Scion Confirms Sedan For 2015

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
scion confirms sedan for 2015

Scion has confirmed that their new iM hatchback will be joined by a sedan, debuting at April’s New York Auto Show.

As previously reported, the upcoming sedan will likely be based on the all-new Mazda2, which has a sedan variant that will not be sold in North America. Unlike Scion’s current lineup of Japanese built cars, the 2-based sedan will be built in Mexico, which should make for a more profitable vehicle if nothing else. Of course, “profitable small vehicle” is an industry oxymoron.

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  • SoCalMikester SoCalMikester on Jan 07, 2015

    the im hatch will take the place of the matrix, and plug that hole, since there is no 5 door corolla. the 2 based sedan will fill in for the no longer around yaris sedan. makes sense to me, and with monospec and pure pricing? they will sell.

  • Theswedishtiger Theswedishtiger on Jan 07, 2015

    .... and attach the cache of the Scion brand, got to be a winner now

    • Wmba Wmba on Jan 07, 2015

      Why attach a cache, when cachet is what is needed?

  • Boogieman99 Boogieman99 on Jan 08, 2015

    It only took a decade for Scion to sell a sporty small car... **FRS notwithstanding

  • Suto Suto on Jan 08, 2015

    While we were waiting for Mazdas Skyactive cars to come out, I kept hearing how the cars would have a longer space between the windshield and the front wheel well (firewall?) which would make the hood longer. Personally, I don't see it. I see the extra overhang making the hood longer. I think all the best looking cars have a big firewall area. I wish the new Mazdas had it too. My rusty Protege has a longer firewall area than the new 3.