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From our friends at Jalopnik, we have our first pictures of the 991 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Ostensibly the most hardcore 911, the new GT3 RS will undoubtedly be purchased by those more interested in the image and marketing narrative of the Porsche brand than exercising its capabilities on track.  Tell us why a GT-R is a superior performance machine, or complain about the lack of a manual gearbox in the comments.


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19 Comments on “Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991 Spied...”

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    Welcome to the new Porsche…
    Same as the old Porsche…

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    Interesting they went for the TVR-style fender chop vents. Is that a new Porsche development for this model?

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      I don’t know. It’s obviously airlow management and I’m sure a functional design, vice cosmetic. Interestingly you don’t find that design element on the 911 Cup car, but a similar design is present on the 918 and 919, so maybe it is race car inspired and a new design.

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    Coming from an owner of a 997.2 Carrera 4S, I drool over this variant. Rumored to be just shy of 500hp, less than 3100lbs (lighter than the previous model) and less than 3.3 0-60. I would love to drive this car.

    “the new GT3 RS will undoubtedly be purchased by those more interested in the image and marketing narrative of the Porsche brand than exercising its capabilities on track.” You’d be surprised how many track these cars, even just on the weekends.

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    How can you look at that car and not want to drive/own it? That thing looks ‘the business’ and I’m sure it delivers. Now where’s my *pussywagon* key chain?

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    There are really only 2 things I don’t like about this car, I can’t afford it and I’m really not a good enough driver.

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      If I had the money to fix problem #1 (can’t afford) then problem #2 (not good enough) could be solved most likely. At least it looks like someone actually USED this example as the designers intended. As for no manual option: cars like this get a pass from me because they are so insanely fast that having a “slow” human change gears seems silly.

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    Just another in the growing list of cars that make no sense for the street. I’d put all Porsche 911 GTs in this group (except for the GTS), all variants of Porsche Turbos, the Hellcat, Viper, Z06 Vette, etc

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    The only VW product I would ever own.

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    As a car enthusiast I know a lot of usless trivia about cars, and I can spot model year changes like a hawk. But when it comes to Porsche, I honestly can’t tell the difference between this years model and the 2010 model.

    Im sure it drives amazing, but the slammed VW Beetle styling and the “door handles are an extra cost option” brand model doesn’t speak to me.

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      I know there’s a tone of humor in your comment, but I guess as a 911 owner, I had to jump in. It’s true the 911 has always been entirely an evolutionary process and that’s no secret to anyone. I own the prior model 911 (model 997.2) and although visually the changes are minimal, it was an entirely new car from the predecessor; new engine, new suspension, new telenav system, on and on. The new model (the 991) has increased output, more space, new interior, more efficiency and weight reduction. That’s just the way the 911 is. The only way you will know a new 911 is the front end, taillights, and wheels. Even I have a hard time telling from the front. Love it or hate it, but I will say I’ve never owned anything like it. No car I’ve ever owned has been so responsive, connected, and emotionally engaging (and fast). But I digress as that’s not really the point of your comment. I agree on the options (although door handles are standard) and the choices of options are off the charts. It is amazing what you can do to a Porsche if you want, but the majority are cosmetic type options. You can get almost anything in leather or carbon fiber if you want. Like most cars, there are only a few options that are must have’s.

      The GT3 RS is a street legal track car. It’s a naturally aspirated high output racer approaching 500hp with amazing brakes, more aerodynamics, and weight reduction everywhere. This really is an entirely different car than other Carrera 911’s. Just to give you an idea, only 413 of these 997 (2009-2011) variants were sold in the US.

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        Good perspective on Porsche culture here:

        Everytime I feel the urge to internet-shop Porsches, I re-read that thread and think about it. The urge evaporates for many moons before I forget what 911s really are.

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        I fear my proletarian origins may be coloring my thinking, but how is this $150,000.00 better than somthing like a Corrvette Z06? Perhaps thats just the price of admission into the “rare rear-engine supercar club.” Pay-to-play and all that…

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    David Walton

    Press embargo lifts in one week, car widely anticipated to be shown at Geneva.

    The smart money and the factory connected envision this:

    4.0 liter derivation of 3.8 liter GT3 engine producing 500+ hp
    PDK-S only
    Turbo wide body (with intakes repositioned to rear fenders – in place of the inlets on the turbo – a la RSR race car)
    Strong emphasis on aero and downforce (witness extractors in front fenders)
    Magnesium roof
    Big debate over inclusion of RWS

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