NAIAS 2015: Honda Debuts FCV Concept In North America

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
naias 2015 honda debuts fcv concept in north america

After making its global debut in Tokyo last year, the Honda FCV Concept bowed in Detroit for its North American unveiling.

Power for the concept comes from a fuel-cell stack yielding over 100 kW of output, with density at 3.1 kW/L. The result is a 60 percent improvement in power over the previous FCX Clarity’s stack; the FCV Concept’s stack is 33 percent smaller than the former’s powerplant, as well.

Driving range is expected to be north of 300 miles per tank, with refueling to take between three to five minutes at a pressure rate of 70 MPa.

The entire stack sits under the hood when compared to the Clarity’s fuel-storage tunnel. As a result, the Concept can seat five instead of four occupants.

Sales of the production-ready FCV will begin March 2016 in Honda’s home market, with the United States and Europe receiving theirs sometime thereafter.

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  • Redav Redav on Jan 14, 2015

    I've never understood the media's insistence on using the verb "bow" in these cases. Since it means "debut," I can't figure out why they don't just use "debut." The other connotations of "bow" make it seem a poor word choice: - to cease from competition or resistance : submit, yield; also : to suffer defeat - to bend the head, body, or knee in reverence, submission, or shame Also, - to incline (as the head) especially in respect or submission - to crush with a heavy burden - to bend into a curve - to play a stringed musical instrument with a bow (from Merriam-Webster) So, when a new car "bows," I'm not really sure if it debuting or is admitting defeat and yielding to its rivals as it is ushered out in shame.

  • Zamoti Zamoti on Jan 14, 2015

    So much mirth lost to the spam filter.

  • Random1 Pretty excited about this update, I didn't see it available in mine this morning, but any day now... I think only Apple maps will be on the center display, and not Waze yet, but I assume that'll come soon enough. As to the unnecessary Tesla comment above : I'll take the build quality, the looks, and generally normal items that all cars should have over the M3 any day of the week.
  • Jonathan H. The ES production is going back to Japan so it's safe to assume its assembly building will be utilized for the new EV. Seems like a good fit for what will probably be fairly low volume compared to the Camry/Rav4 assembly lines.
  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys how many are shorting this 23 cent (really!) stock?
  • Bobbysirhan These prices will make more sense by the end of July.
  • Kcflyer It fits perfectly in the you will have nothing and be happy agenda. Eliminate affordable transportation for the middle class. The ultra rich will have stuff like this.