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Perhaps as way to keep tongues wagging until summer, the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata turned up in some new clothes for the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

The Accessories Design Concept features components lifted from the MX-5 Global Cup car set to hit the track this season. Said components include: front air-dam; side-sill extensions; and a backside reworked for improved aero.

Brembo brakes help slow the forged BBS wheels around the hairpin, while a carbon-fiber luggage rack with integrated third-brake light allows the driver and a lucky passenger to pack more than just a day’s worth of clothing; the rack also weighs less than 2 pounds.

The concept is also a homecoming for the Miata, as the first-gen version of the iconic roadster bowed in Chicago back in 1989. The 2016 version, meanwhile, is set to hit showrooms this summer.

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19 Comments on “Chicago 2015: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Accessories Design Concept Arrives...”

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    I believe in miracles
    Where you from, you sexy thing?
    Sexy thing, you
    I believe in miracles
    Since you came along, you sexy thing

    (I’d only remotely consider this as a purchase if living in a sunshine state, sadly)

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      Winter tire/wheel packages for these cars are crazy affordable. In Club trim, manual transmission cars have mechanical LSD. Lightweight, sure-footed, and not a lot of torque at low RPM make them really easy to drive on snow and ice. PRHT is a good idea for a 4-seasons Miata, though. I’m not sure the new version will have that option. The soft top will be serviceable, but may require replacement sooner if driven year-round.

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        In Club trim, manual transmission cars have mechanical LSD.

        I for one am in favor of more limited slips in more vehicles across all manufactures.

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        BMW couldn’t make ANY of their Z-vertes this good looking even at 2x the price.

        I was really not digging the “sneak reveal” shots and renderings of this, but it just looks so perfectly proportioned above.

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          Yep, looks really good. Something about the front splitter, or perhaps just the angle of the shot, fixes my main issue with the design which is the squinty eye headlight look

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      juicy sushi

      I live in Ottawa, Canada and am desperately trying to figure out ways to justify to my wife why we need one.

      I don’t care about it being lousy in winter. I will suffer with a smile.

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      Do like I did. Buy a really nice 1990 for 4 grand and only drive it when the weather is suitable. It looks better, is far more “authentic” and will never depreciate. In another 20 yrs the thing may even be worth a few bucks as a first year edition.

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        I did that as well. The problem with the 90 is that it is a slow, wet noodle stock that would be challenged to keep up with a 3 cylinder Fiesta. Yes, this is easily addressed and don’t get me wrong…I got an 04 Mazdaspeed MX5 to replace the 90 and ended up selling the 04, but to really enjoy the early ones you need to give them a little aftermarket love.

        My 90 was bulletproof though. Over 250k on it and it was one of the infamous short nose crank cars. I kept waiting for it to fail to drop in a 1.8 but it kept on going.

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    The new Z4 looks pretty good! Oh, wait.

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    Secret Hi5

    Which accessory adds more HP?

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      Any of the turbo and supercharger kits or LS swap kits that have been available for any of the previous versions that will surely be available for this car. I have never understood the “slow chick car” rap these cars get. They are very inexpensive to make seriously quick and have always been built with robust drivetrains that were up for it.

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    bumpy ii

    A chin tuck to something resembling that NA[*] in the background would do it some good.

    [*] First-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata 1990-1997.

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    Still not crazy about the taillamps and I just discovered that my arthritic knees can’t handle the high sills of the NC Miata, so no roadsters for me (sadface).

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    I can just see the NA Miata’s face in that pic being dumbfounded and just drooling over that optioned out ND.

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    If the Miata is Chick mobile…then I have gotten a firm grasp of my feminine side.
    ….time for me to start shopping at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms!
    Always thought women had better stuff anyway.

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      Many a dude referred to my 90 as a chick car as they climbed into a truck with heated leather seats. Whatever, it was the most fun I’ve had on 4 wheels to include teenage fun involving the car being parked somewhere secluded.

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    The same problem , whith this car as with Toyota GT86 .. they are underpowered ‘sporty-cars’ .. ,
    or at least they needs hot-er, cool-er version of base models ..

    GT86 needs – 250 bhp.., and lighter Miata – 200bhp..(with 6-sec. 0-60 times) to be consider ‘sports-cars’.. , because today ‘plebean’ hot-hatches are much faster !..

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