cressida. It definitely worked in Japanese automaker's favor, not to mention inspiring Lexus, Acura and Infiniti.
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  • MaintenanceCosts There's no mystery anymore about how the Japanese took over the prestige spot in the US mass market (especially on the west coast) when you realize that this thing was up against the likes of the Fairmont, Citation, and Volaré. A massacre.