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Scion has confirmed that their new iM hatchback will be joined by a sedan, debuting at April’s New York Auto Show.

As previously reported, the upcoming sedan will likely be based on the all-new Mazda2, which has a sedan variant that will not be sold in North America. Unlike Scion’s current lineup of Japanese built cars, the 2-based sedan will be built in Mexico, which should make for a more profitable vehicle if nothing else. Of course, “profitable small vehicle” is an industry oxymoron.

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13 Comments on “Scion Confirms Sedan For 2015...”

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    And if Scion prices this within $1K of the Corolla sitting right next to it on the showroom floor, dead on arrival. Never mind the Toyota Yaris also on the same showroom floor (well OK, no one really buys a Yaris which probably doesn’t bode well for the iM sedan)

    This makes about as much sense as a Geo Prizm sitting next to a Chevy Cavalier (well OK, the Prizm was the better car, but I think you get the point).

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    Good for Mazda. They need some partners to help them dilute their costs… They’ve done some amazing things with the budget they have, but they just don’t have enough sales to fully compete with the larger automakers.

    I’ve been wondering if they are the next automaker to fall in the US after Mitsu and Volvo.

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      Volvo and Mitsubishi, last I checked, still were selling cars through franchised dealers. They are down, but they are not out, and both sit behind parent companies with fairly large stacks of cash.

      Mazda is now right-side up and is enjoying record sales. They’re not going anywhere (although the CX-9 sure could use a replacement so they can play in the midsize crossover segment again).

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      Their profitability is going up, so they should be okay for a while. However, I do think they need to figure out how to *sell* cars. While they have no need to match Toyota sales numbers, they do need to snag more market share, IMO.

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        Continuing to build a better handling and better driving car is what has brought them to where they are today.

        They need to quiet the road noise and then they need some new marketing.

        The new Toyota Corolla is built on almost a 10 year old chassis, has been referred to as having stone age suspension. They are “Capitalizing” on thier legendary build quality. Anyone who test drives one back to back with a Mazda3 and buys the Corolla is only after an appliance.

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          Unfortunately for Mazda most US shoppers are only after an appliance. A coworker drove their new white Corolla for 10 years until the cam belt went out last week. When it did they went right back to Toyota and bought a new white Corolla. No kidding.

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    the im hatch will take the place of the matrix, and plug that hole, since there is no 5 door corolla.

    the 2 based sedan will fill in for the no longer around yaris sedan.

    makes sense to me, and with monospec and pure pricing? they will sell.

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    …. and attach the cache of the Scion brand, got to be a winner now

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    It only took a decade for Scion to sell a sporty small car…

    **FRS notwithstanding

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    While we were waiting for Mazdas Skyactive cars to come out, I kept hearing how the cars would have a longer space between the windshield and the front wheel well (firewall?) which would make the hood longer. Personally, I don’t see it. I see the extra overhang making the hood longer.

    I think all the best looking cars have a big firewall area. I wish the new Mazdas had it too. My rusty Protege has a longer firewall area than the new 3.

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